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Othal Mohar

Othal Mohar is a player character played by Cordinarr.

Othal Mohar
Species & Gender: Iromakuanhe (Ivuori) Male
Date of Birth: 919 AR (YE 10)
Organization: Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth
Occupation: Scientist, Solan Starworks
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: Mazerin (Hashida Peaks Region)

Physical Description

Othal is of Ivuori descent, with pale purple skin, deep blue eyes and violet hair. He stands measuring at 5'9“, and weighs in at 163 lbs. Slim, but with muscle hidden given the number of years he's practiced the Hundredfold Palm.

His hair is kept in a short respectable cut, making sure it never gets long, and to the trained eye, it would seem he takes good care of it. Flanking his head are two straight, average looking horns that extend a few inches above his head. Suffering from the farsightedness that plagues his kind, he has square tortoise-shell glasses that have a bi-focal in them, with a spare pair nearby.


Othal is a true scientist and Ivuori. He's passionate about the scientists, he spends what time he can working and researching on developing new technologies to further the Iromakuanhe and Solan Starworks. When close to a breakthrough, Othal can be found asleep at his desk with cups around his desk. He observes proper safety precautions, and follows all rules to the letter, but still neglects some portions of his work life. For example, his lab coat has more than a few stains on it over the years, and the inside of his desk is unorganized to the casual observer. To him however, every stain is a badge of honor, and every scattered book and note-page has it's home.

While he is hard-working, Othal does his best to take time to himself after working to attend to his needs. He does enjoy cooking traditional Ivuori meals, casually reading, and practicing the martial arts. Over the years, he has found that the Ivuori martial arts, known as the Hundredfold Palm, is the best way for him to create and form more discipline in his life. Keeping to a strict schedule with it, he doesn't neglect it and extends it outside of normal practicing to eat healthy so that he can become better at it. His sister, Edil, has remarked that “this is The Dreamer Vigil pervading into your life so that you can observe it in your own special way.” Othal humors her when he can.

In conversation, Othal is eager to discuss his research and the sciences, but finds religion and philosophy to be a bit a waste of time. That in mind though, if the person has earned his respect, he will certainly entertain any conversation.


Othal Mohar was born in 919 AR (YE 10).

Othal was born to Maela Mohar and Moisai Shmani of the Ivuori enclave based on Mazerin. Both scientists that had been hired by Solan Starworks to begin research at the new base on Mazerin, they met and bonded together over late nights of data gathering. Their first born, his brother, Achar was a bit more energetic and courageous than most Ivuori. Getting into scraps, and playing late into the evening, Achar could be considered the “troublesome” child. A few years later Othal was born, then a couple more, his sister Edil.

As they grew, their children fed upon the culture around them. The Iromakuanhe way of life touch each of the three children in a different way that changed them all equally. Edil found solace in The Dreamer Vigil. While their parents stressed that such teachings shouldn't be dogmatic, and merely guidelines for life, Edil took it a bit further. She became a Dream Consort and left for Maekardan to live at the Temple Euphorian Monastery with her “fellow Ivuori”. They still keep in touch.

Achar resolved to join the Astral Vanguard, “to protect and serve!” He knew he wanted to do that since they were children. Hours would be wasted running around the enclave in a cardboard box “mecha”. “Arresting” criminals, “chasing down and blowing up” their poor timid Dirhoun. Coming of age, Achar joined the Astral Vanguard, passing exams with flying colors. Unfortunately, he lost his life in the 930's when the New Veyrin Republic made their attack. A solumn ceremony was held by Edil.

Othal, consumed the Ivuori way of life. He followed in his parents footsteps, reading all he could, watching educational television, and doing homework best to his ability. Applying himself late into the evening, Othal got his degree in Inorganic Chemistry and applied for a apprenticeship with Solan Starworks at their research base on Mazerin. He has since been working with two Masters, working to develop new technologies using the ore that is native to the planet. Discovering the Hundredfold Palm when he was younger, he has found he has a knack for it, and continues to practice it today.

Social Connections

Othal Mohar is connected to:

Master Maela Mohar (Mother)

Master Moisai Shmani (Father)

Vayshirin Achar Shmani (Older Brother) [Deceased]

Dream Consort Edil Shmani (Younger Sister)

Master Atah Sheftz (Scientist Mentor)

Master Seiahu Burgan (Scientist Mentor)

Naha Hoshen (Co-researcher, Hundredfold Palm sparring partner)

Skills Learned


Othal was born and raised for the sciences, Inorganic Chemistry specifically. He received his formal education in it, then moved on to work with Solan Starworks where he is currently attempting to discover new techniques that could push the Iromakuanhe further. Under the guidance of a few Masters that is.


“There are many languages in the universe, and Math is the language the universe speaks to itself.” His sister once told him this while Othal was studying for an exam. There may be a bit of truth to it, but to Othal, math is the ultimate truth. It goes hand-in-hand with any and all sciences, so it's something he excels at and is proud of his ability in.


Needing to design some of the technology, his education included quite a bit of engineering. Othal can draw up schematics, draw up a list of parts, then put it all together to create his instrument. Though, whether is works or not, is often yet to be seen. What works on paper, doesn't always work in real life he's finding.

Fighting (Martial Arts)

Othal has take to this like a natural. The Hundredfold Palm of the Ivuori is something he delved into since he was little and has swam in it through his adulthood. He has gone to a few Masters of it, and had a number of sparring partners, and is always willing to do more to improve himself.


Something rather new to his repertoire since striking out on his own, Othal has taken a keen interest in what he puts into his body. Cooking traditional Ivuori dishes, while also looking at other cultures foods to see what would work the best for his diet.


He has the ability to use his ports to plug into the, and has adequate ability to search for what he's looking for. Can use a Solanii "IroCom" PC, as well as a Solanii "IroCom".

Inventory & Finance

Othal Mohar has the following items:

(Need advice here)

12000 KD

1 Stained Lab Coat

1 Name Tag with Picture

7 pairs of slacks

7 T-Shirts of different colors (darker colors ranging from green to red to blue)

10 pairs of white Socks

1 pair of formal shoes

1 pair of slippers

1 warm robe

5 work out tank tops

5 work out shorts

5 pairs of work out Socks

2 pairs of tortiose shell glasses

OOC Information

In the case Cordinarr becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO

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