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Penton Family

The Penton family is a small, upper-middle class family that makes its roots on planet Nepleslia. They ran a small Hydroponics farm in Roger Wilco City's Upper Haven District. They lived a comfortable life, the fresh veggies fetching a fair price on the local market.

Due to the second Mishhuvurthyar war, however, they have been uprooted from Nepleslia, and have been moving away from the conflict. Unable to establish themselves anywhere, they have been forced to draw on Trey's military pay to cover travel expenses, and they have finally settled in the colony known as Francia City.

In YE 37 the whole family moved to Dawn Station when Trey was discharged from the military and got a job with Origin Security.

George and Celia Penton

George Penton, born 34 BYE, and Celia Penton, born 31 BYE, are an older nepleslian upper/middle class couple who have been married for over 30 years. They have one child, a son, Trey Penton, who is also married, so his wife, Rosey.

George is a rather tall, grizzled old Nepleslian, with steely grey eyes and hair to match. He is well built, and still carries much of the musculature of his youth. He was in the military a long time ago, but usually doesn't talk about it much. George is a very gentle man, and loves his family more than anything in the world.

Celia is a fairly tall woman as well, but, unlike her husband, she is very thin. her eyes are blue, and her hair used to be blonde, but it's turning closer to white by now. A caring, talented old woman, she enjoys taking care of her granddaughters.

Trey and Rosey Penton

Trey Penton, Born YE 01, and Rosey Penton, Born YE 02, are a young Nepleslian couple who live in Roger Wilco City, near Trey's parents. Trey is a military man, a marine in the Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, while his wife works on his parents' Hydroponics farm, and takes care of their two children, Jade, and Amanda.

Rosey Penton is of average height and stature, with a very healthy build, and long, red hair. She has brown eyes and a slightly rounded face. Rosey grew up in Funky city, but her family moved to Roger wilco when she was 12, hoping to give their daughter a calmer life and a better education than they had.

Jade Penton

Jade was born in YE 25. She has blonde hair, a rounded face, and curious blue eyes, always taking in the world. She is mostly well-behaved but can be a little ornery at times, especially when her father isn't around.

Amanda Penton

Amanda Penton is the youngest Penton, Born in YE 27. She has very babyish features, and sports her mother's red hair, and shares her sister's and grandmother's blue eyes. She has a slight attitude already, and is fairly wary of strangers.

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