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Promise Greenview

A player character used by Primitive Polygon.

Species: 188604 Native Human
Gender: Female
Age: Twenty one.
Height: 6“2 ft
Weight: 128 lbs
Organization: USO Star Organisation
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Current Placement: The Dove
Theme Music:
The Traveller: ♫The Cure - The Hungry Ghost♫
Space Witness: ♫Kalax - Steaming Grates♫

Physical Characteristics

Tall and lean but also quite effeminate, Promise is best described as a fey gaudy thing with a cute face, but no shortage of rough edges. She has a wide green left eye, but is missing the right one, yet still wears glasses with two lenses. A small nose, complimenting an almost constantly smiling mouth, and lobed ears that tend to stick straight out. Blonde hair is kept in a mess of random braided tails, hastily reconstructed where a previous one has been cut away.

In bodily terms, they are quite thin and flat-chested, but with an unexpectedly tough sinewy musculature, and particularly wide hips. The left hand is also missing, replaced with quite a simple hooked mechanical contraption, as they do not yet feel comfortable with cybernetic replacements.

To say that their clothing choices are traditional to their place of birth isn't quite accurate; They seemingly love particularly extravagant and brightly coloured apparel, favouring checkered dresses with high collars, bloomers, a corset, and heeled boots. This is to say nothing of all the additional religious jewellery, chimes, literature, and wax purity seals they also choose to embellish their form with…

Psychological Characteristics

Exuberant, bombastic, and altogether rather faux-genteel, Promise fancies herself a gracious well-rounded country woman, but rather lacks the intelligence and self-awareness of a person with real book smarts. They have no inside voice, and can get carried away with lofty daydreams easily. Simply put, they are extremely nice to others to the point of being annoying… Yet, it is also these exact same unchanging characteristics that make them horrifyingly merciless in a firefight.

Central to this is their belief in 'the book of the heavenly skyriders', an occult tome which accurately predicted the return of the space dwellers by pure chance. She takes it everywhere, and can often be found actively chanting the sermons or making talismans from details within it's pages. Space men can thus do no wrong to her, yet she also possesses no fear in dealing with them, for her given mission (or rather, her interpretation of Uso and her captain's orders) is also divine…


Family (or Creators)

  • Susan Greenview (Mother)
  • David Greenview (Father)


Daughter to professional glassblowers, Promise had little education growing up, as is typical of the backwater types living on the riverlands of planet 188604. The land was harsh, the monarchy unforgiving, but both could at least have been called stable.

Even as a child, they convinced themselves of strange patterns in everything, making for a remarkably gullible but kind-hearted moppet. Attention that might have been turned to books in a more developed culture was instead channelled into exploration, starting as a simple streak of boredom before evolving into amateur animal trapping.

This became a proper job in order to aid her parent's ailing business, through her short attention span burnt through several teacher's patience rather quickly.

Everything changed with General Grant's rebellion against the Osman Government. Simply put, she saw the deplorable acts of certain men more deserving of a bullet than any animal, and the pay was better, to boot. Now, they were a bounty hunter… Or at least a hired sniper, a b-rate backup.

The war grew and grew. Strange beings descended from the heavens, and the sandstorms of old were like nothing compared to the cataclysms that followed. The family moved to central Osman in fear of escalating bandit raids and civil unrest, but instead found themselves at the mercy of a rain of fire, mountains completely disappearing into dust.

Promise was critically injured, loosing several major body parts. Her parents went missing. Yet, somehow, she was found and taken in by a strange cult. People who proclaimed that she should not despair, for all of this had been foretold in eons past!…

The book of the heavenly skyriders was something she came to cling to herself, seeing not an endless hellfire raining down upon them, but a test to find those worthy of transcending back up into the stars. She repaid the hermitage by defending them for a time, but soon found her old wanderlust taking hold again.

She wanted to walk amongst the skyriders, and prove herself worthy of the gift of survival, in person…



Promise is trained in using less-than-stellar firearms to great effect, something that seems a little like overkill when combined with the futuristic space-age weapons of her new masters. They still prefer a double barrelled shotgun or a revolver, however, and not technology they can barely comprehend, like lasers.


In terms of melee, a fire axe, a hammer, or even a hefty wine bottle is the kind of thing that Promise prefers. They don't really have the finesse for something like a rapier (or, indeed, a beam sabre), but are especially adept at using heavy improvised tools in a series of worryingly effective ways. Even when they are outmatched, accurately throwing such an object is not beyond them. They can still juggle quite nicely, even with the fake hand.


What they lack in fancy technology and genetic engineering, Promise makes up for in a lifetime of hard living and true grit. They aren't particularly strong or anything, but can walk for days without getting tired, stay awake and alert for incredibly long periods, eat food in almost any condition without getting ill, and shrug off mortal injuries that would put a less long-lived creature into shock.


She can read, speak and write in her planet's traditional version of trade, but is still rather wary of electronic devices. Purely as a quirk of fate, they can read and write a defective form of Seraphim, purely because it's what half of their holy book is written in.


Given their background as a trapper, it's not surprising that Promise is rather good at bush craft, and has honed instincts when it comes to things like hunting an animal in the dark. On an alien world, one can only expect their skills to be haphazard and experimental, but it is still a challenge they would take on with mirth.


Given that her parents were involved in such things, she does know a passing amount about chemistry, particularly the manipulation of fuel sources to produce higher temperatures. This can be useful for making explosives, but… Well, it's not like they would even know what something like zesuaium is.


Are your quarters clean? Is there bacon and eggs in your belly? Did that rip in your favourite shirt somehow fix itself? Having a certain someone around makes these things happen, and that is a promise!


Promise has the following items:

  • Two spare pairs of glasses, one monocle.
  • Lots of traditional dresses. They're kinda prudish, through…
  • Wide-brim hats.
  • Tall heeled boots, brown leather.
  • Various weird stamped-copper medallions and ear rings. They're pretty heavy.
  • Full-sized shotgun holster, waist belt.
  • A canary, complete with a tiny cage and feed. His name is 'Clarence', apparently.
  • Bloomers.
  • Purity Seals, self-made.
  • A hefty leather-bound book, 'the book of the heavenly skyriders'.
  • Wax Candles.
  • A little wooden cabinet with glass doors… There seems to be some human bone fragments and a little scroll inside?…

OOC Information

In the case Primitive Polygon becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES

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