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Oren mon Diathani

Oren mon Diathani is a player character played by hugo_rm.

Oren mon Diathani
Species & Gender: Male Human
Date of Birth: 20ๆ—ฅ 5ๆœˆ YE 08
Organization: None
Occupation: Explorer, Xenobiologist, Astro-Cartographer, and Medic
Rank: Crewman on ISS Brimstone
Current Placement: ISS-Brimstone

Physical Description

Oren is about 6 feet tall, thin, and very pale, with short red hair, blue, Caucasian shaped eyes, and a pocked, freckled and dimpled face. He can often be found wearing a brown, seemingly hand sewn coat, and carrying a walking stick made of a strange onyx-like wood. He is usually disheveled and unkempt, going for weeks on end without showering.


Oren is kindhearted and humorous, and tries to be helpful, but is often distracted. He is inquisitive and methodical, taking great care to document the universe around him. He can at times be obsessive, and incredibly introverted. He has a tendency to stand up for underdogs.


Oren was born on the planet Khorsovarolor to a family of grain farmers. His family belonged to a particular subgroup of Khorsoi called Fantomii, who's culture and politics held quite a bit of influence on the planet. Out of his many siblings, Oren's aptitude for science and arts earned him a space in a local university, and was able to leave his small village for the city. There he studied medicine in school, on track to becoming a doctor, but after seeing the amount of gore and gruesome maladies displayed in his classes and labs, he switched to studying xenobiology, a field in which he developed a passion for. His studies were abruptly cut short though, when the Abwehran Star Empire began the Khorsovarolor Occupation, ushering in a period of political instability and plague. During this time, Oren left school, and volunteered as a medic in one of the many Khorsoi field hospitals that had been set up to treat plague victims and casualties of war. Oren spent several years trying to help the dead and the dying, and was even captured by insurgents at one point. By the time the Occupation and plague had both ended, the planet's population had fallen from 2.2 billion to about 15 million. Oren returned home to find that his entire family, as well as most of his culture had died in the years of turmoil, leaving him as one of only a handful of people who still speak the Fantom language. Not able to face the ruin of his planet, Oren left, deciding to travel the galaxy, mostly to escape his past.

Skills Learned

Art and Vocations: In a desperate attempt to keep his fledgling culture alive, Oren practices the ancient Fantom tradition of Calligraphy an poetry. He's also not too shabby at drawing, as he fills his notebook with sketches, maps, and diagrams.

Biology: While he never got his doctorate, Oren went to university for several years to study Xenobiology, and has gained much more experience during his years and years of field work.

Entertainment: Oren is a good singer, and practices the Kikax (a Khorsoi lute or guitar). He uses his music to entertain himself, as he often spends months on end alone in the wilderness.

Fighting: Oren learned to shoot a gun and how to brawl during the Khorsoi Occupation. He doesn't like to talk about his time with the insurgency.

Humanities: Being a Xenobiologist and an explorer, Oren has also dabbled in anthropology, carefully cataloging the cultures and practices of local people groups he has encountered on his journeys.

Medical and Science: Oren spent several years in medical school, and many more as a field medic during the turmoil on his home world.

Survival and Military: Oren has spent much of his time out in the unknown, traversing uninhabited worlds and living amongst primitive civilizations, and before that, he experienced the horrors of the Khorsoi Occupation. He has good survival skills, and can navigate with ease.

Social Connections

Oren mon Diathani is connected to:

Oren's family and friends all died in the years of turmoil on Khorsovarolor.

Inventory & Finance

Oren mon Diathani has the following:

Standard issue clothing and equipment

His notebook

His walking stick

His Kikax (Khorsoi lute/guitar)

His maps

Oren mon Diathani currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

This page was created by hugo_rm on 02, 27 2018 at 21:32.

In the case hugo_rm becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No

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