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Oswald "Ozzie" Tyson

Ozzie Tyson is a player character played by Acewing13.

Ozzie Tyson
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Year of Birth/Age: YE 06/32
Height: 170 cm (5' 7“)
Weight: 90 kg (200 lbs)
Organization: Nepleslian Space Marine Corps
Occupation: Marine Cavalry
Rank: E-4 (Sergeant)
Current Placement: 1st Expeditionary Mechanized Force

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 170 cm (5' 7“)
  • Mass: 90 kg (200 lbs)

Build and Skin Color: Power-lifter build with heavily built arms and chest. White, sun burned skinned.

Eyes and Facial Features: Brown eyes

Ears: Normal humanoid, attached earlobes.

Hair Color and Style: Coal black

Distinguishing Features: Almost always has a cigar in his mouth, always has a smirk on his mouth and raises an eyebrow whenever he hears something he disagrees with, which happens alot.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Personality: Ozzie believes himself to be God's gift to the Nepleslian Space Marine Corps, even though it doesn't know it. This attitude has made him enemies with his previous commanders, who don't recognize his sheer brilliance in the area of tank combat. Truthfully, he is good at his job, but his pride requires him to believe that he is the best tank commander alive and no one can match him. Whenever someone proves to be his better, he grumbles and just drills his crew and tries to best his competitor. Under his gruff exterior, he cares about his crew and tries to appease them and their individual foibles, which can be difficult at times. Spends his free time lifting weights and bar hopping.

  • Likes: The usual Nepleslian stuff: working out, beer, sex, and guns
  • Dislikes: Idiot officers, prudes that get in his way, women who don't want to sleep with him
  • Goals: 1. Show the old man that he was wrong by making officer grade without taking any crap from anyone, ever! 2. Never go to bed alone when possible.


Family (or Creators)

  • Kirby William “Bill” Tyson - Father, 67
  • Annie June Foss Tyson - Mother, 45, deceased


Ozzie has always been a momma's boy. Being the only child of a free wheeling chef and a stern Nepleslian Marine officer, he always preferred to hang out with mom at the restaurant then deal with dad's rules at home, when he was home. His childhood was otherwise happy, until his mother died when he was 15. This forced him to live on station with his father, who was irritated by having the teenager during his deployment.

Whatever his relationship with his father, Ozzie fell in love with the military, especially the machines of destruction that were tanks. He spent his free time with the tankers, soaking in all they had to teach him about combined arms tactics and the good old blitzkrieg, along with the kind of stress relief that war necessitates. In the end, there was no question about what he was going to do when his eighteenth birthday came around. Oswald the momma's boy became Private Ozzie Tyson in YE 24.

His first two years of service were quiet, but that soon changed when the First Mishhuvurthyar War started up, which destroyed any innocence that the teenager had left, as he quickly lost the majority of his comrades, only narrowly escaping with his life when Nepleslia gained its independence. This brush with death didn't stop him from staying in the Nepleslian military, climbing to the rank of Corporal by the end of the war.

Further promotion was slowed by his inherent stubbornness and pride, which made it difficult for him to keep his mouth shut when wet-nosed Lieutenants and other brass showed their idiocy. It took until the Second Mishhuvurthyar War came three years later and the decimation that the Star Military went through to get him to the rank of Sergeant and become a tank commander. This was short lived however, with him making the rash decision to disagree with a general during a briefing of his unit during the wrapping up of the The Rok'Veru Offensive. This got him kicked out of the military and left him to be stuck in the various security gigs and being a bouncer to pay for the bills.

Has a 1,000,000 DA bounty on his head, due to his role in Scythe's escape from Nepleslian authorities.



Fluent in Trade/Nepleslian, Ozzie is trained in all of the NSMC procedures, and is thus competent in radio operation, report writing(which he hates), and field communications (rudimentary or otherwise.)


Ozzie was born to be a tanker. Even if he isn't as great as he likes to boast, which he does quite often, he is good at his job, being well versed in tank tactics and knowing the intricacies of his Maximus (RUSE) inside and out.


Strategy(Tactics & Discipline)

Growing up a rebellious teenager, the Marines were a godsend to Matt. They taught him that order is right, that he was never alone, and that as long as he followed orders, the Nepleslian Space Marine Corps would win the day. Matt also knows tactics for power armor, light infantry, combined arms operations, and the differences between them. Also knows how to conduct some non-standard operations as well.


Matt likes bucking the trend of the lazy computer nerd and even before he joined the Marines he made sure to keep his body in shape. This became an obsession once he became a Marine. Whenever he is frustrated with something, Matt heads to the gym, putting his body through as difficult a regimen he can handle. He can also run an 8 minute mile.


Matt learned to fend for himself from an early age, brawling with his fellow orphans until he was kept separate from the rest of them because of all the bruises he caused. When he moved and the other bullies brought knives to their fights, Matt learned how to use them better than his opponents. The Marines didn't teach Matt much in the realm of close quarters fighting…at least the parts that didn't include shooting your opponent before they could force you to get in a fist fight. His instructors told him to keep his dirty fighting style, since it might save his life one day. Beside teaching him how to shoot firearms, the Marines also taught him how to clean and maintain those weapons as well.


Having grown up in the Funky City, Matt isn't too comfortable out in the boonies. His Marine training taught him the basics on how to survive out there, but it isn't his strongest suit. He does like making fires and tending them though. He didn't get the nickname 'Pyro' for nothing.


Ozzie Tyson has the following items:

"Figments of Fantasia" VR-MMORPG Profile

  • Name: Olgath Brighthammer
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Shieldmantle
  • Class: Warrior
  • Appearance: A 4'6” tall dwarf, Olgath has dark auburn hair, with a set of shoulder-length braids and a well-trimmed beard. Almost always has a grin on his face. Around sixty years old.
  • Personality: A cheerful sort, Olgath finds nothing more thrilling than smashing some monster's head in. His other favorite activities include getting drunk and having a roll in the proverbial hay with a willing lady. While he thinks he is (God's) gift to womankind, his lecherous attitude usually turns off the more discerning specimens.
  • History: Coming from the proud Brighthammer clan, Olgath has gone forth from his familial mountaintop home, off to win glory for himself and his clan, with one goal in mind. Impress Grandpap and earn the right to wield the titular Brighthammer.


Ozzie Tyson is currently a in the .

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

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