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Pule Yoieas

Physical Characteristics

Height: 219 cm
Weight: 110 kg
Build and Skin Color: Pule has an athletic built, with black skin under his fur
Eyes: Pule has one yellow eye (left) and one green eye (right)
Fur Color and accents: Pule has jet black fur with white stripes on the arms and legs
Distinguishing Features: Pule has a tail around 72.27 cm in length, his tail is black with three thin white strips at the tip going all the way around the tail. He has a scar horizontally across his left eye, he has four thick fingers, and an opposable dewclaw that serves as a thumb.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Pule is lively and fun-loving person, he can get along with most people and enjoys the company of all the clan species not just his own. He normally plays with his necklace and mumbles the words his brother said to him. If someone mentions anything that reminds him of his brother he becomes quiet and distant doing his job then leaving quickly holding his necklace.

Likes: weapons, his necklace, friends, meat
Dislikes: the past, people full of themselves, bullies
Goals: his only goal in life is fulfill his brothers last word


Mother: Putria Yoieas
Father: Tokle Yoieas
Twin Brother: Toktria Yoieas

Pule was born in Yomesou, he was the youngest of his family and also a twin to his only brother. On his and his brothers Fofijo he was given a dagger that he had until he turned 16, his brother got the same being twins, his parents were part of the Veltin Usapo and so were he and his brother while they were young. They stayed with close family members for there most of their school time because their parents were away as body guards most of the time, they both went to the same private school and Pule who had already decided to follow in his parents footsteps wanted to be a bodyguard his brother a pilot. While at school only Pule had a social life and made friends with a lot of people some from other clan species, he found that even the different clan species were similar to him in a couple of ways. When him and his brother reach the time of the Kâbo'kai Ojme, Pule went for his internships with a body guard and his brother a pilot, they both got high marks. On his and his brother's Baqnor Pule passed his, but his brother failed and chose Sou Fofi, his last word were *make our family proud Pule*. His family had a funeral for his brother and Pule gave him both knifes that they got at their Fofijo and walks away leaving the funeral to upset to continue, after this he wears a necklace that his brother got him a few birthdays ago but never wore it was in the shape of a tooth.

Service Record


Knowledge: Clan Lore

Pule since starting at the age of 5 was taught at the Ruohui Giba'te (Academies), the history of the clan, basic clan law, and traditions. They also received training in the history of their Ruoka (House) and Punla (Family). While at the Ruohui Giba'te (Academies) they were schooled in social interaction, customs and etiquette of their people. He is fluent in Takavonai.


Pule received initial training in Veltin-daho'te (Knife Fighting) in their home, and while at the Ruohui Giba'te (Academies). Their proficiency was measured in the Baqnor (move from youth).

Common Skills

Pule received compulsory training in mathematics, finances and the basic operation of command clan equipment and basic use of Kynjodau'tajo Aorq'ka (Information Technology).

Shipboard Life

All members of the clan spend time on ships, their world station is essentially a ship so these skills apply there.

Vonawotanu'a (Body Guard)

Pule upon embarking on their career was trained in the use of clan small arms. They know how to load, clear, and safe the weapons as well as fire it accurately. They are also trained in clan security systems and procedures. They are proficient in using clan secure communications, and observation.


Living aboard Poku Saeruo Degonjo vessels members of the clan have limited personal space.



These items will be either generic or may have the individuals Punla (Family) colors and crests

  • 1 Lapur (belt)
  • 1 pr Bapaumati (sandals)
  • 1 pr Bapawotai (boots)
  • 2 Umatsai (robes)
  • 2 Hodiwota (trousers)
  • 3 Jendomu (tunic)
  • 5 Niomse (underwear)


The following specific items a member of the clan will have for performing their Kâbo'kai (Occupations).

  • Lapur (belt) utility to hold tools or weapons.
  • Moqbapa (footwear) depends on the job, or task.
    • Bapaumati (sandals)
    • Bapawotai (boots) worn when foot protection is required.
  • Umatli (Kilt) worn by all members
  • Hapuwotai (gloves) are used in some professions to protect the hand.
  • Jendomu (tunic) Normally worn to distinguish ranking members, from lower echelon. Rank is worn on the left side, and the house and family on the right.


All clan members will have the following for wearing to special events.



Pule is a Sâvyjo (Junior Apprentice) and receives no monthly Kâbolelpa (salary), they are on the Boon program.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
1,000 OW Starting Funds

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