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Oskar Eberhardt

Oskar Eberhardt is a Characters in the The Land of Dreamers and is played by Matthew

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Oskar Eberhardt
Species: Nacht Bewohner, Abwehran
Gender: Male
Age: 8 Abwehran years 1)
Height: 5'6“ (~ 167 cm)
Weight: 160 lbs (~ 72 kg)
Organization Independent
Occupation Merchant Apprentice

Current Events

Oskar Eberhardt is currently aboard the Silver Sultan luxury liner.


Like many Abwehrans, Oskar is a muscular man due to his heavy gravity origin. Unlike many Abwehran males, he is more toned than ripped. Many Abwehrans would call him lanky by their standards. His posture tends to be hunched over due to his rather timid personality. Oskar's eyes are a typical brilliant blue like all Nightwalkers and their inherent photo-sensitivity leads to the need for thick, dark goggles. An unkempt mass of crimson hair decorates his head, which was dyed from its previous raven-black hair, and his skin is quite pale due to living in the subterranean cities of Abwehr. He has two pairs of arms, like many males of his species, with one pair under the other. To the non-Abwehran, Oskar appears to be seventeen or eighteen years of age.


  • Height: 5'6” (~ 167 cm)
  • Mass: 160 lbs (~ 72 kg)


Being the runt of the Eberhardt family, Oskar always had someone that would look out for him. Apparently, they coddled him too much. Rather timid around others, Oskar doesn't talk much unless he's doing his job, as an apprentice merchant to his father. Of course, he's not very good with that either considering his trouble talking to others. When placed into a stressful situation, Oskar has a tendency to babble about anything in general.

Unfortunately, the young Eberhardt will run to alcohol if he is stressed out too much. Oskar is very much an alcoholic in this respect. He gets less timid when under the influence of alcohol, though it is too bad he won't stop talking once you get him started while he's in that state. He also has a tendency towards violence when under the influence, though he isn't very good in a fight. Much of his anger under the influence comes from being the target of bullies as a child. Much of his anger was repressed since he chose to have his elder siblings confront the bullies rather than do it himself.



Name Relation Age Occupation
Karl Father 26 AY (91 YE) Co-Owner of Trade Firm
Edith Matriarch 28 AY (98 YE) Co-Owner of Trade Firm
Leona Mother 25 AY (87 YE) Law Enforcement, Leutnant
Adele Birth Mother 20 AY (70 YE) Sculptor
Magda Sister 14 AY (49 YE) Weltraumflotte Marine Corp, Oberbootsmann
Liselotte Sister 12 AY (42 YE) Transport Communications/Sensor Operator
Emma Sister 12 AY (42 YE) Transport Pilot
Boris Brother 10 AY (35 YE) Assault Legion Landwehr, Unterlegionär

Summarized Events


Childhood and Schooling

Born two years after the Pirate Wars, little Oskar was the second child of his father's third wife. He was also the last child to be born from her due to a disease that made Adele infertile afterwards. Because of this, Oskar was treated much differently from his other siblings. While many children are spoiled and protected fiercely on Abwehr, Oskar's parents took it a bit too far with him. He was protected from everything whether it threatened his life or not. As a result, he was quite sheltered as he aged.

Because of his early childhood, Oskar's social skills were below average when he first enter school. He spoke to the other kids awkwardly, which led to him being harassed by many of the meaner children. It was even worse because of his smaller stature compared to other children. Having never experienced this situation before, Oskar was lost and rather embarrassed by it all. He kept much of his pain to himself, until his elder brother found out about it. Boris tried to toughen little Oskar up, but the damage had already been done. Oskar refused to confront his harassers and begged Boris to deal with it instead.

While Oskar's performance in socialization was atrocious, his math skills were above the curve. Being raised by a merchant had its advantages and Oskar was often ahead of his peers in math and computer skills. Of course, his physical prowess and social skills continued to suffer as he continued his schooling. Eventually, he would graduate from secondary school and rise to university level education. Deciding to follow in his father's foot steps, Oskar majored in Business while minoring in Accounting for the “easy” GPA boost. Of course, Oskar was still a solitary and timid individual even after graduating from college.

Merchant Apprentice

After graduating, Oskar joined his family's trading firm as a Merchant Apprentice. During this time, the young lad would learn about the business by following his father on business trips. Much of his work, however, was acting as the purser aboard his father's transport. It was something he actually enjoyed, since he didn't have to deal with people. During this time, he learned much about every spacer's past time: running a distillery. He found alcohol to be a great stress reliever during his college years, but it was on these business trips that he slowly began to develop a dependency to alcohol.

As time past, his father began to push him more into the 'wheeling and dealing' part of the job (much to Oskar's chagrin). He was fine for the most part, but only with his father there to back him up and a good stiff drink before the meeting. His first experience as a merchant alone though was nearly disastrous. The stress of meeting and the lack of alcohol before made him babble way to much and led the client deciding to go with a different company. Distraught over what he had done, Oskar immediately hit a pub and got into a fight while in a drunken rage.

Disturbed by his son's actions, Karl Eberhardt decided it was time his son got away for a while. Purchasing a ticket for a luxury cruise, he sent Oskar to Yamatai in order to relax and unwind.


Oskar's Skills


Oskar has a lot of experience creating invoices and other business documentation. He can also speak fluent Abwehran and Trade. However, he has a lot of trouble reading Trade.


With a love and dependency for booze, it is unsurprising that Oskar has learned the art of brewing his own alcohol.


Oskar has an array of knowledge involving business practices and both domestic and interstellar trade laws.


While his main focus is math based on accounting, Oskar's university required him to learn statistics and business calculus for his degree.

Technology Operations

A businessman can't work well without the knowledge and practical experience of using computers. Oskar can use a variety of computer systems ranging from Abwehran make to common civilian counterparts in the Yamataian sphere of influence.

Possessions and Finances



  • 10 Collared shirts (various colors)
  • 5 pairs of Slacks (black)
  • A pair of soft leather boots (black)
  • 5 pairs of boxers (various colors)
  • 10 pairs of socks (black)


  • Electronic Money Card
  • Palm Computer


  • Flask of Gottberre Whiskey (triple distilled)
  • 2 Flasks of Weizen Black Beer


Current Balance: 4000 Credits
Description Deposit Withdrawal Balance
Starting Inventory 5000 Credits 4000 Credits
28 Standard Years

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