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Olffa Muohe Klo'den

A character played by Primitive Polygon.

Species: Shukaren Daur
Gender: Female
Age: ER768v (21 in YE40)
Height: 4“7ft.
Weight: 42kg.
Organisation: Kingdom of Neshaten
Occupation: Swordmaster
Rank: C'Baruce
Current Placement: SNV Furi'ken

Preferred Plots

  1. SNV Furi'Ken

Physical Characteristics

Short and pear-shaped but surprisingly robust, Olffa is a feral-looking Daur particularly strong in regressive foite genes 1). Their squishy torso is pale skinned and humanoid, but both hands and feet far more closely resemble orange-furred paws, including inverted knees. Having shallow shoulders but wide hips and a large bushy tail makes them rather bottom heavy.

The head is round, with large angular green eyes and bushy eyebrows, plus a distinctly pink nose and huge triangular ears. Their short wavy hair is ginger just like their fur. Adding to the somewhat tribalistic aesthetic, their face is also marked with multiple dark blue ceremonial markings, including a hollow downward triangle on the forehead, and a triad of dots on both cheeks.

Psychological Characteristics

Traditional yet also sternly methodical, Olffa can come across as brooding and rather stern, always sticking to the most practical and straightforward method of doing things. This is because of a strong honour-bound upbringing, however, instead of simple ego; Often leaving the girl short of answers when it comes to basic social situations and getting along with others.

This means that they are extremely loyal to friends, but can also sometimes be far too protective of someone who isn't interested in return. Regardless, they spend ridiculous amounts of time each day perfecting their combat skills, and are quick to shoot down any illogical actions past the recording the names of those she has killed.

Perhaps it's simply best to be said that they place all their self-worth in their ability to attack and defend, but this tends to make some of the more subtle personal interactions a complete mystery to them.

  • Likes: Blades, swordplay, protecting people, citrus fruits, soft classical music, sparse living conditions, occasional play fighting, homemade crafts or presents.
  • Dislikes: Bright lights, overly litigious instruction manuals, cramped spaces, cluttered rooms.
  • Goals: Follow orders. Don't kill anyone who doesn't deserve it. Record the names of any she has to. Serve the Neshaten Empire with honour.


Family (or Creators)

Mother: Ul'na (living)

Father: Isu'li (living)

Older Brother: Gre'lor (living) Older Brother: Ram'lor (living) Older Brother: Yid'mar (living)


Olffa grew up in an extremely close-knit Lua'na'frase'na-style family, and one that has an extreme obsession with preserving their unique genetic bestial aberrations at that. Seeing themselves as one of the last living tribes of the very first Daur stock, they also chose to live in the forests surrounding May'nale on Nesha Prime, in order to live purely off of the land.

Every kit in the Klo'den family thus learns how to be an efficient hunter and gatherer from a young age, using only primitive weapons created from local resources. Olffa was thus trained in firing a bow when she was barely ten, but had always prefered the stealth-and-knife approach due to their small stature and sensitive hearing. They were never exactly the best at any of this, of course, perhaps too clingy with the village elders, too reliant on their advice without questioning the hows and whys.

Those expecting a long and dramatic story of their coming of age and departure will doubtlessly disappointed; Hunting and trapping day-in day-out is actually not that glamorous of an existence. She simply found herself becoming an outsider when she found an old outsider's blade and questioned exactly why they weren't supposed to use it… Without the technology of those great colony ships, there wouldn't be any genes or traditions left to protect, would there?

The surging lust for knowledge of an adolescent Daur eventually seen the elders run out of patience, and they simply decided to order Olffa to go and earn outsider money for them instead. With no practical skills other than how to survive and use a knife, this meant that they basically had to join the Shukara Volunteer Navy within the first month of joining the outside world.

Olffa didn't care about the predicament. In fact, they embraced all of their new 'relatives', and the idea of the kingdom in itself. Basic training was a whole new world of experiences for them, and despite quite a few stumbling misunderstandings, they absorbed it like a sponge.

First assignment was the 'SNV Furi'ken'. She relished the idea of putting her skills to the test…



Using knives and bows is basically in their blood, but one would be surprised how quick Olffa can be to take a blunt object and smash an enemies' blade instead of risking an honourable duel; Disarming an enemy has always been preferable to killing with them, and official training has only made them wiser to things like setting up traps and how firearms are used. They are also reasonably good at hand to hand, but really, they mostly just scratch or bite people as a means of distraction. Using two swords is how they prefer to fight, particularly with traditional machete-esk designs.

Survival and Military

Olffa is extremely comfortable making themselves at home in the wild, and is able to find food and water, or even track an enemy via footprints. Reading the land is something they instinctively end up doing even inside of a ship… Of course, these means they are also still pretty clueless about urban environments, however.


The fox is fast and has a lot of finesse, even if they aren't remarkably strong. Constantly working out has at least given them a body that is robust, and able to roll off being winded. Climbing is also distinctly one of their skills, and their retrograde legs mean they can basically jump the same height as their own shoulders.


Use camouflage, avoid detection using an unconventional or elevated route, then surprise attack! Their ability to sneak isn't always perfect, but more practised than some.


Olffa speaks Tinacen. Their education otherwise is rather poor, however, with a distinct weakness in maths.

Technology Operation

You'd be lucky to find a computer they can turn on without staring at it for five minutes, but as part of their basic training, Olffa is at least -technically- capable of operating something like a hoverbike or other land vehicle…

Food Preparation

They know how to prepare meats and how to identify non-poisonous vegetation to an above average level, but nothing really that special. The sustenance they prepare is best described as horrible looking, but adequate tasting.


Olffa has the following items:


Olffa is currently a C'baruce in the Shukara Volunteer Navy

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
5000 Rn Starting Funds

OOC Information

In the case primitive_polygon becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES
This exists! Check the last sentence in the third paragraph of this section!

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