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Quin'trema Xeui'na

Quin'trema Xeui'na is a Shukaren Daur serving in Youth Corps division of the Shukara Volunteer Navy. She currently works aboard the SNV Gam'trosha in the position of Acting Chief Engineer.

Xeui is a GM NPC created by Kyle in February 2012.

Quin'trema Xeui'na
Character Profile
Name: Quin'trema Xeui'na
Nickname: Xeui
Title: Zel'on
Species: Shukaren Daur
Age: 14 (Born: ER 763 / YE 8)
Gender: Female
Homeworld: Levia
Family Profile
Mother: Quin'trema Lial'na, Age 47
Father: Quin'trema Fal'tirane, Age 48
Brother: Quin'trema Nael'on, Age 10
Sister: Quin'trema Vasi'la, Age 6
Occupation Profile
Organization: Kingdom of Neshaten Kingdom of Neshaten, Shukara Volunteer Navy Shukara Volunteer Navy - V'kaste's Legion
Rank: O'Eytene O'Eytene
Occupation: Acting Chief Engineer
Assignment: SNV Gam'trosha
Physical Profile
Height: 4' 7โ€œ (140 cm)
Mass: 87 lb. (39 kg)
Bra Size: 32B
Build: Slender and child-like build with a hint of muscle tone due to military training.
Fur Color: Ghostly snow-white colored fur.
Ears: Fox-like ears covered with pure white fur both inside and out.
Tail Color: A pale cerulean blue along the majority of its length except where it turns snow-white toward the tip.
Facial Features, Eye Color: Luminous amber-gold eyes with cute, feminine features comparable to a human girl in her early teens.
Hair Color, Style: Snow-white in color like the majority of her fur, usually kept cut long to about waist length. She also has a couple of neck-length bangs framing her face.
Distinguishing Features: None.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Xeui'na is an intelligent, determined and optimistic young kit that always strives to do her best and accomplish her set goals. When unfortunate or unforseen circumstances occur, Xeui has a tendency to look for the silver-lining in a given situation โ€“ though her patience has limits and she can quickly grow annoyed and sometimes a little acerbic if a situation continues to degrade and grow worse.

She can at times be timid and shy โ€“ particularly in formal, social situations and when meeting new people. As such Xeui has a tendency to avoid social gatherings except when dragged into them by either her family, friends or when she is forced to attend by duty. Nonetheless, despite her occasionally nervousness and social awkwardness Xeui has proved herself an adept team leader despite her youth during myriad naval training scenarios โ€“ proving she is capable of moving past her shortcomings as required to accomplish her objectives or to perform her military duties satisfactorily.

It should also be noted that her determination to succeed has its limits; at times she can grow disheartened if a situation seems bleak and if success appears unattainable. She suffers from acrophobia โ€“ a fear of high places โ€“ and shows distaste for swimming and travelling through or near large bodies of water.

Likes: Reading, sweet foods, cool weather with gentle breezes, flute music, her pet u'renese Nau'na, her animal plushy collection, succeeding beyond expectations, aerospace craft piloting, starship engineering.

Dislikes: Heights, proximity to large bodies of water, bullies, threats, social gatherings, politics, poor workmanship and shoddily performed hardware maintenance, terrorists.

Goals: To rise high in the Shukara Volunteer Navy and make her parents and family proud.



Xeui'na was born in the capital city of the planet Levia, Forben, early in the year ER 763. In the beginning young Xeui was home-schooled by her parents and tutors due to severe overcrowding in the local schools. The overcrowding was largely the result of a recent influx of immigrants to the planet; Levia was and still is a young colony undergoing the process of terraforming and had only recently completed construction of an orbital intra-system gate allowing rapid travel between the colony and the kingdom's capital, Nesha Prime, further in-system. Xeui's personal circumstances changed when she was sent by her parents to receive more formal education at Shi'ka'ma Academy โ€“ now rebuilt as She'na Academy โ€“ on Nesha Prime in the year ER 770, after she had turned seven.

Xeui's family are of the Neshaten noble-caste and have long been proponents of Neshaten colonial development; transforming far-flung Levia into another safe, life-bearing world. The Quin'trema as such have been closely aligned with the similarly-minded Se'verem family; Se'verem Rho'suni currently also holds a post in the advisory council representing the governments Division of Expansion.

It is through this familial alliance that Xeui first met her childhood friend Se'verem Keri'cruen, and it was through their shared time together at the Shi'ka'ma Academy that their relationship was allowed to deepen and grow so close that Xeui now thinks of herself more as a little sister to Keri than as a school-mate or a friend made solely through their families alliance. At an early point during their schooling, Xeui also expressed an interest in Keri's engineering studies and managed to talk Keri into tutoring her in the subject โ€“ they often studied together and as such the girl became well-versed in the principals and rudiments of starship engineering alongside her childhood friend.

When Keri left school in order to pursue a naval career it left a void in Xeui's life she didn't quite know how to fill. However, unbeknownst to Keri, Xeui'na had long been a trainee of the Youth Corps division of the Shukara Volunteer Navy at the behest of her family. As part of a classified early officers training group, Xeui was in fact well ahead of her childhood friends progress in joining the navy; she was already almost fully-qualified as a combat aviator trained to pilot starships and small aerospace craft.

After Xeui'na left school and joined the legion full-time, the daur kit decided to switch her primary career track from combat aviation to engineering in order to broaden her skill-set. As part of her graduation from the classified officer training course, Xeui'na was promoted to X'Muyeia; a rank greater than that normally given to newly graduated enlisted. Additionally, when she finished her engineering course Xeui'na was assigned to her first posting aboard the SNV Gam'trosha as acting chief engineer due to a shortage of available officers.

Service Record

More about Xeui'na

Xeuin'a's Financial Records

This article contains the financial transactions of the character Quin'trema Xeui'na.

Xeui'na is a O'Eytene in the Shukara Volunteer Navy. She receives 2,675 RN each season.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
5,000.00 RN Starting Funds
7,500.00 RN +2,500.00 Seasonal Paycheck (Harvest Season, EE 001)
10,175.00 RN +2,675.00 Seasonal Paycheck (Cold Season, EE 001) - O'Eytene Pay Rise
12,850.00 RN +2,675.00 Seasonal Paycheck (Storm Season, EE 001)
15,525.00 RN +2,675.00 Seasonal Paycheck (Harvest Season, EE 002)
18,200.00 RN +2,675.00 Seasonal Paycheck (Cold Season, EE 002) )

OOC Notes

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OOC Notes

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Artwork is commissioned work done by AquaZircon.

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