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Phoenix Reeves

Phoenix Reeves is a player character played by Miss Story.

Phoenix Reeves
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Height: 5'2“ / 157cm
Weight: 106 lbs / 48 kg
Organization: ISC Phoenix
Occupation: Mechanic/ Technician
Rank: Five of Diamonds
Current Placement: ISC Phoenix 2

Preferred Plots

  1. ISC Phoenix
  2. OIF Atuan

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'2” / 157cm
  • Mass: 106 lbs / 48 kg

Build and Skin Color: Fate wasn't the kindest to Phoenix from the the start. Well perhaps it wasn't fate that dictated that he would be absolutely miniscule by Nepleslian standards. The company that paid for his cloning chose a smaller more delicate bone structure so that he could fit in the narrow service chutes in their transport ships. Phoenix's skin lacks pigmentation. Its very pale and translucent especially where the skin is thin like his wrists and chest.

Eyes and Facial Features: Phoenix has almond shaped eyes. One is a red cybernetic and has been replaced while the left hand eye is silver. He has a slightly recessed chin that merely blends with his jawline without being too pointy. His lips are also not very prominent.

Ears: He has standard rounded humanoid ears without any fur. He can often be seen with a personal stereo while working.

Hair Color and Style: He has Silver hair that falls just past his shoulders It is slightly messy and wavy unless he clasps portions of it with metal clips and braids. If he needs it out of his way quickly he's been known to tie it back with a bundle of electrical wiring secured by a wingnut.

Distinguishing Features: Aside from what has been mentioned already Phoenix also has a very faint scar under his left eye and a MCH481 designation branded onto the bottom of his foot. His pale features are often marred by soot, oil or dirt depending on what part of the ship needs fixing. His clothes are no better suffering in appearance as much as he does after a long days work.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Phoenix is socially awkward, quiet and spaces out quite often. Its not unusual for him to start a random topic switch in the middle of a conversation or just stare off into the distance his one organic eye unfocused. He tries to remain optimistic and to stay out of trouble. In dangerous situations he tends to get even more quiet than usual. He is an perfectionist constantly trying to improve on the things he works on and fixes. He is driven to find the untapped potential in everything he sees.

  • Likes: Phoenix enjoys listening to music, tinkering with electronics and mechanical parts, reading, having time to himself
  • Dislikes: He is afraid of deep water because he can't swim. He also cannot stand large crowds of people or strangers he doesn't trust yet.
  • Goals: He wishes to surpass or completely avoid the issue of his origins and class. He also wishes to be remembered for something grand when he is gone, he just hasn't figured out what that will be yet.


Family (or Creators)

The group of people who were responsible for Phoenix's creation were part of a small transport and trafficking company called the Éminence grise.


Phoenix did a lot of growing up in a short amount of time. He wasn't given much of a chance to be a child instead taken under the wings of a small and relatively unknown group of smugglers. He often had to learn and think on his feet or face the consequences. It didn't take long before he knew that little ship better than he knew anything else in the universe. He became smart in his own rights taking every moment that he wasn't spending asleep or working with his nose in a book. None of the crew had much to do with him aside from the odd snide remark. It was likely this lack of communication that caused all the problems he has with speaking to others.

It went on like this for years. Phoenix tending the ship while the company made runs. They were transporting live illegal cargo when the ship was intercepted by bounty hunters. The young mechanic escaped detection by climbing into an exhaust shaft where the heat would mask his own body heat. He waited in that little tube for a day before he managed to sneak away.

With the little company in shambles and unable to look for him Reeves Scripted himself a false Identification and took up work amongst streeters. He didn't stay in the slums long though, He had a sense that this life was no better, perhaps worse than his old one so he ran from this new life seeking something far more grand and a better use of his abilities. He hitched a ride to Sargasso to Seek employment in the crew of the Phoenix. He is wary about joining them but also far too tired of his present situation to mind terribly.

ISC Phoenix Volume 2

Interlude (Splish Splash)

After wandering Sargasso in a downpour of what only could be described as pee rain Phoenix took shelter in Lina's bar. By a lucky chance he meets Luca Pavone while he dealt with wringing out his clothes. After a short conversation he earned himself a place on the Phoenix's crew. He followed John to the headquarters where he was given a basic tour of the Crimson Kestrel. He also meets a few other members of the crew but he has a long way to go if he wants to successfully integrate himself into their team. Perhaps time and a successful mission or two will grant him this chance.

Mission 2 (Choke)

This was Reeves' first chance to see how he fit with the rest of the crew. He is still having trouble with the social aspect of his new job. New people can be pretty scary sometimes. During his first actual visit to Yamatai he got to sleep in a pent house room, dress up like a business man and pretend to be “Mr. Stapleton's” Assistant, Get shot at in a cafe and use a gun for the first time. There was all sorts of overwhelming excitement so Reeves decided to resign himself to his room once they were lucky enough to get back to it.

Post Mission 2 (All The While)

Reeves kept to himself in his room only coming out when it was time to leave the planet. He could have sworn he saw a familiar face while waiting in customs at the space port.

Mission 3 (Rocking the Casbah)

During this mission the crew of the Phoenix infiltrated and rescued the Fruna Ruica. While the others fought elsewhere on the ship, Reeves climbed down the elevator shaft and through the maintenance vents of the ship using a copy of the ship's blueprints until he was able to sneak into reach of the bridge. He burst out of the vent to confront the trouble inside. He threatened to mow down the pirate with his fatboy. Luckily his appearance in the bridge coincided with an emp deployed in the nearby corridor. The only problem was that there was more than one pirate inside. There was a small standoff between the pirates and Reeves. What broke it was the Captain of the ship goading Reeves into Shooting the enemy. Somehow that encouragement was enough to make the tech fire at full auto into the pirate near the door. He dove for cover and scrambled backwards behind a consul trying to avoid the second attacker. When they finally rounded on him he fired his gun again, cooking the second pirate. This exchange of fire was bright and blinding. when his vision finally normalized he got a good look at the carnage he had wrought with his gun as well as the bullet wound in his own left leg. Before he had a chance to panic the fighting in the corridor crashed through the door to the bridge. Zeta smashed her way inside. Once she spotted that Reeves was wounded she patched him up and made sure he was all right. Things were eventually settled on the Fruna Ruica and for his efforts he earned himself a kiss on the cheek from the Captain and a serious case of nerves.

R&R (Today is Okay)

While recovering from Mission 3 Reeves approaches Seiren while he is working with his 'magical anything machine' They discuss Yuletide Gifts, Seiren's inventions and how after all this time they barely know each other. They eventually go on to discuss improving the optical and technical capabilities of his bionic eye.

Work on Sargasso During Mission 4

Reeves had taken some time off for himself after the Phoenix's rescue of the Fruna Ruica. He had decided he wasn't ready for the pair of missions that the crew had on their slate, so instead he requested time off to train and work through some personal worries that were plaguing him since the showdown in the bridge. After about a month of traveling and relaxing he took on work in Sargasso. Things weren't terribly busy or as high demand as it was when he was moving about with the others. This left him time to develop a routine for himself. Every morning he woke up, Went to a firing range and practiced shooting. When the targets were thoroughly scorched and full of holes, Reeves cleaned and stored his weapons. He would complete his assigned tasks for the day. It didn't usually take long but he made himself available to the staff just in case something pressing came up. When all that was done he'd go for a run through the town while listening to whichever audio file in his learning library seemed to interest him the most that day.

The months stretched on like this he was actually starting to miss the others when he caught the news of what had happened on both missions. Losing Rebeka, the injuries and close calls, everything made him sick to his stomach. He wanted to be there to help, but there was no way to go back and change his decision to take an easier assignment. Maybe if he had been there he could have done something. Deep down he knew he probably wouldn't have been much help in either situation, but it would have been better than sitting idly here training. He had run himself to the point of exhaustion the night he heard the news.

It couldn't have been long after that that he was transferred to work on an upcoming project that John had in the works. The conversion of the Rigs for Phoenix Service Group use was much more labour intensive than a simple repair or systems check. It was refreshing to be doing something substantial again. He was also excited to see the rest of the crew. It was true he wasn't the most social person on the ship but just knowing the others were around was a comfort that he had grown to miss.

Post Mission 4 (To the Doorway)

After a busy morning of work, Reeves attended Luca's speech about the Phoenix Service Group.

Interlude 3 (Highly Ambient Domains)

Reeves was called by David from the Sargasso Spaceport to help deal with a rather tense situation. Falling through a hole in Space time, Kuzman and Nuk'Dukam had crashed inside the spaceport. Luckily Reeves knew a little of their language (Saalsari) and after a great deal of talking and careful assurances of help, Reeves and Tamamo helped them back to PSG headquarters. Once back home he tried to play translator for Kuzman and explain the situation to John, Echelon, Calico and the various technicians in the PSG. He managed to secure assistance for the horned alien so his Frame could be repaired or augmented into an exoskeleton.

Mission 5 (Right By Me)

In Progress



Through extensive study though reading Phoenix has become familiar with several languages. The problem of course is pronunciation as well as an inability to conduct a properly structured conversation due to nerves. Some languages of note include rudimentary knowledge of the Iromakuanhe language, very basic Yamatigo and Fluent Trade.

Technology Operation

The computer technician in the Éminence grise would give him some of his own work to do to allow the clone to work while the ship was in working order and not due for inspection. He is capable of editing and creating code in several languages as well as troubleshoot minor problems.

He is working on developing these skills further through study and practice.

Maintenence and Repair

This has been his primary directive and passion for many years so much of the mechanical work he does do is intuitive. With the right tools and the right amount of time he can put enough love back into something old and broken to make it run from the grave.


His small body has hindered any attempt to become skilled in hand to hand or melee combat. His aim with ranged weapons has improved since he first began to work on the ISC Phoenix. Reeves has spent much of Y 38 going to a firing range to practice his use of his sawn off Styrling Longbolt, and the fatboy. He now knows basic weapon cleaning and maintenance as well.


If He had more time and resources Phoenix would be better at engineering all he knows about the field has been learned through working with machines and resource books.


He relies on both his excellent memory for things that interest him and books that he's managed to get his hands on. Dates and names and other things like that are often lost in the jumble of facts that come spewing out of his lips when he gets the courage to talk to you.

Starship Operation

He knows how to read star maps and navigate by them. He has driven smaller simpler ships before but does not like the responsibility or the stress it places on him.



  • 1x very worn gray leather boots
  • 1x silver running shoes
  • 3x pants
  • 4x pairs of black socks
  • 2x gray tank tops
  • 1x dark grey coveralls
  • 1x orange and black Coveralls

Weather Gear

  • 1x black sweater
  • 1x red yuletide sweater (Yuletide Gift YE 38: Tamamo)
  • 1x Black and red wind-breaking jacket


Undergarments and Nightwear

  • 4x black boxer briefs
  • 1x white undershirt


  • 1x makeshift wire hair tie
  • 1x set of metal hair clasps
  • 1x handmade sarquahi and buk ring engraved with SA Soruk on the inside and two dice showing up as sixes on the face (Yultide Gift YE 37: Soruk)
  • 1x handmade silver ring with a brilliant sunburst orange-red ruby set on the face and flames engraved into the band. (Yuletide Gift YE 38: Soruk)

Personal Hygiene

  • 1x black towel
  • 1x toothbrush
  • 1x tube of toothpaste
  • 1x bar of soap
  • 1x bottle of shampoo



  • 1x Sawn off Styrling Longbolt (Yuletide Gift Lou-eee Pasco Day YE 37: Enzo)
  • 1x SmAR/Fatboy (Yuletide Gift YE 38: Luca)
    • 1x Black Leather Ammo Belt, carries 3 extra batteries (Yuletide Gift YE 38: Luca)
      • 3x Batteries
    • 1x Digital display scope (reconfigured to transmit to his eye)
  • 1x Delsaurian Survival Knife, with a large blade and wooden handle (Yuletide gift YE 38: Melissa)


Digital Assets

  • A steady stream of schematics and DIY projects Compiled by Echelon but never acted upon. They included practical projects to make furniture, create artwork, and make the best use of scrap materials as well as dip toes into electronics and programming. All bound into one handy archive, it was a true Nepleslian renaissance man's guide to living. (Yuletide Gift YE 38: Echelon)
  • A collection of linguistic study files Languages of note are Saalsari, Trade and Yamatigo. The format is primarily tabular with columns on pronunciation and meaning notes. Each language also has extensive files on grammar and style but some of it is beyond Reeves' level of study. (Stolen from a shipmate during his work on the Eminence Gris)


  • 1x Fist sized Crystal laser etched with his own image (Yuletide Gift YE 37: Rebeka)
  • 1x 6“ Figurine of himself saluting with a wrench (Yuletide Gift YE 37: Makari)
  • 1x 5000 DA Voucher and a Consortium Catalog (Yuletide Gift YE 37: Aiesu)
  • 1x Sizable bottle of Lorath Coconut Liqueur (Yuletide Gift YE 37: Aiesu)
  • 1x Box of Truffles (Yuletide Gift YE 38: Seiren)
  • 1x Red Yuletide mug (Yuletide Gift YE 38: Tamamo)


Phoenix Reeves is currently a 5 of Diamonds on the ISC Phoenix.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason OOC Date
40 KS Starting Funds
1000 KS960 KS 1 years pay as 3 of Diamonds 2013-08 to 2014-08
1800 KS800 KS 4 months pay as 5 of Diamonds 2014-09 to 2014-12
1400 KS 400 KS Replenishing hygienic supplies, Purchased extra coveralls an undershirt, underwear, and socks
9900 KS8500 KS Bonus from Mission 3, 1000KS Extra for injury 2015-04-20
8000 KS 1900 KS Vacation activities
10200 KS2200 KS 1 year's pay (less one month's vacation) as 5 of Diamonds2015-01 to 2015-12
10000 KS 200 KSReplenishing hygenic supplies
20000 KS10000 KS Yuletide Bonus YE 38: John
17000 KS 3000 KSBuying Yuletide gifts and supplies YE 38
16250 KS 750 KSBuying Fatboy digital display scope, watch communicator, Jacket, shoes and socks2015-01-27

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