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Quinn Cathal

Quinn Cathal is a player character played by Enansel.

Quinn Cathal
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Height: 7'0“ / 2.1m
Weight: 288 lbs / 130.6 kg
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Freelance Entertainer & Medic
Rank: Medic
Current Placement:

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 7'0” / 2.1m
  • Mass: 288 lbs / 130.6 kg
  • Measurements: N/A

Build and Skin Color: Several generations of almost selective “breeding” has left Quinn with the typical broad shoulders, sturdy bones, naturally large muscles, big hands and feet expected of anyone descended from “pure” ID-SOL stock. His skin is a deep chocolate color, with lighter cream colored skin covering the palms of his hands and the bottoms of his feet.

Eyes and Facial Features: Quinn's eyes are both cybernetic implants, leaving his eyes almost a complete eerie off-white except for a pair of thin black rings to mark where a normal person would have the edges of their irises and pupils. Otherwise he has a rather diamond shaped face and head with a sharp profile, pointed chin and a strong jaw. The bridge of his nose has been broken once or twice but set well enough that it can't be discerned except for when under close inspection or upon being touched.

Ears: His ears are proportionate to his head, gently rounded and sitting almost flat against his skull. The left one has a single ring pierced through the lobe, though the right has a trio of interlocking piercings along the rim of his ear close to the top.

Hair Color and Style: Much to the dismay of his family Quinn choose to leave his hair at a length that often gets him confused for a large woman from the back. When not braided or pulled back in some sort of manner his wavy and dark auburn hair hangs down to the bottoms of his shoulder blades. For most of the time it's kept in a neat knot at the back of his neck and out of the way.

Distinguishing Features: His most distinguishing features would be his eyes and his tattoos. Some of the latest and greatest tech, his eyes are specifically designed for much better vision, but the result has left him without any natural eye and therefore no irises or pupils like most people are used to seeing. The tattoos are quite visible no matter his level of dress, white ink done in bold lines that follow the curve of his skin from head to toe. Lost in all of the lines are hidden images one can only find if they look closely.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Quinn is a very intelligent, sharp and observant person. He prefers to sit back and see how things play out before taking action. This helps him keep his cool in tight situations such as while trying to triage someone's wounds. He's not one for much speaking but when he does it's always carefully thought through and usually helpful. He loves singing, playing his guitar, reading thought provoking books and he's good with his hands. Really good with his hands.

Thanks to his variety of experiences with others in a more intimate setting, fueled by his desire to know everything about everyone at least anatomically speaking, he's never one to pass up being an outrageous flirt. He'd never dream of taking advantage of anyone however, at least not unless they wanted to be taken advantage of.

His attitude towards sex and romance is almost unattached.He doesn't mind being in a platonic romantic involvement with someone, but sex is just that. Sex. No strings attached and only done for the pure enjoyment of the act itself and the rush that comes from it. That said, he's usually pretty easy when it comes to being approached, talked to, confided in, and asked advice of.

  • Likes: Music, singing, guitars, patching people up, a good book, massages, platonic romance, sex, tattoos
  • Dislikes: violence, conflict, fighting in general, pork, intolerance of others, winged/feathered creatures
  • Goals: Further his knowledge in medical areas, Learn how to do cybernetic implant surgeries.


Family (or Creators)

Sean Cathal The 3rd (Father, Deceased), Catilin Cathal (Mother, Deceased), Gavving Cathal (Younger Brother), Sera Cathal (Older Sister).


Quinn grew up as the second of three children born to his ex-military parents. He was born on the planet of Nepleslia and moved to New Dallas city on Vandenberg soon after the planet was colonized. Despite all of the criminal activity taking place in the city he had more or less a normal childhood and was raised to be well versed in two different languages. His sister was a complete surprise to his parents, where as he and his brother were more or less expected to turn out male thanks to their extensive ID-Sol heritage many generations down the line. As he got older he was given the best education his parents could afford and took quite a liking to the medical fields and as he grew up he used “research” as an excuse to do a few stupid teenager stunts like drinking and light drugs.

His parents were killed when he was nineteen when they attempted to stop a fight between a pair of gang members living in their building. That left Sara and Quinn to care for their youngest brother who was only twelve at the time. To further his knowledge and help bring in some money to support his siblings he ended up being hired for nearly six years by an old retired medical officer and spent those six years learning to patch up all sorts of wounds. When his brother was finally able to look after himself Quinn finally left Vandenberg and set out to travel the universe, hitching rides on any transport needing a medic or entertainer on their voyage, and more often than not he paid for his passage with triage, general medical aid and more intimate methods.

When he was twenty six his sister sent him a “Peashooter” pistol for his birthday, along with a note that merely read 'Learn to use it and hope you don't have to use it.' He might have been a medic but seeing the wise idea in being able to shoot a gun he went out and did just that, getting good enough to be able to seriously injure someone at close range but other than that he was no marksman. Since then he's traveled the universe and more or less taken work where he can find it, be it on backwater planets, space stations, hitching a ride with various freighters and mining vessels and just generally going wherever the winds took him with his only belongings being those he could carry with him.

The Wayward - 37 Y - 1.1

After arriving on Waypoint Trade Station Quinn went looking for food. He ended up at the Rot Mädchen and meet Veronica. After having a nice little chat with her about various subjects he found out that Tanja, owner of The Anbruch, was looking to hire on more crew and was in need of a medic. After wooing Veronica with a song, he enjoyed the most delicious meal. The next morning he found himself in a spot of trouble with a trio of criminals intent on keeping a mysterious woman, Analiese, away from her former owner. Managing to send two of the criminals off on a wild goose chase to look for Ana, Quinn ended up going with the third into a back alley where he disarmed the criminal, knocked him out, and took his weapon. He left the criminal tied up in the alley and returned to the Rot Mädchen to find Ana with Veronica. From there they discussed where to go from there and came up with a plan to get Ana off the station and to go with Quinn to meet Tanja. After allowing Ana some rest, both of them dressed up to avoid being noticed and went out to explore the station. Quinn let Ana window shop, got them some Yamataian food, showed her the amusement park, went on a roller coaster with her, and bought her ice cream on the way back.

The Wayward - 37 Y - 1.2

Quinn and Ana's trip to Dawn Station went well enough. Once on the station he made his way to the bar where they were to meet their new crew mates, stopping to pick up a new Violin to add to his guitar. After the initial issues trying to introduce Ana to their new crew mates Tanja made an appearance and finally they were able to settle down to talk. There was food and Embel, a gartagen, introduced them to some alcoholic drinks from her planet. They were given pocket watch communicators, and presented with the three options they had for jobs and seem to have decided on an escort mission to an unknown planet a decent distance away.

Dawn Station - 37 Y - 1.2.1a & 1.2.2a

After getting his assignment on the ship Quinn wanders off to go find himself some place to eat. Upon coming across a sushi restaurant he decides to go inside and ends up running into the ever lovely Sienna. After a playing several songs, and some very intense banter between the two, he finally manages to convince Sienna to let him join her at her table and the ever careful game of cat and mouse begins. After attempting to woo her, and failing, Quinn ends up being the object of her wrath and it almost ends in Quinn getting what he wanted, only to have Sienna get the best of herself and turn Quinn's offer on it's ass.

Feeling quite rejected and turned out Quinn left and picked up beer and potato chips on his way back to the ship where he quickly had Analiese run into him as she was exploring. After a moment he joined her in poking about before he invited her back to his room where he set about explaining several things to her. He did his best to be reassuring that her life there on the ship would be much different and better than before and after a while of talking he finally invited her to remain for the night. That settled Quinn snuggled up and settled down, and had a halfway decent end to his particularly crappy night.


Communications (General)

Quinn has a proficient grasp of both Trade and Yamataigo thanks to his upbringing. He can both read, write and speak both languages with reasonable fluency and comprehension.

Medical and Science (General)

Most of Quinn's medical training has to do with minor and common injuries like burns, cuts, and colds. He has had more than enough training and practical experience to deal with triage and can perform simple surgery given the right tools. He's not experienced enough to go so far as to do his own cybernetic implantation, but it's a goal of his.

Fighting (Hand-To-Hand & Firearms)

Thanks to his heritage Quinn is naturally quite capable of defending himself in hand to hand combat even if he hasn't had formal training in it. His strength and size comes in handy in those particular situations, though it can also hinder him so he attempts to avoid conflict altogether. As far as firearms go he knows the bare basics as far as safety and handling them goes. Should be absolutely have to he can turn the safety off, point and pull the trigger and his aim could use some serious work.

Humanities (Psychology/Sociology)

Part of working close with others almost requires the ability to read the slightest hints and clues of language both verbal and unspoken. Quinn uses his knowledge of how people think and act on a base level to help him navigate rocky waters and get people the help they need be it physical, mental or emotional.

Knowledge (History/Memory)

Quinn works hard to keep his near eidetic memory sharp so he can absorb all of the medically related knowledge he comes across and archive it for later use. He's a huge history buff as far as medical related fields go as well, preferring quite a bit of the old herbal remedies over some of the more invasive techniques used in modern times.

Entertainment (Singing, Musical Instruments & Sexual Techniques)

He has always loved music and entertaining others. His favorite method of entertainment, at least publicly, has always been singing and playing his beloved guitar. He's got quite the talent for it though he's never thought about trying to make money off of it. His other method of entertainment started out as more of a medical oriented endeavor and ended up being a completely unintended skill he was particularly good at. To Quinn sex is exactly that, no strings attached, and purely for enjoyment and recreation.

Technology Operation (General)

thanks to its involvement in his medical training Quinn knows how the basics of a computer work and how to operate many of the medical systems, applications and programs that can be found on any reasonable computer meant for medical work. While he's not tech expert in the field, with a little training or time, he could get quite a bit better at using and knowing a computer inside and out just like he knows a person's anatomy.


Quinn Cathal has the following items:


  • 12x Long Sleeved Button Up Shirts
    • 3x Dark Blue
    • 3x Dark Green
    • 3x Dark Red
    • 3x Black
  • 6x Black Cloth Pants w/ Cargo Pockets
  • 12x Underwear
  • 12x Pairs of Socks
  • Knee High leather boots
  • Ankle High leather boots
  • Vest
    • Syntharas
    • 2x Hidden Pocket
    • Exquisit Embroidery
  • Duster
    • Dual Layer Leather/Exotic Fiber
    • 2x Hidden Pockets
    • 2x Access Pockets
    • 2x Quick Access Pockets
    • 1x Pocket Holster
  • Fingertipless black leather gloves
  • NSMC Shirt from SAOY Via his older sister.


  • ODM 17mm Pistol “Peashooter” (Gifted)
    • Black Leather Holster
    • 2x Magazine Pouches
  • 2x 12 Inch Knives
    • 2x Sheaths
    • Molecular Knit
    • Monomolecular edges
    • Retractable Blades
  • High Hybrid Gun from NAM's Lewis Pasco Day Via his older sister.
    • 50x .45 Zen Arms / S-NAM(FMJ) Ammunition
    • 50x .45 Zen Arms / S-NAM(JHP) Ammunition
  • Semi-Automatic Marksmen Rifle stolen from Snake in 1.1 The Wandering Medic
    • ZRO-1 6x Power Optical Sight
    • Black Nylon Sling
    • 10 Round Magazine
    • 10x 7.5mm Type B Rounds

Medical Gear



Quinn Cathal is currently a Medic in the Independent.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
1660 KS 1340 KS Starting Equipment
1630 KS 30 KS Food at Rot Mädchen
1330 KS 300 KS Bought Analiese Clothes
1000 KS 330 KS Bought Violin & Misc.

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