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Patroklos Lambros

Patroklos is a player character played by Semjax.

Patroklos Lambros
Species: Caelisolan
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Height: 6'2“ (188cm)
Weight: 120 (54kg)
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Starship Operator

Preferred Plots

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 6'2” (188cm)
  • Mass: 120lbs (54kg)

Build and Skin Color: Patroklos has a built frame, much like any other Elysians; somewhat bold, and yet still thin around the waist area. His arms are slightly muscular, and his legs are longer than his torso. His wings are long enough to reach a little bit past his waist, and the feathers are lightly flared out. The wings in particular are a dark black color, giving them the look of ravens wings. His skin is a pale white.

Eyes and Facial Features: Patroklos' eyes are naturally rounded, rather than any other shape, giving him a slightly bug eyed look, though not too noticeable. His facial features are quite feminine; despite the fact he is male, if not for his chest one might even mistake him for a female. His skin is soft, and his nose flawlessly tipped, one might find it difficult to find flaws in his angelic face.

Hair Color and Style: Patroklos has long black hair trailing down to the middle of his shoulder blades, right between the two wing stalks. He wears it natural, and does not bother putting any fashion into it, other then keeping it straight and beautiful.

Distinguishing Features: Patroklos has a rather friendly look about his face a majority of the time.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Patroklos is somewhat unique in the fact that he is not subdued or submissive sounding at all. He is very outspoken, except towards Patricians, he tends to attempt to command other Caelisolans around. He respects very few people, though he'd be more likely to like you if you are religious. Despite not being subdued or submissive, he is very calm and soft-spoken. He tends to enjoy reading books and learning more and more about the way of the universe as a personal goal to gain more knowledge. Intimately, he tends to enjoy massaging his wings, and he is a closet pervert.

  • Likes: Knowledge, Plebeians, Caelisolans, Books, Eroticism
  • Dislikes: Sacrilege, Insulting Elysians (Especially towards Plebeians and Caelisolans)
  • Goals: To learn enough of the universe to become a senator or Prime Minister, or some sort of high ranking person.


Family (or Creators)

  • Caraklos (Mother) [Deceased]
  • Calipkas (Father) [Deceased]
  • Ulikas (Wife) [Alive]
  • Patrikas (Daughter) [Alive]
  • Calipkas (Son) [Alive]

Pre-RP (WIP)

Patroklos Lambros was born to Caraklos and Calipkas in YE 06. He was born during the first great war against the Yamataian Government in Heavens. Despite being born during the war, his life was peaceful for the first two years of his life. Unfortunately that peace was removed from from him in YE 08 when the Yamataians shot The Heavens out of the sky, sending them barreling to the ground with no mercy at all. It was at this time that his father was injured, but luckily was not killed. Together with his family, he got them off of Yamatai safely, and into the system EX-1 Keren where they settled on the planet Keren.

Here they built a new life away from the war on Yamatai, growing up away from the war, Patroklos was capable of learning freely without the oppression of the war, or the Patricians. Though the planet was uninhabited at the time in question around YE 09, his father Calipkas had some knowledge in survival techniques and despite his injury made it possible for his wife to survive, and thanks to his wife surviving Patroklos himself was capable of surviving. For many years Caraklos, who had learned through the means of stealing books and the likes, taught Patroklos many different things allowing him to gain extensive knowledge on a different variety of things. soon the Second Elysian War hit, and the Elysians Exodus began…bringing many different Elysians to the planet Keren.

Once the patricians arrived on the planet, life began its cycle as it did before. One such patrician decided to enlist his fathers help to do some heavy lifting, despite his grievous injuries, he decided to do it for the betterment of him people. This hard labor would wind up killing his father, as his injury wouldn't allow him to do heavy lifting. His father decided to push himself anyway, after all the more he got on the good side of the Patricians, the better his family would be, and one day his leg gave out, crushing him with what he was carrying. Patroklos was not happy about this, but he didn't blame his father, or the Patricians as he knew how his father was. Patroklos soon after that began stealing books and the like from his patrician superiors so that he could continue his studies in secret, and kept up his learning throughout the years despite the idea that he could get in trouble.

It wasn't until he was roughly eighteen years of age that he met another plebeian by the name of Ulikas. During their time together, they began to get to know each other both personally and intimately. Over the course of a few years they eventually came to wed each other in YE26, despite the oppressive nature of his life style. For the first time in ever he was legitimately happy. They consummated their marriage and nine months later in YE27 they welcomed their daughter into the world and named her Patrikas. Years passed, life was okay, and tolerable, until one day the Patricians located the stolen books in his old household and blamed his mother for it. They arrested her because she refused to rat out her son, Patroklos knew if he came forward, despite how honorable it was, his family would be ruined and his mothers sacrifice in vein. So despite the pain he felt, he allowed his mother to be arrested.

His mother wound up dying in captivity. Not due to mistreatment, but because she already had an illness that was slowly killing her to begin with. Patroklos never forgave himself, but for the sake of his family he moved on and continued living. When YE30 came, a bleak hope began shining when the Caelisolan body came out, Patroklos signed up for it, however it would be quite a few years before they were able to get the bodies. In YE32, he received the chance to become a Caelisolan, along with his wife and daughter, and took it. With the Caelisolan body, they were more capable of living their lives, with more freedom then they did as Plebeians. As such, he was able to begin freely learning without the fear of being caught for stealing like he had with his mother.

Years passed once more and life resumed its normal route. Once they became Caelisolan, Patroklos, Ulikas, and Patrikas took the last name Lambros. Patroklos took a job as a space contractor, and began doing different space based contracts in order to make more money for his family to survive on. In YE34, Patroklos and Ulikas welcomed a second child into their fold, a boy which Patroklos named after his father Calipkas. Knowing that he had to support his family even more, he began taking larger and larger contracts, which unfortunately meant more time away from home…



Patroklos has spent a majority of his life learning things this includes the current languages though some are a little rocky still:

  • Nepleslian Trade
  • Yamataian
  • Seraphim

Each of these languages her can read, write, and verbally speak without flaw.


One of the biggest things that he is proud of, he has spent a lot of his time looking at books and the like studying information on his race and other races; while he is nowhere near to knowing everything, he can be very knowledgeable in different aspects of his culture and religion. Furthermore, he has a picture perfect memory as pertains to everything he reads, allowing him to recall it on the spot if needed.


Through hard studying, and patience, Patroklos has studied and mastered chemistry. His biggest focus on chemistry was creating new substances, and the terraforming process required to make an inhabitable planet, habitable. He also knows quite a deal more involving the other forms of chemistry as well, including basic biological knowledge.


Being a Plebeian, he learned quickly how to please his Patrician leaders using domesticated skills that he learned from his mother. He has become quite skilled in all forms of domestic skills from laundry to infant care should the patricians have allowed him to.

Technology Operation

Technology Operations is one of the two places that he shines the brightest. He has an extreme amount of knowledge and practice in operating different forms of technology, as that was his main focus while reading, and became his main focus when he started doing space contracts after becoming a Caelisolan as well.


He has advanced knowledge on how to survive in unpopulated and non-urban areas, as his father taught him the means to survive on the planet Keren before the other Elysians arrived. As such he could easily survive on his own for a decent amount of time.

Starship Operations

Starship Operations is the second of the two skills that he shines the brightest. As with Technology Operations, his skills extend to piloting and operating a starship as well. He spent most of his time studying this and Technology operations, as such he uses this skill to help him in his space contracts. With his skill he is capable of piloting pretty much anything he's had at least a few hours to study, and generally has the same systems. If he runs into something that doesn't have the same systems, it will take him a bit longer to learn, but not as long as someone who wasn't skilled.


Patroklos has the following items:


  • Four Pairs of Pants
  • Four Shirts
  • Two Jackets
  • Four Pairs of Socks
  • Four Pairs of Boots
  • Four pairs of Underwear
  • Four Undershirts


  1. Battle Rifle
    • Standard Gear with the BR
    • Underslung 40mm Grenade Launcher
    • 4x Infrared Optical Sight
    • Sound Suppressor
    • Infrared/Visible rail mountable laser
    • LED flashlight rail attachable
    • Rail attachable bipod
    • 10 30-Bullet Magazines


Patroklos is currently a in the .

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
1770 KS 1230 Subtracted Starting Equipment

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