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Priscilla Barlow

Priscilla Barlow
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Family (or Creators): Tiberius Barlow (Deceased) Liviana Barlow (Deceased)
Height: 5’0”
Weight: 84 lbs
Bra Size: B
Organization Origin Industries
Occupation Chore Girl
Current Placement SS Raider

Priscilla In Roleplay

Priscilla is a Player Character played by Kyoki. She is part of the SS Raider plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5’0” Mass: 84 lbs Bra Size: B

Build and Skin Colour: Priscilla has an obviously frail looking body. She’s quite thin and has spindly arms and legs. She definitely doesn't have much muscle. Still, she does have lovely tanned skin, despite not having spent much time outside.

Facial Features and Eye Color: She has bright, large violet-gray eyes that contrast her tanned skin. She also has circles under her eyes. The rest of her face consists of small, childish features.

Hair Color and Style: Priscilla’s hair is a blue-black color. It’s a little shorter than shoulder length, with bangs that end just below her eyes. She tends to not do anything fancy with her hair.

Distinguishing Features: She appears sickly and is sickly. She occasionally coughing fits and spells of weakness, and it’s worsens and wanes at different periods.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Priscilla is sweet and innocent, as well as quite naïve. Though, despite being quite friendly with friends, to strangers she is shy and reserved. She has a very bright mind, at least academically, but she knows little of practical knowledge and of how to interact with people. Put her on a job, and she'll work on it until she can get it done, so she comes off as a little stubborn.

Likes: Sweets, to be out of bed, to work Dislikes: Being sick, burdening others Goals: To be independent and take care of herself. Also, she wishes to perhaps one day start a trading company



Priscilla was born sickly into a Nepleslian family. They were traders and cargo runners, so she spent much of her time in space and on a ship. She also got to see a lot of other cultures as her family traveled about. Despite having been on a ship, her family nor any of the hands on board would let her do much of anything to help.

First, she was but a young girl.

Second, she was constantly plagued by weakness and coughing fits. So, all she could do was observe and other things to keep herself occupied. As such, she spent quite a bit of times with her face buried in a book, and during times when adventure stories or romance novels ran out until their next port, she’d pick up a manual or a cookbook. She also messed around with computers.

Years later, after she’d turn fifteen, her family ship was attacked by pirates. They put up a valiant fight and some how were able to fend them off. However, luck was not on their side when the NMX invasion started that same day. With their crippled vessel, they put up no real fight when a NMX Scout showed up. They were boarded. As her family and friends aboard were killed or captured, Priscilla somehow made her way to an escape pod. She waited until the last minute before she fled. Then, it was just a matter of finding someone to rescue her pod as it drifted along towards the nearest planet.



Though definitely not one of her better skills, since Priscilla is from Nepleslian family she has learned some basic knowledge on the ins and outs of pistols and rifles, though she isn’t very good at the shooting aspect of such weapons. She also has limited knowledge on hand-to-hand combat, though she made sure to study less on how to apply physical strength, which she clearly lacked, and more on finesse.


Since Priscilla has had so much free time, she spent much of it pouring over books. She’s learned a lot of history of not only Nepleslia, but also Yamatai and other factions, along with a lot of other general knowledge.

Technology Operation

With her curious mind, Priscilla has tinkered with various computer systems and can, however crudely, make a workable network. She also knows how to operate quite a vast array of civilian systems, being able to get information from them and to do work with them.

Starship Operations

From books, to limited time observing the work on bridges of cargo ships, Priscilla has some knowledge, if only theory and not put into practice, on how different positions on a ship work. Given a bit of time, she could figure out which control does what, and be able to steer a ship decently. Just don't expect her to be able to do any fancy maneuvering, or being able to dock onto a station very well.


Priscilla knows basic knowledge on how to cook, having looked at quite a few cookbooks in her abundant amount of freetime. She hasn’t had too many chances to actually cook much though. She also knows how to do a few basic chores like laundry and washing dishes.


Priscilla is quite adept at playing a viola, as well as the bass. Years of practice helped her develop this skill, allowing her to play music on either instrument quite beautifully. Still, she has a long way to go. She has a few songs still memorized, and could easily play some others should she get the sheet music.

Medical and Science

This is more knowledge from books that Priscilla has read. She knows basic first aid, enough to theoretically bandage small to medium wounds, make splints and the like.



  • Pajamas, Periwinkle
    • Night Cap

Weather Gear

Workout Clothing and Undergarments


Personal Hygiene


  • Electronic Money Card


  • A stuffed, plush shark, about 2 feet long. Named Chiyu


Priscilla is currently a chore girl (intern) on the SS Raider (v2). She receives a weekly salary of 100 KS per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
2965 KS Starting Funds

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