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Phage Nine Two B 92B-4561-8893

Phage is a player character used by Primitive Polygon for the Bounty Hunter Series plot.

Phage 92B
Species: Freespacer Type Two
Gender: Female
Age: 20 Years Physical / 1 Year Actual
Height: 3“8 ft
Weight: 142 kg
Organization: The Wire Guided
Occupation: Saboteur/Hacker/Tech Hoarder
Current Placement: Bounty Hunter Series
Theme music
Walking Armoury GenesisKeys - BiDo
Not Exactly Human G-Darius OST - Kimera II

Physical Characteristics

Extremely short and distinctly pear shaped, Phage is a rotund creature with pale skin and grey plumes of steel wool-esk hair. Their rounded face also has distinctly thick, moody eyebrows and bright red eyes. All of this is normally encapsulated behind the solid glass of their oblate voidwalker helmet, an object which is very rarely removed, just like the rest of their highly modified olive green space suit.

This makes their exact level of humanity difficult to determine, through both arms have indeed been replaced with four grey-metal cyborg pod arms, featuring all sorts of flip-out blades, guns and fibre-optic cameras, which is to say nothing of the four additional orange bulbs on their shoulders. The legs have not actually been replaced, but are still almost constantly bearing hefty motorised rollerblades, generally used as their primary source of mobility, instead of simply walking.

Because of the all the hydraulics and pine-scented metal polish, it's noted that they have a bit of a strange 'new car' smell. Other Freespacers can also tell their unnatural origin at a glance, due to the barcode and model number tattooed onto their cheeks. All together, they are an odd, spritely little thing that seems to fall over and run into things a lot, yet is also very fast and difficult to keep tabs on.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Seemingly swapping between phases of extreme deliberation and manic glee, Phage very much has the typical personality of a socially disinclined hacker. Wry, sarcastic and often belligerent, they exist mostly to hoard rare technological items, and have a harsh sense of logic when it comes to the value of others… However, as much as it can seem like they have a severe case of sadism at first glance, the sometimes doll-like demeanour isn't a symptom of some hidden psychosis. Their brain actually is a microchip, the same kind used in the Partisan. It isn't organic in the slightest.

Basic human concepts can thus be pretty lost on them, such as the subtleties of human conversation or body language. They can also be easily bribed with short-term gains, such as presents or a deranged activity which sounds fun. Contrastingly, their memory and mathematical ability is nigh perfect, making them obsess over both grudges and owed favours.

On top of this is a raspy yet high pitched voice, almost constantly on the edge of breaking, rather undermining an uneasy personality which can be frighteningly mercurial when their validity as a person is questioned.

  • Likes: Self reliance. Advanced or rare antique starship, robot and weapon parts. Junk food. Video games, especially anything RPG related.
  • Dislikes: Signs of pity. 'Parasites' who cannot survive without dragging down others. False promises. People who mistreat machines… Unless it's her.
  • Goals: Hoard an inconceivably massive pile of rare technology. Gain the respect of her creator.


Family (or Creators)


The life of an organic Freespacer is often a troubled one. They age at a slower rate compared to other artificial species, yet also degrade and die more quickly too. The genocide of YE30 has left them with a population crisis that the Wire Guided are struggling day and night to resist, with myriad results under a plethora of increasingly unhinged and mentally scarred individuals. Even their robotic kin can have trouble getting replacement parts, and aren't exactly welcome citizens within other galactic civilisations.

With all this in mind, the former fortress builder and renegade Lycosidae began to experiment with many strange and often questionable solutions during their time of effective political imprisonment on the planet 188604. With the Throne of Brass as their base of operations, they were already pumping out fast-developing automata to serve as crewmen within USO's space fleet. The organisation was also at the forefront of Spacer biotechnology, producing the Liquid Ally.

But how could they turn this slight technological advantage into a full blown species revolution?

The brainwave came when Lyco decided to put an accelerated growth Partisan AI into a rapidly grown partial clone of her own body, skipping out on the weaknesses of both organics and machines. The giant automata Truffleclub was long trying to replicate the human form using their biological nanotech, and this allowed them to skip out the easily defective process of constructing a flesh-and-blood powered brain all together.

Phage was thus fabricated with a specific mission in mind, one of furthering the species. Treatment and learning schemes of all the new hybrids was harsh, and physical defects quick to be replaced with additional cyborgisations. Most were sent out for extra-planetary information gathering missions within weeks of their creation, without even informing the rest of the Wire Guided. Phage hung off her mother's every word, and immediately accepted the task of secretly gathering enemy technologies without question or qualm.

Interacting with the real world, however, was a different task entirely. Lyco rarely went outside and hadn't actually bothered to prepare her hidden task force for this sort of interaction at all.

Working in a diner or a coffee shop was out of the question. These organics were angry, alien and strange. They lied and stole and snuck around. Hacking bank cards was easy for such a mind, but then the blue-armour people turned up and tried to put holes in you with guns.

Physically starving and increasingly paranoid in the closing days of YE39, however, Phage finally hit upon some luck and discovered a profession they could actually understand. Bounty hunting was simple. You get the bad guy, equals you get the money. Plus, sometimes they were wanted because of the things they stole, too, and who would really question it if those things remained missing?…


Cyborg: Carrying around a small arsenal of tools inside of their own body, Phage has access to the following tools at a moment's notice;

  • 3x grabbing claws, each able to hold entire body weight.
  • Five inch retractable Durandium Alloy blade.
  • Grappling hook launcher, with six meter metal cable.
  • Power drill with a Durandium Alloy bit.
  • Fibre optic camera.
  • Multi-interface prehensile plug, able to interface with things like Nekovalkyrja SPINE and many starship control systems.
  • Laser designator, gives exact distance to target object (which can also be transmitted to others).
  • 4x High-power LED lamps. These can be used like a flash-bang, as well as intentionally confusing infra-red cameras.

Hacking: Phage is very proficient at both software and hardware cracking, to the point where they routinely break into systems instead of figuring out how to use them properly. They are familiar with several Spacer, Yamatai and Nepleslian programming languages, and well versed in subverting things like locking mechanisms, security cameras and drone networks. Perhaps their only weakness is their lackadaisical nature in such areas, as it comes so naturally to them that they often either fail to take other hackers seriously, or become obsessed with toying with said personality until it seems to override their interest in the actual mission at hand. Suffice to say, the electronic communicators of her comrades are not immune to the odd practical joke or unwanted 'upgrade', either…

Ambush and Sabotage: Phage isn't exactly built with fair fights in mind, but is pretty well versed in the idea of hit and run attacks, or hiding and waiting for the right opportunity to strike. Generally attacking people depends on some kind of plan, much like their efforts to attack buildings or vehicles, and if it doesn't immediately work, they will simply speed off on their motor boots, and plan something new. Bombs and traps are probably their preferred method taking care of an enemy, through that requires forward planning too, of course.

Mindware Communication: As with most spacers, they basically have an internet search engine inside their head. This can come in pretty handy when it comes to things like learning new languages, or learning obscure technical information from other people half way across the galactic sector.

Infiltration: Able to analyse and remember security patterns, as well as things like structural layouts and internal circuit diagrams. This makes them pretty adept at sneaking or breaking into locations, though they can lack imagination when it comes to performing something without a set plan.

Jury Rigging: Not exactly a proper engineer, but being a technological being themselves with a logical mindset, they can often figure out temporary solutions for mechanical problems. Given enough time and parts, they could probably manage something like a crude firearm or a one-person rocket at best.

Starship Operations: Natural for a spacer, though they aren't exactly well practised with anything above a shuttle.


Steelrender Lycosidae Nine Two 92-4561-8893 has the following items:

  • 2000KS.
  • Her voidwalker suit, or rather just the dungarees and helmet of one. Khaki with an orange visor and grey metal armour plates. It's remarkably updated for a 'spacer suit, and appears to use many looted Emrys components…
  • Motorised skate boots, stable up to about 18mph. Electric motors, powered by their own cybernetic batteries.
  • A gross pile of tank tops and panties, completely random colours. Probably pinched from other people.
  • A backup memory hard drive, contains various AI programming tools and blueprints.
  • A cardboard box filled with anti-bacterial capsules and a couple of small spare parts.
  • Six rechargeable cybernetics batteries. They fit over the small of her back in pairs.
  • A set of tools for self-maintenance.

OOC Notes

Primitive Polygon created this article on 2017/12/29 09:09.

In the case primitive_polygon becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES

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