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Polysentience Pratima Fourty Eight 48-0420-6262

Polysentience Pratima Fourty Eight 48-0420-6262 is a player character played by Gardner in the Dark.

Polysentience Pratima Fourty Eight 48-0420-6262
Species: Freespacer
Gender: N/A
Age: old as hills
Height: 4'3β€œ-8'3”
Weight: 87lbs-1 ton
Organization: Freespacer Poly-sentience 48-0420-6262
Occupation: Freespacer Polysentience core
Rank: Refugee
Current Placement: Aboard LSDF Akahar

Preferred Plots

Physical Characteristics

Initial information

As a disclaimer the actual poly-sentience unit is a rather large rack of servers, cores, and in some cases brains, wired together in a chaotic fashion with brightly colored wires. Near it are a collection of glass tubes with hibernating bodies in them.

Likely also nearby is it's 'replacement' device that can replace damaged or lost bodies, provided materials. Note that this is not how poly-sentience hubs 'normally' function, and that the adaption of the hub to allow brain uploading has rendered it less then compatible with normal polysentience hubs.

The polysentience's frame is in the shape of an octagonal prism to allow for easy tessellation and expansion. Within the frame is a set of racks each holding CPU units, memory units, and brains in jars wired together in a fashion that, while appearing haphazard, actually mimics the dendrite connections in the brain. The frame of the hub + the units are, in dimension, roughly 6' tall and 3' wide.

As for the bodies themselves…

At present there are 1 type 4, three type 3s (1 male, 1 female, 1 automata), two type 2's (1 automata, 1 female)

Type 2

One of the type 2s is an automaton, the other is female.


Height: 5'10β€œ Mass: 530lbs Build and Skin Color: This unit is of moderate build and strength. It is rarely seen outside of it's space suit.

Eyes and Facial Features: This unit's eyes glow yellow and the shape of the glow changes to express emotions

Distinguishing Features: This unit's spacesuit is covered with a diaroama of a hydroponics garden.


Height:5'7” Weight:87lbs

Build and Skin Colour: This unit's skin is a dark shade of ebony to help protect it against interstellar gamarays. This unit has a build that's designed for endurance over short burst strength.

Facial Features and Eye Colour: This unit's eyes are brown with yellow flecks. This unit has a wide, bulbous nose and pencil thin lips.

Hair Colour and Style: This unit's hair is flame red and in short cornrows.

Distinguishing Features: this unit's space suit is covered with blue day-glow strips that make it look a bit like something from Tron.

Type 3

One of the type threes is male, one female, one an automaton


Height: 5'4β€œ Mass: 730lbs Build and Skin Color: This unit possess magnetic treads instead of legs. It's arms are short and solid for heavy lifting.

Eyes and Facial Features: This unit's eyes are somewhat glossy, like the surface of a pair of binoculars, and posses eyebrow like shutters that allow it to emote.

Distinguishing Features: Someone engraved a unicorn onto this unit's carriage


Height:6'4” Weight:190lbs

Build and Skin Colour: This unit is very tall and muscular. It's skin tone is green

Facial Features and Eye Colour: This unit has an underbite. This unit's right eye is clear blue. This unit's nose is flat and small.

Hair Colour and Style: This unit's hair is purple and in a long ponytail.

Distinguishing Features: This unit's left eye is a red colored cybernetic replacement. This unit has dark spots down it's neck. it's belly that is yellowish green compared to it's forest green back


Height:4'2β€œ Weight:77 lbs

Build and Skin Colour: This unit is tiny and dexterous. it's form is weak but agile. This unit's skin has a blue tone.

Facial Features and Eye Colour: This unit has a soft and cute face. This unit possess hazel eyes.

Hair Colour and Style: This unit's hair is short, shaggy, and the same shade of grey as dirty dishwater.

Distinguishing Features: This unit has a cybernetic left arm that is thin and artistic looking, with only three fingers on the end, each of which is opposable . Each joint in the arm is a full degree of motion ball joint. This unit is left handed.

Type 4

Height: 8'7” Mass: 2,530lbs Build and Skin Color: The type 4 is the largest, being 8'3β€œ tall, and with a thin set appearance. It possesses four arms, two legs, and four mechanically tipped tendrils. The tendrils radiate out from it's back.

It is a unit designed for performing high level maintenance tasks unassisted, but rarely in hazardous conditions. The intelligence/brain unit gives it a hunch back appearance, and is lead and rubber lined for protection against hostile environments. It's quite heavy as it's biology is an unholy fusion of biological and mechanical systems.

Eyes and Facial Features: This unit's optical sensors form a band around it's head, and glow faintly purple in dim light.

Distinguishing Features: This unit has zodiac constellations and stellar symbols stamped onto it's shell.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: In many ways Polysentience Pratima Fourty Eight 48-0420-6262 are different from other Freespacers, not in the least because of their longevity and their time trapped together in a giant computer slowly losing themselves in each other. Freespacer lives normally last only 23 years, however these sentiences have lasted much longer. Their society has changed a great deal from Freespacer norm, and they identify as a collective individual. They see each other as extensions of their selves, and feel each other's joy and pains. Due to the systems they devised they no longer fear the death of their shells, as they can just restore to their last upload on the core, and take a new body… or remake the old one. They quite fear, however, the death of their polysentience core.

Like all freespacers they are not fully serious at any given time. They are, however, very dedicated workers. They are also extroverted, having grown quite tired of their own company, thank you very much.

They are certainly quite driven, and sometimes when they talk about the accident, and the time after, one can see darkness behind their eyes.

There are minor differences between their personalities. One is rather flirtatious and a bit of a letch. one is dour, pessimistic, and paranoid. One is enthusiastic and playful. One is aggressive. But mostly they are the same.

  • Likes: a well functioning, spotless, well maintained ship. People to talk with who are not members of the collective.
  • Dislikes: Accidents or sabotage that leaves the ship stranded.
  • Goals: To wake up more of the internal personalities, and to possibly bring new people into the collective


Family (or Creators)

The minds within


Polysentience Pratima Fourty Eight 48-0420-6262 was a small poly-sentience hub on a freespacer scout craft. more than seventy years ago an accidental criticalality event in the reactor followed by a series of cascade failures due to the general suffix of jury rigged 'eh good enough' solutions, left the craft without operational power, drifting in space. It was in close enough proximity to the sun that it could keep the core running through solar power, but with it's transceivers destroyed, no engine power, and insufficient physical material to repair the ship or even keep the survivors alive, the survivors, retreated into the digital lands of the core, putting their physical bodies into suspended animation.

Over time many of them became tired, bored, or mad, their minds saved and put into archival storage. Many of the bodies failed, or were lost to collision damage. By the time it was picked up there were only 4 active minds, and they had long since forgotten which of them went with which body, or even which of them had originally been organic. There were 6 bodies left, two of which were droids, and the remaining 4 were biological.

Due to their time together, the minds have blurred into each other, their personalities somewhat indistinct, and their skillsets largely uniform. They all identify by the same name, and refer to themselves collectively as an individual.

As for the stored minds, the hub had taken damage as well, over time, and lacked the CPU cycles to reconstruct the minds from archive format, or even to run all of them at once had they not gone to sleep. it will take time, effort, and resources to bring it's other minds back out of hibernation.

One of the things salvaged was a device intended to replace killed or injured bodies. As it thaws more minds, it will gain access to more body templates.



Polysentience Pratima Fourty Eight 48-0420-6262 are capable of communicating in their native trinary dialect, and operating most communications equipment. They are also pretty good at learning new languages.

Art and Vocations

Polysentience Pratima Fourty Eight 48-0420-6262 have absorbed many artistic skills from the minds of their members, as they had little else to do in the virtual world that had been the setting of the original upload. While they are not the most stunning of artists, there is an artistry to most of the engineering and maintenance jobs they do, and they enjoy engraving and digital arts. They also tend to enjoy painting.


Polysentience Pratima Fourty Eight 48-0420-6262 are living within what is effectivly a giant library filled with all of the knowledge that the freespacers in general, and their scout-ship in specific, had collected before the accident. Since being rescued they have expanded their library to the best of their ability from their rescuer's databases.


Polysentience Pratima Fourty Eight 48-0420-6262 are very skilled engineers, capable of repairing even some of the most hopless wrecks, or at least of finding some way to save the lives of the survivors and eke out an existence awaiting rescue.


Polysentience Pratima Fourty Eight 48-0420-6262 are inside an insidiously complicated computer. There is no math on this world that daunts them, past, perhaps, cracking public key encription.

Technology Operation

Polysentience Pratima Fourty Eight 48-0420-6262 are inside an insidiously complicated computer. They know how to run and operate most machines and devices from base code, however some of the Lorath stuff that is new to them still gives them slight problems due to the differences between Lorath and Freespacer design.

Maintenance and Repair

Polysentience Pratima Fourty Eight 48-0420-6262 can maintain anything they have trained on, and also repair anything they have trained on. Given their little virtual world they can train on anything in their database. Given their recently expanded database, they can maintain and repair the ship that they're on.


Polysentience Pratima Fourty Eight 48-0420-6262 has the following items:


Polysentience Pratima Fourty Eight 48-0420-6262 is currently a refugee in the Ackbar.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

OOC Notes

I'm not sure if I should describe all the bodies or not. This is a sorta complex character idea but Luca has O.Ked it, if that means anything.

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