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Padme is a NPC played by Ametheliana.

Species: FIOMNI
Gender: None
Age: 0 AR/ 0 YE
Height: 5'/ 152.5 cm
Weight: 100 lbs/ 45 kg
Organization: Astral Vanguard
Occupation: Intelligence Hub Commander's Liaison
Rank: No Rank
Current Placement: Setareh Wing

Physical Description

Padme has knee-length hair that she wears straight down her body that is inky black that does not reflect light. Padme is unlike most Iromakuanhe, with a shorter stature and lighter weight. She has very little in the way of exoskeletal plate markings and has dark patches of skin that extend from her jawline down in patterns, as Padme's NI Core is encased within a Altjiran Lavans-type Synthoid. Unlike Iromakuanhe, her horns are made of a blue-ish composite material with glowing components, creating confetti-like speckling patterns on them. Padme has blue eyes of the same color and paper-white skin. At creation, she was given no gender and has no distinguishing features of either sex, save for her long hair, which leads many to see her as female. 1)


Full of charm and characteristically conservative in nature, she is less than shy and capable of making friends with everyone she meets. She does not point out people's flaws when necessitated but never faults them and works as a cohesive part of a team, as she was designed to do.


A newly created FIOMNI, Padme was created by Solan Starworks for the Astral Vanguard. She has been assigned to Naak Behea.


Padme has the following notable skills:


Close quarters, hand-to-hand, and long-range fighting are all well within her wheel-house. She has trained for a short period in doing so and is tougher than the normal Iromakuanhe, though not stronger. She understands how to and can several hand weapons, including knives, pistols, rifles and light explosives such as grenades. She has sufficiently high endurance to survive situations such as elevated G-forces and extended combat missions.

Technology Operation

Padme can use standard and non-standard technologies with ease of use and is compatible with all Iromakuanhe technology. Padme skillfully uses her entry ports to interface. She is a competent hacker and can bypass firewalls and safeguards and can create her own. Her knowledge of software is at the top tier of understanding, competent and capable beyond measure.


Padme knows basic medical techniques, including everything up to first aid, emergency care such as CPR or the Heimlich maneuver and the administering of preprepared medicine, such as painkillers or stimulants.


In combat scenarios, Padme is capable of using all systems aboard a Powered Frame and even under stress can make complex maneuvers and can create the best scenarios for mission success. Making adjustments for gravity, weapons fire, atmospheric conditions, and other combat variables comes second nature to her. With a more than advanced understanding of the functionality of her machine, she can easily make repairs. Her ability to pilot a Powered Frame unit isn't simply something that has been trained in her, it is something that comes second nature to her.


Padme is capable of using all standard communications found in the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth, in particular those employed by the Astral Vanguard. This includes laser, radio and MASC-enhanced variations in various formats and media. She is fluent in Saalsari, Haidasari, both the newly discovered and ancient Trade language and can speak, read and write them correctly. She can communicate clearly even while under fire or in other unnerving situations.


Padme has knowledge of the common goods found on Astral Vanguard starships and installations, including weaponry, medical supplies, ammunition, food and vehicles. She knows how to manage supplies, forward requests from crewmen to the proper logistics divisions as is part of her job in helping to delegate the burden that comes with fleet logistics. Her knowledge of battle tactics is ingrained. Padme is also familiar with the rules and regulations of the Vanguard, as well as the laws of the Commonwealth as a whole.

Padme is able to give accurate needed information for her unit, responding to requests for information and making sure that both her starship or base and units in the field are informed of each other's status at all times. She may also be able to forecast enemy behavior based on data from the field with the accuracy of a well-trained officer.


Padme is currently of no rank within the Astral Vanguard. She receives a weekly salary of 0 per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
0 KD 2) Starting Funds

OOC Information

In the case ametheliana becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO
For the sake of simplicity, she is referred to as a female.
Padme's basic needs are seen to by the Astral Vanguard while deployed

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