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Oliver Masuda

Oliver Masuda is a player character played by Sparkee0213.

Oliver Masuda
Species & Gender: Male Minkan
Date of Birth: 15日 4月 YE 17
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Medical
Rank: Santô Hei
Current Placement: YSS Hana

Physical Description

Oliver is a Minkan male that stands about six feet tall. He has hazel-colored eyes and jet-black hair with handsome facial features. He weighs in at about 190 lbs. For facial hair he keeps a a bit of scruff, never letting it get longer unless it's for a pre-planned special occasion where he will style it into a specific look. He is of average build, not immensely bulky but not “lean”. He has a somewhat deep voice, but can be described as boyish as it gets higher when he becomes excited. He generally smells of generic soap when relaxing or performing day-to-day activities, but will most likely smell of sweat after combat or training/exercising.


Oliver is generally a pleasant person to be around. He is very passionate about certain topics, and may become heated in an argument. Due to his upbringing, however, he has a fair amount of patience, also learning how to increase his capacity to control his temper through his medical training. He usually cracks bad (cringey) jokes and just likes to have fun. He always looks for the best in any situation, the light in the dark. He can be bold sometimes, but knows his place in situations that involve life and death: oftentimes at the back. He can almost always be seen with a smile on his face and will meditate in his bunk (or other quiet place) to clear his mind, a skill learned as he ship-hopped.


Oliver was born on a cargo ship in YE 17, constantly on the move. Instead of school he learned from the traders, mercenaries, and others that traveled (sometimes stowed away) on cargo, passenger, or even military vessels. He is unofficially known as a “Ship-Hopper”, someone without a home. He lost his parents in a decompression incident on a cargo ship as a rogue asteroid struck the hull. He was taken in by the ship's captain, then continued his “hopping” until he reached Yamatai. Once there he decided to join the Star Army and actually did something with his life rather than odd jobs on freighters or luxury yachts.

After losing his parents, Oliver often had to tend to his own wounds, using “street” methods until he got his hands on a… borrowed… shipment of supplies. There he learned by reading and learning through hands-on experience. By the time he joined Star Army he was fairly knowledgeable in medicine, hoping to learn more in his training to do some good in the universe.

Skills Learned

1. Biology (Includes genetics, xenobiology, zoology, etc.): After picking up a biology book, he became fascinated with anatomy and genetics. At cargo ports he would use terminals to look up information on biology and xenobiology, understanding more and more as he aged and did his own schooling.

2. Fighting (Martial arts, power armor, hand-to-hand combat, weapons): During a pirate raid he once had to take on a Pirate attempting to take their fuel and food, leaving them drifting and starving. He began to fight the Pirate hand-to-hand, and lost, of course. He was saved by a private security guard hired by the captain who had taken down his own Pirate and shot Olver's, who was about to stab him. Since that incident he promised to himself to be stronger, quicker, and wiser than his enemies. He trained with the security guards hired to protect the captain's freighter, and then in his training with the Star Army.

3. Medical and Science (Surgery, pathology, medicine, cybernetics installation): On top of learning through experience and books, he learned many new techniques under the guidance of the Star Army.

4. Physical (acrobatics, running, etc.): Starships require a surprising amount of fitness to maintain, along with the stress and constant movement of being a medic. He is fit and is able to perform all necessary physical activities needed of him.

5. Rogue (Pick-pocketing, pick locks, sleight of hand, “streetwise,” seduction): Living by yourself before a wise freighter captain takes you in requires some… ingenuity. He can pick most conventional locks, but has a tougher time with electromagnetic and electronic locks.

6. All necessary Star Army techniques, skills, and other: Thanks to his training, Oliveris proficient in all necessary skills taught by the Star Army, such as communication, combat, etc.

Social Connections

Oliver Masuda is connected to:

George Hoshi: Cargo Freighter Captain (unofficial adopted dad).

Rose Masuda: Mother (Deceased)

Luke Masuda: Father (Deceased)

Inventory & Finance

Oliver Masuda has the following:

Qty. Item Color/Pattern Notes
1 Star Army Duffel Bag RIKUPAT
1 Star Army Butt Pack, Type 29 RIKUPAT Includes 2 waterproof bags
1 kit Star Army Survival Kit, Type 31A RIKUPAT Includes backpack
1 Star Army Poncho, Type 38 RIKUPAT Field gear; Weather gear; Includes liner
1 set Star Army Environmental Suit, Type 28 (AMES) Star Army Cadet Blue Complete set
2 sets Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 35 Star Army Regal Blue Includes jacket & pants and 1 pair shoes
3 Star Army Undershirt Star Army Regal Blue
1 pair Utility gloves, Type 21 Jet black
1 Star Army Cap, Type 32 Star Army Regal Blue
1 Star Army Coat, Type 32 Black Weather gear
1 pair Gloves, Type 32 Cadet blue Weather gear
2 sets Star Army Working Uniform, Type 31 Dark Blue Includes working boots and work gloves (cadet blue)
1 Star Army Utility Belt, Type 32 (for working uniform) Star Army Cadet Blue
2 sets Star Army Exercise Uniform, Type 40 see page Includes sports shoes, black
1 kit Star Army Undergarments see page Includes Socks, underwear
1 kit Star Army Toiletry Kit Black
1 Star Army Belt, Type 35 (for duty uniform) Jet black
1 Star Army Communicator, Type 36 Black
1 Nekovalkyrja Service Pistol, Type 33 Black Includes 1 BR-28 Series Battery Magazine

Current MINDY Configuration

Uses the Standard Issue Ke-M2-2D "Mindy II" Power Armor

Hardpoint Weapon/Upgrade
Forearm Ke-M2-W2902 Forearm Weapons
Dorsal Ke-M2-P2904 Barrier Shield Module
Right Shoulder Ke-M2-W3902 Shoulder-Mounted Scalar Machine Gun
Left Shoulder Ke-M2-W2906 Shoulder-Fired Missile Pod
Lower Leg Hardpoints Ke-M2-W3002 Leg NSB Launchers
Hand-held Armor Service Pistol, Type 29
Accessories Star Army Butt Pack, Type 29 Containing: Star Army Coverall, Type 36 and Star Army Survival Kit, Type 31 standard size.

Oliver Masuda currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

This page was created by sparkee0213 on 04, 13 2018 at 17:58.

In the case sparkee0213 becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? Yes

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