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Ram "Cobalt" Malak

Ram “Cobalt” Malak is a player character played by Tom.

Ram “Cobalt” Malak
Species: Tröll
Gender: Male
Age: 120
Height: 9' 5“ (2.8956 meters)
Weight: 1700 lbs (771 kg)
Organization: Star Army
Occupation: Soldier / Medic
Rank: TBD
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. Task Force Lantern

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 9' 5” (2.8956 meters)
  • Mass: 1700 lbs (771 kg)
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Ram, like many of his kin, is large, stout and seemingly chiseled from stone. Unlike his kin, however, he keeps his skin well kept and clean so as to better fit in with modern military protocol. His skin is thick and leathery and gives off a slight bluish tint.

Eyes and Facial Features: Ram's face is rigid, locked in a look of stoicism that matches his jet-black eyes. The same cracks that run along his body also grace his face.

Ears: Ram's ears are large and elfin in shape with many ridges lying inside.

Hair Color and Style: Ram, as a troll, has no hair.

Distinguishing Features: Ram's body is covered in scars of various sizes from the vicious battle training he endured growing up and the wars he has fought in.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Venerable and from a time long gone, Ram has learned over the years to keep things in perspective. He is slow to anger and patient, observant and wise. He prefers to speak only when appropriate, but is not hesitant express himself though body language and grunts. He is usually polite, but will speak bluntly if necessary.

Ram is steeped in the ways of tradition and dedicated to his work, but lacking in ambition. He feels that the sun has set on his story and seeks to educate and inspire the young. Having lived so long, he takes a long view of the world, seeing things as part of a grand cycle.

He pines for the past, each year that passes making it more difficult to relate to the present day. Although he can use the technology of the day (his size permits him to use some rather large weapons), he misses the days of traditional hand-to-hand battle.

He respects the ambitions of the Morioka family and the charisma of its leaders, seeing them as the candle of hope for the 10th fleet and its soldiers, perhaps all of Yamatai, even if he doesn't see himself fitting in.

  • Likes: Conversation, romantic ideals, comeraderie, teaching, stories, drinking, battle, swords and other archaic weaponry and armor, hard training
  • Dislikes: Fools, manipulators, people who cannot see the forest for the trees, excessive pride, demons, Elysians, how Yamatai has changed
  • Goals: Ram has two main goals: To protect the Morioka family and to show the world that his people still have a place in the world.


Family (or Creators)

Kára Engström (Mother, deceased)

Baldr 'Spearbane' Malak (Father, deceased)

Goll 'Steel' Malak (Younger brother, living in the remote parts of Norfrost)


Born on the planet Yamatai long before it was ever named so, Ram (pronounced with a long 'a' like in 'Ramen'), like many other trolls, spent his early years living in the remote northern frosts of the planet, surviving and being raised in the communal environment of the trolls. During his adolescence, he worked to hunt, fish and bring food for the clan until he was deemed physically fit enough to begin training.

He grew up for many years experiencing the cold sting of iron on his skin as he learned proper fighting techniques and the ways of war. During the age before the great plague, there were many different races living on Yamatai, and Ram served as part of the honor guard for diplomats traveling through troll lands. Many years passed in relative peace, and Ram learned of the other cultures on the planet at the time. Life was simple, if a bit harsh.

When the Yamataians (Geshrins) and Nepleslians came, everything changed. For good and ill, they brought their technology and conflicts to the planet. Ram and the troll population, living in the far north, were slow to even realize the gentle expansion of the aliens onto what they named 'Geshrintall.' Eventually, diplomatic relations were established and wisely so, due to the vastly superior technological capabilities of the aliens.

When war broke out between the settlers and the Elysians, a long and bloody conflict ensued, and Ram joined his people's army to stage their defense.

It was then when he met Morioka Naoka, an Elf of nobility who served as captain of the cavalry division of the Third Spire. The two became friends in the war, going so far as to invite one another into their families. Ram watched over Naoka's family and served as council for the fiery elf who was often on assignment. Seeing the future in the young Naoka, who was in her late 20s at the time, Ram provided council for her as a mental counterbalance, as well as mentoring when requested.

Tragedy struck when the great plague of YE 08 devastated the planet: untold millions of sentient beings died in a matter of months. Entire cities and cultures were wiped out, as races were driven to near-extinction.

Ram sought revenge and signed up for the Star Army. During this time, he engaged in many battles, including campaigns which took place in 'Hell' and 'Heaven,' many of which he fought alongside Naoka.

It was after that the two lost contact with each other. Their career paths had taken different turns.

Ram proved to be an effective warrior and leader but a poor fit for advancement: his stubborn refusal to change bodies curtailed any chances for promotion and resulted in him stagnating between enlisted and low-officer rankings. He was transferred between fleets and became somewhat of a vagabond over the years, serving wherever he would be kept.

The most fateful transfer came in YE 34, when Ram was transferred to the 10th fleet on the outskirts of the Star Army's sphere of influence. Little did he know that the Taisho of the fleet was an old friend…



Ram has lived a long and fruitful life and learned many languages in the process. He can speak elvish, troll, Nepleslian and Yamataian, as well as several dialects of dead languages from before the plague. He enjoys learning new languages that he comes in contact with, but his lack of a computerized brain means he must undergo learning such languages the hard way. What he does pick up, however, he picks up with nuance.

After undergoing training in the Star Army, Ram learned how to utilize communications devices for his service as well as the proper protocol for issuing orders and following them.


Ram underwent the standard training program for all soldiers of the star army and knows how to use the weapons and techniques enclosed therein. One big exception is the use of power armors: they simply don't fit him. He knows the theory of how they work, but has had little practical experience operating them outside of VR simulations.

He is considered a master in the use of several handheld weapons, mainly swords, axes and large hammers which best utilize his natural size and strength. He is skilled in shield use as well. Ram is a capable fighter in regards to hand-to-hand technique as well, capable of improvising outside his standard Star Army training to account for his size. He complements his training with detailed knowledge on wrestling and what he learned growing up in his own culture. He is extremely tough and strong.


The older Ram gets, the more he seems to learn. Despite not having a computerized brain, Ram possesses a great deal of knowledge about ancient, pre-Yamataian history and the cultures of the planet. He has had more than 30 years to study the culture and history of the 'newcomers' and is very familiar with Yamataian history and etiquette and the art of diplomacy.

Medical and Science

Perhaps as a result of seeing so much bloodshed in his life, or perhaps a deep-seeded reaction to the stress of experiencing the plague firsthand, Ram soon became learned in the healing arts. He underwent training programs during his time in the Star Army and can perform first aid and surgery. He has readily adopted technology in this one facet of life, seeing firsthand the futility of traditional 'herbs' and 'magic' in the face of the plague. It also helps him fill a job outside of combat and provides him with much needed peace of mind.

Technology Operations

Ram is capable of operating any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS, found on all Star Army starships. He is proficient in entering and/or searching for information.


Ram received basic mathematics training, to including up to algebra and trigonometry. Ram has, in his free time, also studied 'higher' forms of mathematics as way to keep his mind sharp in his down time and to support his medical track.


Ram knows what it means to be a leader and how to apply leadership to different situations. He can rile troops up and ready them for battle, or he can be one who leads through example. He is patient and a capable listener, able to provide council to those in need when approached. He knows the importance of storytelling and using hope to uplift and inspire people. As he has aged, Ram has become more perceptive to reading [i]how[/i] people want to be led as cycles tend to repeat and personalities tend to overlap.


Ram “Cobalt” Malak has the following items:


A longsword

A battle axe

An old suit of armor (kept in a case)

A large hammer

Various memorabilia from his home (trinkets, handicrafts, pictures)


Ram “Cobalt” Malak uses the honor system.

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