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Prince Hassan

Prince Hassan is a NPC controlled by GM Strangelove in the plot.

Prince Hassan
Species: Freespacer
Gender: Male
Organization: Independent Worlds League
Occupation: Rebel Leader
Rank: Elected Prince
Current Assignment: Raising Hell

Character Description

Hassan gained his infamous reputation as the Prince of Privateers for his relentlessly self-improving nature, which he applies to both himself and those around him. He is known has a harsh leader, but that still commands respect. In his relentless pursuit for performance he heavily modifies whatever craft he flies and typically runs his craft far beyond recommended performance levels. This is done to such an extreme that his serial number has actually been modified to reflect this; the “Point Seventh” actually means he has died – and been recloned – seven times thus far. Rather than being ashamed of this he actually wears it as a badge of pride representing his fearlessness and how dedicated to honing his “leet” he is.

History and Relationship Notes

Prince Hassan was formerly the leader of the Wired Rovers, a quasi-pirate clan. After the genocide he merged the Wired Rovers with several other militant factions to form the foundation of the Independent Worlds League.

Skill Areas


Prince Hassan is arguably one of the best small-craft pilots in the known universe, and is able to perform maneuvers that put military pilots to shame. However, he does so by pushing his craft recklessly, and occasionally destroying the craft in the process.


Not particularly charismatic, but has a fixation with efficiency and performance which makes him an excellent leader nonetheless – if you can tolerate his abrasive personality.


One of his pastimes is modifying equipment to achieve peak performance. This includes both his starship and his own cybernetic mods.


Wide knowledge of psychostimulants and cybernetic modifications, as a means to boost performance in pilots.


Experienced in ship-to-ship boarding operations and zero-G combat.

Technology Operation

Has an embedded AI in his cybernetics to help with calculating firing solutions and quick hacking.

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