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Otomo Suzune

Otomo Suzune
Species: Yamataian
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Family: Takashi Otomo (Father), Ume Otomo (Mother), Hayate Otomo (Older Brother), Rina Otomo (Younger Sister)
Height: 5'1“
Weight: 120 lb.
Bra Size: B
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Engineer/Roboticist
Rank: None Yet
Current Placement: None Yet

Otomo Suzune in Roleplay

Otomo Suzune is a Player Character played by Rynol and is currently involved in no plot. Yet.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'1” Mass: 120 lb. Measurements: 31-24-30 Bra Size: B

Build and Skin Color: Suzune has a slight build and light pinkish skin, more scholarly and diminutive than athletic. Of course, being an engineered Yamataian, she's not exactly unfit though…

Facial Features and Eye Color: Suzune has a soft face, with a little bit of angle to the chin but still ultimately soft. She wears mid size silver-frame glasses and has bright expressive green eyes.

Hair Color and Style: Suzune has long, teal hair that falls straight down to her chest, kept mostly in the back of her head without much in the way of bangs.

Distinguishing Features: One thing Suzune tends to always wear a pair of sleek silvery bracelets, which each have a smooth teardrop-shaped green crystal on them. And of course her glasses, kept for style in spite of her Yamataian body.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Earnest and kindly, Suzune is no outspoken bundle of energy, nor is she some rude loner or angstball. She tends to be polite and a bit introspective, often thinking about things and then thinking them over again. The politeness also means that Suzune is often either taken aback by people that press her into a situation where she doesn't have a good response, or aggravated by highly rude people.

Suzune tends to wear colorful, but ultimately conservative and subdued clothing, and doesn't have avery bombastic sense of style. She's also an artist, though, and has a certain serene organic beauty in her artstyle - which she DOES apply to technological devices she builds. Indeed, she is something of an engineering wunderkid on top of being an artist.

In regards to battle, Suzune is a bit skittish about combat, and until she fights some she'd be more likely to run for cover or even freeze in terror than do anything effective. That, and she's very nervous about hurting people… But at the same time, her need to protect things and fear of people getting hurt will inspire her to almost insane gestures. When so inspired, Suzune shows a noble, beautiful sense of selfless valor… which can get pretty dangerous to her own life and limb, of course.

Likes: Drawing, Messing with Technology/Performing Engineering, Video Games (and similar technologies) Dislikes: Conflict (verbal or physical), Hurting People OR Letting Them Get Hurt, Loud Noises Goals: To serve on a famous ship, and become known for her work in engineering and robotics.



Born to Takashi, a masterful programmer who worked behind the scenes for the Yamatai Star Army, and Ume, a younger waitress he fell in love with, Suzune is the middle child of the Otomo family. Living out near Kenichi's Star, she was often far from her father, who was kept very close to Yamatai itself for his work. So, while she was young she and her brother and sister were taken care of by Ume… for a time.

Ume, it turned out, was actually starting to take money from Takashi because at the time she wasn't in quite the prosperous conditions that normally a Yamataian would get. There was a messy divorce - all when Suzune was around 8-9 years old - and Hayate, now just starting to turn old enough to be an adult, was left with the family. Thus Hayate tried to run the household while Takashi was away on Yamatai, and eventually he couldn't handle it any more.

Hayate slipped off and set himself up with a cheap freighter, the Free Wind, and dragged the girls along with him (what choice did he have? Takashi never sent word back, it's like he forgot his children existed…). The Free Wind stayed mostly legit as it roamed the lengths of the galaxy, and each of the three siblings learnt their roles as time went on - Hayate the pilot and captain, Rina the weapons officer… And Suzune, ship's engineer. Working with the cheap hack of a ship that the Free Wind was taught her a lot about the ins and outs of startship technology, for sure.

One incident that helped form Suzune's desires, though, was a chance run-in with Freespacers. The strange, anarchic folks attracted a deep sense of curiosity in Suzune, as she already loved advanced technology from even an early age (and her time on the Free Wind), but never had she seen so many robots, and other intelligent wonders. The idea of thinking machines… was left in her soul. Suzune began studying robotics from then on, determined to one day meet the Freespacers again - but with her knowledge of robotics an equal to theirs.

But life on the Free Wind was harsh, and Hayate began to get more demanding as he hired on new crew and styled himself a merchant captain. Suzune never got any funding to work on her dreams, and in fact the engineering crews he hired were beginning to push her away from even working on the ship itself! Flush with the wages she gleaned from Hayate's modest success, Suzune decided one day that she needed a new ship, one where she'd feel needed again. One where she'd realize her dreams.

A home.


Art and Vocations (Drawing/Computer Art/Design)

Suzune is very good with drawing, especially pencils, charcoals, and some inking. She's also decent with computer-assisted 2D and 3D art. But the thing about her art that really stands out is that Suzune often integrates her aesthetic with her engineering skills - all objects designed by her are works of art.

Engineering (Starship/Robotics)

Suzune is an engineer-prodigy. She has a natural knack, backed up by years of reading engineering textbooks, for designing machines that will work, and work well. She's best-versed in Yamataian technology, though she's also passingly familiar with Nepleslian and Freespacer equipment too. She specializes in starship components, computer systems, and robots.

Fighting (Aikido)

Suzune learned aikido at a fairly early age, and continued to practice it as she grew older. She's by no means an excellent fighter, and would probably be beaten by most military types in straight combat. But something Suzune is, however, is someone nimble enough to stay safe in a dangerous situation, with the ability to redirect motion and otherwise hold her own against a much stronger enemy in hand-to-hand combat.

Maintainance and Repair (Starship/Robotics)

Designing things is one matter, but keeping them running was another entirely. Suzune had to rapidly learn how to fix starships, as often the Free Wind making a trade deadline rested on her ability to get the engines up and working after some catastrophic failure. Suzune also knows her way around most robotic systems, as well, because she's worked with some robots in her quest to learn how to build her own.

Mathematics (Physics/Engineering-Essential Math)

Of course, as an engineer Suzune knows math. She knows enough mechanics and EM theory and all manner of quantum weirdness to get fancy machine working. She also knows the kinds of calculations and tricks important in designing moving parts, or making sure a component can survive the rigors of spaceflight. She's not as versed in theoretical and advanced physics as a real physicist, but Suzune knows enough to possibly build new and wonderful things.

Starship Operation (Ship's Engineer/Jack-of-All-Trades)

A few years as ship's engineer for the Free Wind has given Suzune amazing facility with working around power-control, diagnostic, and more… special control schemes for the guts of a starship. Not only that, but she has filled in for other positions, like working with Hayate to navigate courses, or piloting small freight tugs every now and then. However, in fields other than engineering or other systems-related work, Suzune is easily outshined.

Technology Operation

Computers are second nature to Suzune. While she rarely met her father for long, she's inherited at least some of his artfulness with computers and machines. She can use most OSes used by Yamatai and those they're in contact with, and can learn her way around unfamiliar control systems - given enough time.



Typical Clothing - Including vests, T-Shirts, khaki pants, underwear, and other clothes in a number of colors. Standard EVA and Hazard Suit - Rated for vacuum and some temperature/radiation extremes.

Personal Effects

Hygenic gear, from toothpastes to deoderants. Art supplies, like charcoals, multiple sizes of pencils, etc. Personal computer, equipped with common programs, a number of video games, and design/art programs. Tools for work with advanced electronics and starship parts.

Advanced Technology

She hasn't gotten any yet~


She hasn't gotten any yet~


Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

OOC Discussion

For Those Reading For Approval: I have no idea what to do about money in regards to starting goods like clothing that have no price on the wiki. Even things that right well SHOULD have a price. >.>

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