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Ny'za "Pitch" Hasti Lmanel

Ny'za is a player character played by Syaoran.

Sketch by Sketchy Etchings Flat color by Syaoran
Character Profile
Name: Ny'za Hasti
Nick Name:
Species: Lorath, Lmanel
Gender: Female
Born: BYE9
Mother: Yida Hasti “Clean Touch” Lmanel
Father: Reh'zii Hasti “Relic” Lmanel
Siblings: Gasan1), Brother
Organization: Lorath Self Defense Force Yabeu - Garden of Heritage
Occupation: Pilot/Infantry Manager
Rank: Trooper
Current Placement: LSDF Akahar

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'11“
  • Mass: 140lbs
  • Measurements:34-26-36
  • Bra size: 32B

Build and Skin Color: Ny'za has tan skin and a lithe flexible body. Her limbs are a little longer than average for her height and she wasn't gifted with as curvy a figure as other Lmanel. Due to her exercise and training she's developed compact muscles that are just barely noticeable when her skin is exposed.

Eyes and Facial Features: She has a diamond shaped face with soft angular features to it. Her eyes are narrow and a yellow green tone. Between them sits a small slightly upturned nose.

Ears: like all Lmanel she as elongated ears that sweep backwards and have small points at the tips. she has fine hairs on the back of her ears that while almost unnoticeable by sight give her ears an almost velvet like feel on that side.

Hair Color and Style: Ny'za has medium length hair that just barely reaches her shoulders kept in loose curls that almost make it look messy. The roots of her hair are a chocolate brown that gradually fades to a sandy blonde at the tip.

Distinguishing Features: Ny'za has wings larger and stronger than your average Lorath, but are harder to keep in check, they tend to bump into things when she's not paying attention. She also wears a pair of teal semi-rimless glasses.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality:Ny'za used to be a shy and skittish woman who would avoid speaking unless spoken to, and stay away form crowds, however after experiencing horrors on the Akahar and managing her own company her mentality has changed. She still does not actively throw herself into a crowd, but she is not nearly as shy anymore and has toughened up mentally. She is still very kind and gentle, but is much more bold, and will speak her mind.

When dealing with stressful or highly dangerous situations a second side of Ny'za comes out that is more aggressive and proactive, sometimes even becoming the aggressor is need be. However this personality is almost like a defense mechanism and comes on like a switch, as opposed to some suppressed urges like most would expect.

  • Likes: Books, singing, she has a secret love and near obsession over meat that she tries to hide.
  • Dislikes: being rushed, people who talk loud, weird 'experimental food'
  • Goals: Expand Yabeu to a full nature resort.



As a child Ny'za was what most would call scatter brained. Often times just making errors that seemed almost impossible to make if one paid attention, like putting all the answers on a test in the wrong section and trying to read books that she was holding upside down. This worried her parents, not because they didn't believe she was smart, but because if she made such a mistake on her first shifting, she could ruin her life. So her parents delayed her ritual for her first shift as much as they could, and focused on taking her to the library where she could accumulate as much knowledge as possible and maybe she wouldn't have to shift.

Ny'za was nothing if she was not intuitive, she realized what her parents were doing while she was still young, and she wanted to try as hard as she could for them. The stress caused her to take up singing though as a past time, and even while she was doing other things to help her feel better. This singing one day lead her to discover a Gif'elm that was mimicking her song. At the time she did not know anything about this animal, but she became fast friends with it, and got more into her biology lessons wanting to learn more about the little guy.

After some time Ny'za decided that she was going to perform her aspect ceremony, she told her parents that if they didn't come she would do it on her own and then ran out of the house before her parents could stop her. Though they brought her home many times, she continued to escape and try the ceremony and after weeks of having to stop her, her parents finally conceded to her stubbornness and allowed her to attempt the ceremony, with the best doctors they could find on standby. Much to their surprise everything went off perfectly well. There were only minor unintentional changes the most prominent being that her wings grew permanently, which resulted in an increase in her clumsyness and more worries for her parents. However they at least didn't have to worry about their daughter's performance, when it really mattered Ny'za could get the job done.

Through her studies Ny'za became increasingly aware of the existence of war and all the animals that's habitats were being destroyed in wars. She made it her resolution to build a conservation park, but to do that she needed money. And while she was gathering money more animals could be losing their homes. She decided that she was going to join the LSDF to rectify this. Not only did LSDF soldiers make good pay, but she might end up in a position where she could save a few animals on the battle field.

However, Ny'za had no talent for medicine or any real talent that she was aware of, so she applied as an infantry and soon began her training. Basic training was hard for her to say the least, it made her aware of just how much she had been pampered as a child. She was raised to work hard though and that's what she did, finding every moment she could to practice that much harder and succeed. And even though there were some incidents, like pulling off her Drill Sergeant's top by mistake and knocking over several tents during survival training Ny'za made it out of basic training alive, and with passing marks. Her time in training was not over though, when she signed up she had accidentally checked Mecha pilot instead of infantry so she was transferred there.

Normally she would've just said she wanted to stay in the infantry, but before she could quit, she was already receiving letters from her parents saying they were proud that she completed basic training and was moving to the pilot program. The last thing she wanted to do was to let them down, and if she went back to the infantry any way, she felt that she would feel the gap between her and them once again, so she continued the mecha program where most the pilots were roughly as athletic as her, and the mecha were built the same, so it was just a matter of controlling them well to be on equal footing. So with hard work and dedication she managed to become a reasonable mech pilot, just there was that one time during graduation when the pilots were to salute in their frames, and she accidentally decoupled the optional booster and dropped it on scaffolding which brought down the graduation banner and made another frame stumble and knock the whole line down except for her. That might have something to do with why she was assigned to the LSDF Akahar for her first assignment.

LSDF Akahar

In order to reach her new assignment Ny'za boarded the LSDF Kas'vi and flew to her destination. Upon arrival volunteers were requested to board a shuttle to be sent to the Akahar. Ny'za had no choice as it was her acutal asisgnment, but it was here she discovered how negative a reputation the ship had. She did not have to leave alone however, Ji'xa "Bright" Seurik Lmanel, Tayrryn 'Glacire' Rhosvol Fyunnen, and Aran'ya "Widow" Lycosa Lmanel who volunteered to go as well. Chaplain Ha'reiel "Himsā" Ti'rien Fyunnen decided to come along as well to oversee things.

Episode 3: To Tear Free

After Akahar

After the LSDF Akahar, Ny'za had developed a bit of a fear of deep space missions so for the rest of the year she spent her time on serving as a guard on planet, despite receiving a promotion, while visiting a psychiatrist to help her along. To help her deal with the stress and memories the psychiatrist had her put more attention towards doing things she enjoyed and as a result, in early YE 35, Yabeu animal sanctuary was opened. After opening Yabeu Ny'za quickly began to brighten up and after everything was stabilized she began working on getting her Veterinary license, of course she still had her work with the LSDF so she took an accelerated program, with her Lmanel studies covering most of the knowledge, and only needing some more experience.

Before she had realized it herself, her confidence was coming back and she was participating in missions that left Matriarchy territory, and despite her still present clumsiness, her piloting and cunning were starting to get notice as well. It did not take long before she was promoted once more. Her life continued on the up as well with her brother Gasan being born in YE 36

By YE 37 Ny'za's psychiatrist was encouraging her to leave someone she trusted in charge of Yabeu for the time being and join a deep space mission, so that she can get back on track to finding new species like she's always wanted to. So Ny'za left her mother as her proxy and readied herself to get on the first deep space mission she could.



Ny'za's aspection partner and closest friend. Rhiq is a berry coated roan Gif'elm that likes to stand on Ny'za's shoulders and keep himself close to her. After the aspection he became capable of speaking Ly'thir though he hardly speaks to anyone exception Ny'za who understands him even if he communicates in an animal tongue. Wen he does speak to people he is evasive and indirect with his speech.

Ny'za's Skills


Ny'za speaks fluent Ly'thir and Ci'kesa. She also a technically considered fluent in Trade, but she gets nervous when speaking Trade and can easily end up saying the wrong word.


Ny'za keeps herself in shape, even adding her own exercise to the standard LSDF regimen, because she tends to be clumsy she feels she should work harder than expected to make up for it.

Ny'za has chosen the Gif'elm, a small creature with a body similar to a Genet with wings as her aspect creature. The wings are not strong enough for the creature to fly but do allow it to glide. However they disturb the creature's balance making hunting difficult, so it results to constructing and planning traps, as well as vocal mimicry to catch its prey. She is capable of performing morphs as they come to mind however there are some that she keeps on a permanent biases.

Permanent Morphs

  • Vocal: Ny'za has an elaborate set of vocal cords that allows her to alter her voice into a wide variety of ranges
  • Wings: Ny'za's wings have grown slightly larger than normal for a Lorath, enabling her to glide. however the increased development has made them even more sensitive.

Art & Vocation

Ny'za is a a competent seamstress and is capable of making just about anything out of cloth and thread. The only problem is, well she tends use colors different from asked, or some times even the wrong material entirely. But design aside, her work is of professional quality.

Ny'za always liked to sing when she could get the chance and though she's found more things to fill her time, she still enjoys singing. After her shifting she became much better at it, since she can change the sound of her voice to match her needs.


Ny'za is familiar with Lorath customs and history as is expected of any Lmanel. She much prefers ecological information though. She does try to keep herself up to date though and will often visit libraries out of habit.


Ny'za has a strong focus in zoology and botany studies. Though she has no formal degrees her practical knowledge and private studies were sufficient enough earn her a veterinary license. Her specialties lie in studying the interrelation between organisms and their ecosystem.


She has gone through standard LSDF self defense training and knows how to fight with a sword as well as how to shoot a gun. She also has learned a more The Way of Nature as a means of properly using her aspected elements. Her style focuses mainly on quick opportune strikes with claws and fangs.


Despite not being her original intent, Ny'za has full course training in piloting Lorath Mecha, and can figure out operations in other mecha as well as long as they have a similar enough control method.

Ny'za's Inventory





  • Standard issue hygiene and grooming package
    • 1 bottle of shampoo
    • 1 bottle liquid body soap
    • 1 stick of deodorant
    • 1 toothbrush
    • 1 tube of toothpaste
    • 2 washcloths, white
    • 2 towels, white
    • 1 4oz Container of moisture absorbing powder
    • 1 Make-up kit
    • 1 Manicure kit
    • 1 Hair brush
    • 1 Hair dye kit
    • 1 Set of hair ornaments and ties
    • 1 Tooth repair and alteration kit


  • Electronic Money Card
  • Coin Purse
  • 2lt lime grene plastic Pico-Jelly
  • Standard Pico-jelly controler
  • Refurbished Te-G2 Game Buddy
  • 2lbs Ruoka Paqya'jo Blend Kadamui (Coffee)
  • Padded Case of Fine Nepleslian Rum (18bottles)
  • 6 bottles Vitnias abi (Dark Ale)
  • Candy Tula, chocolate with blood (cherry syrup) filling.
  • miniture RC camouflage pattern Matu'dahoka (Battle Bear) 20” tall

Ny'za's Finances

Ny'za "Pitch" Hasti Lmanel is currently a Trooper in the Lorath Self Defense Force and makes 700KS/week .

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000KS Starting Funds
2475KS -525KS Pico-jelly
96075KS +93600KS YE34-36 pay


This character is NOT up for Adoption

born YE 36

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