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Gearhead Quicksilver Nine Four 94-5182-5212

Gearhead Quicksilver Nine Four 94-5182-5212 is a player character played by Drunken Frog

Gearhead Quicksilver Nine Four 94-5182-5212
Species: Type Four Freespacer (Synthetic Intelligence)
Gender: Male
Age: Twenty Four
Height: 1.8542 Meters (6'1“ FT)
Weight: 95 Kilograms (210 LBS)
Organization: None as of yet.
Occupation: Bounty Hunter, Smuggler, Pirate
Rank: Unknown at the Moment
Current Placement: Inside his own Freespacer Ship

Preferred Plots

  1. Bounty Hunter Series
  2. Aquila Plot

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 1.8542 Meters (6'1” FT)
  • Mass: 95 Kilograms (210 LBS)

Build and Skin Color: Gearhead Quicksilver Nine Four 94-5182-5212 is a large stocky synthetic intelligence. Thought to be made for the purpose of a Freespacer vanguard, and was thus built to take damage and give it back. Quicksilver has the build of a slightly above average male, and his exoskeleton and eternal components cause him to weight a total of 95 Kilograms.

Ears: Quicksilver lacks ears but has sensitive microphone like devices in the sides of his head so he can hear what others are saying, these realistically only have the range of a normal ear.

Hair Color and Style: Quicksilver's hair is not actually hair at all but a set of twenty tubular appendages made out of an alloy, these measure to around a foot long. This Gearhead's particular style of “hair” resembles that of dread-locks.

Distinguishing Features: Quicksilver is eyeless, though the slits on his face-plate have cameras so he can actually see what is going on. The most distinguishing feature about Quicksilver is the fact that he is dressed in a flamboyant orange and white paint job that goes from the tips of his boots to the cranial slope at the top of his head.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Quicksilver is an entirely neutral party unless faced with a situation that can only be solved with black and white morality. Thought still a bounty hunter, smuggler, and pirate. Quicksilver is more of a pacifist in nature, and uses his high tech intelligence to negotiate his way out of situations before the brutal consequences of pulling a gun on him are brought up. While he is still a pacifist like character, Quicksilver will fight those who challenge and taunt him. Though he refuses to fight unless provoked, and will give up on the fight if his enemy yields and runs away.

Quicksilver does have a tendency to not be able to shut his mouth however. As he has ran his lip off to bandits telling them stories of how he was once a mighty king, blah, blah, blah. Quicksilver is normally the kind who will put his head where it doesn't belong, and can often, though not intentionally cause brawls just by putting his opinion into a conversation where it's not needed.

The Freespacer genocide damaged Quicksilver with the Yatamai people. He finds them extremely untrustworthy due to the destruction of his friends, and “family”. When in a ship with another captaining it, Quicksilver will often tell them to take a detour to avoid the Yatamai ships. Seeing as he doesn't want another fight to break out, and for those he may cherish die in a hail of fire and blood.

  • Likes: Modifying electronics, breaking down electronics, talking to interesting people, telling stories.
  • Dislikes: People who are racist and do not think SI are needed in society. Distrusts and hates most Yamatai, as they killed his creators.
  • Goals: Quicksilver has no goals in life, he goes with the flow.


Family (or Creators)

Splinter Faction of the Opportunistics Social Club.


Quicksilver was made like any other synthetic intelligence, he started out as a skeleton with small electronics, and was made into a vanguard of the SA-RDK, a Freespacer controlled millitary ship. His “family” was accepting, granting him full rights. They treated him as one of their own. Although he was far from it. Quicksilver was an amalgamation of several skills that would fit his role in the ship. He was supposedly being transferred to the Imperium of Nepleslia to be a member of a certain elite group. Though he never made it to his destination.

BOOOM! BOOOOOM! BOOOOOOOOOM! Several explosions rang out as the armada of the Yamatai Star Empire pounded the merchant ship. Holes were torn through the hull, and only those who did not need air in the vacuum of space survived. The Freespacer captains had prepared for this, and had their breathers ready. But, but it was not enough. Seeing as the hull was torn to shreds in seconds, and the endless vacuum sucked Quicksilver and his creators from the ship and into the darkness. His creators died in seconds, their brains cold melting. Quicksilver was struck by a small schooner, and launched into Yamatai. Quicksilver crash landed on top of the same armada that destroyed his creators, soon discovered. The robot was disarmed, thought to be dead due to the exposed circuits and cracked armor. Quicksilver was hauled to the scrap heap.

Quicksilver awoke in the dark scrap heap, his body was damaged beyond anything in this scrap heap could heap. The only thing he could find was a Zen Armaments 10mm Submachine Pistol with seven rounds of ammunition, and a dead cat. Which he poked with a stick. Soon escaping the scrap heap before destruction. Quicksilver realized, he would die in this place without money, food, shelter. Quicksilver attempted to move around the city frequently, taking bounty contracts for three years, and smuggling for two. Quicksilver was still a nobody, a bounty hunter, a smuggler. All of these things would have prepared him for the next three years. Quicksilver pirated with several no-name thugs for three more years. Eventually saving up enough money to buy himself the proper equipment. Quicksilver was eventually thrown out of the gang when they realized he had killed their leader in a botched smuggling mission. Which left Quicksilver with one choice. To make his own pirate crew, and live life as he saw fit.

After some meddling with the pirate life, Quicksilver was less than satisfied. He'd been shot at too many times, and still hadn't gotten his circuitry repaired. Quicksilver eventually got his circuits repaired, and realized what he was supposed to be, and joined the Freespacer Military. Soon after, Quicksilver was transferred to the Aquila Flight.


Small Guns

Quicksilver was programmed to be able to use most firearms. Though by most, I only mean he can use something the size of a pistol, and won't carry anything over an assault rifle. Seeing as he was built to be used in close quarters combat. Quicksilver has no knowledge on the usage of Anti Material Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and Shotguns.

Ship Navigation

Quicksilver can pilot a medium sized vessel, commonly classed by him as “Schooner”. He was programmed with this knowledge by his creators so he, if he needed to. Could pilot their ship back to safety if they got in over their heads in a large battle. Quicksilver knows how to pilot smaller vessels but of is lacking in the abilities and coordination to control a ship that is bigger than a “Schooner”


Because of Quicksilver's robotic body, he is able to take slightly more damage than a normal human would. His body, was designed to fit a range of circumstances. Quicksilver's exposure to the vacuum of space is a prime example of his ability to take damage. However, Quicksilver's robotic joints are much weaker and more vulnerable than any other part of his body.


Quicksilver was programmed with the most common languages around the galaxy. So he can communicate with the majority of races without issue, though he butchers words constantly because of his damaged circuits. Quicksilver is also fluent in Morse code and a majority of programming languages.

Medical Knowledge

Quicksilver has experience with medicines, and the like. While he isn't a doctor. Quicksilver can treat minor to a major wound, anything fatal is beyond his control. Without his medical kit, Quicksilver is a horrible doctor. As he normally does not improvise in situations that are life and death, and could cause someone serious harm just by attempting to help them with non-conventional methods.

Capability with Electronics

Quicksilver is capable of repairing most technology native to the galaxy. Quicksilver can use electronics to his advantage in a battle, retool, and repair electronics. When faced with an issue combat, Quicksilver can and has manipulated the field of battle with this knowledge. Shown when he electrocuted pursuers with a pool of water that was spilled and lose wires on the ground.

Knowledge on how criminals think

Quicksilver knows how pirates, outlaws, and criminals think. Why? Because Quicksilver at one point was actually a pirate (albeit for such a brief time that he didn't do anything noteworthy.)This advantage allows him to get a tactical advantage on the normally crude tactics of the wrongdoers he may have to face daily.


Gearhead Quicksilver Nine Four 94-5182-5212 has the following items: GP-1 Assault Rifle

Zen Armaments .45 Caliber Pistol

Impulse Powered Armor, customized with a flamboyant paint job and a cranial crest.

AAF Medical Pack containing: Klempsomorphirine, Dr. Fixit, Blutlassen, Bandages, etc.

Small Freespacer Vessel


Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

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