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Raphael Kallias

Raphael Kallias is a player character played by Acewing13.

Raphael Kallias
Species: Elysian (Caelisolan)
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Height: 196 centimeters (6' 5โ€œ)
Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Medical
Rank: Shoi Kohosei
Current Placement:

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 196 centimeters (6' 5โ€œ)
  • Mass: 50 kg (110 lbs)

Build and Skin Color: Pale white skin and slender build, though his chest his well developed, giving Raphael the ability to fly.

Eyes and Facial Features: Round violet/amethyst eyes, diamond shaped face (long face, large cheekbones, average sized forehead, small jaw-line), and a Greek nose (straight nose has narrow nostrils and a tip that is pointed).

Ears: Regular humanoid.

Hair Color and Style: Golden blond, seven centimeter, long hair that is combed up and to the right and held in place with so much gel that it bounces back into its original shape even after hours of maneuvering in power armor.

Distinguishing Features: White wings, larger than average for a Caelisolan, and violet eyes, both hand-me-downs from a long-distant Patrician ancestor on his mother's side.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Raphael is an inquisitive individual, always interested in what others are doing and how he can help. He is also quite determined, used to getting ignored as a Plebian and now as a Caelisolan, but still getting his voice heard as he stubbornly waits his turn. He follows orders to the best of his ability, but is always on the look out for details that his higher ups might have missed. He is also very devout, constantly thinking about the afterlife and his place in it. He feels lonely at times, never having been in a serious relationship with anyone, but he usually buries the feeling at just works harder.

  • Likes: History, dancing, religion, kids, Yamatai video games (shoot 'em ups)
  • Dislikes: Politics, paperwork
  • Goals: Make my name mean something useful: Through military service now and maybe through a doctor's practice later.



Yoel Euphranor (Father, 42), Sapphira Kallias (Mother, 35, deceased), Kassandra Epiphanius (Step-Mother, 38), Naomi Euphranor (Younger Sister, 5), Zoe Euphranor (Younger Sister, 3)


Raphael was born into a family that was highly talented in the realm of Elysian theater. Both of his parents, Yoel Kallias and Sapphira Kallias were Plebian Grazia actors, who met and fell in love in a small theater on one of Heavens in YE 10. Sapphira was the heiress of a long line of actors, as long a line as a Plebian could have, who could literally soar through the air on wings handed down through blood slightly purer than the average Plebian. Yoel, on the other hand, was the disappointment of a military family who thought acting was a poor way of gaining Kleos. The young couple ignored his side of the family and soon married, taking her surname. Two years later, in YE 12, Raphael was born, to the delight of the young couple and their extended family.

And so life went until the chaos that occurred in YE 16 when Elysia attacked the Yamatai Star Empire in the Third Elysian War. The resulting counter-offensive conducted by the Yamataians heavily damaged the Heaven that the Kallias' were living on, destroying the theater they worked at, killing 3/4 of their extended family and wounding his mother. This devastated Raphael's father, forcing him to get a low paying job to provide for his fragile family. Their situation didn't improve when the government moved the entire population to New Elysia, with Sapphira's health only getting worse and worse over the years, with the health care system swamped with similar cases of illness.

During this part of Raphael's life, his mother's extended family was rebuilding their lives and the older members who couldn't work started teaching him and his cousins how to do the various Elysian styles of theater, to carry on the family legacy. No one was surprised when Raphael turned out to be outstanding at the Grazia that his parents had excelled at. The happiest memories of the Elysian's life were the times that he saw his mother smile as he soared through the air in that small, dingy warehouse that the Kallias' used as a part-time theater back then.

Their happiness didn't last however, when in YE 25 Sapphira died of complications of her wounds sustained all those years ago. This hadn't been a surprise though and she was able to say her good-byes before she passed away. She told Yoel to marry again once she was gone, to move on with his life. And she told Raphael how proud she was of him and that she expected great things of him. He wanted to blame the Yamataians for his mother's death, but he was also mad at his own government for not doing more to help his family and other Plebians like them.

After the death of his mother, Raphael focused his energy into the medical field and helping others in the same position as his mother. He volunteered at the local hospital at the age of 15, starting out by cleaning out the bedpans but quickly taking a more active role in taking care of patients, while starting to go to the state schools. After a couple of years of volunteer work, the Elysian had enough practical experience to easily pass the certification for becoming a nurse, but he wasn't satisfied with that. When he got his new Caelisolan body in YE 30, he also had the acceptance letter to the local medical Academy, Asclepius Academy, to celebrate over as well.

His father had something to celebrate as well, marrying again, this time to a government bureaucrat named Kassandra Epiphanius, who meet Yoel when she came to watch the Kallias Theater on its opening night. They quickly fell in love, dรฉjร  vu for Raphael's father, and Kassandra was accepted by the other side of the family. They didn't waste any time and within the year there was a new addition to the family: Naomi Euphranor.

The Second Mishhuvurthyar War didn't affect Raphael much, except for keeping him busy at the hospital he worked at night, while he also studied during the day at Asclepius Academy with all the evacuees from the places the Squids were attacking. He was relieved when the war ended and even more relieved when he graduated late in YE 35. After this he moved back into his parent's home and helped his step-mother with his two step-sisters, Naomi and the new born Zoe, while he continued to work the night shift and tried to figure out what to do next. Talking about it with Kassandra, she told him about the YSS Anoiktos, an exploratory vessel entirely run by Elysians that would be looking for new planets for colonization. This intrigued Raphael and even the need of enlisting into the Star Army didn't dampen his enthusiasm. After a year of training at Fort Victory, the Elysian was ready to go where no one had gone before.

YSS Anoiktos

Once on the Anoiktos and in orbit around their first planet, Raphael managed to piss off the crew's Patricians by failing to

YSS Junpu



Raphael's native language is Seraphim and he is fluent in Trade and has become fluent in Yamataigo, which improved as he continued to work with Yamataian personnel, though he gets made fun of for his accent when he is around native Yamataians. Through his Star Army training, he is capable in basic radio operation and procedures and can use the built in radios in headsets, starships, power armor, and shuttles to send and receive transmissions in combat and non-combat conditions. He can also write reports, forms and issue orders, thanks to his years of hospital experience, medical school and the things he picked up at Fort Victory, but he really hates paperwork.


Raphael has a decade of hospital work experience and a medical degree, so he knows his way around an operating room and a diagnostics kit. He knows which medicines are best for the situation and how to use a scalpel, syringe, a Portable Medical Scanner PMS-1M and all the other various medical equipment a medic needs to have to do his job. He also has experience in keeping people in the best of health and conducting physicals. He is trained to send and receive a (7-Line) Request For Medical Assistance, perform battlefield triage, and deal with the dead.

Research into the Mishhuvurthyar


Being the son of two Grazia actors, Raphael seemed predestined for the stage. Grazia is also known as Shadow theatre, a choreographed dance theatre where music is minimal and no lines are spoken. The dance is highly dependent on the physical capabilities of the actors, especially their wings, being an acrobatic art that often shows choreographed combat. With the Kallias' trademark wings, Raphael shines in this regard, being able to freely fly around, a rare trait in a Plebian or a Caelisolan. Grazia is called shadow theatre because the stage and backdrop are brightly lit and are pure white, making the dancer's shadows just as prominent part of the experience as the dancers themselves. And Raphael knows how to set up a space for this type of performance.


Raphael was always an active person and spent most of his youth practicing and performing Grazia acting with his family, whose acrobatics is quite strenuous. He could also from a young age fly using his unusually large wings, a rare trait in a Plebian. Even when he switched gears and went into the medical field, he still kept up his exercise and occasionally practiced acting with his family in his limited free time. This served him well when he enlisted into the Star Army, letting him pass that part of the tests with literal flying colors.


Raphael didn't do much fighting in his youth. The only fighting he did was the choreographed combat of Grazia in his youth and medicine was his teenage and adult life, leaving little time for even that. Thus, he had a lot of work ahead of him when he enlisted into the Star Army. Thankfully, he was in good physical shape and was able to keep up with the rest of his class. He is now trained in hand-to-hand combat training, energy weapons (guns and pistols alike), power armor, and his favorite, knives and swords. He is also experienced in combat in planetary and zero-gravity conditions.

Technology Operation

Through the years, Raphael has gotten used to using computers, so when it came time to learn how to use the Kessaku and Mnemosyne OSs, it didn't take him long to get competent at using the systems for entering and searching for data. Beyond that, he likes some shoot 'em up video games he got addicted to during his time at Fort Victory.


Raphael didn't learn very much math early on in his life, due to being a Plebian. Even once he got into the schools necessary to get his degree, he only did well enough to pass his classes. Why would a medical student need trigonometry? Needless to say, he was in for a rude surprise when he enlisted into the Star Army. He barely made it past the initial tests and had to study a lot to get good enough at the math to be able to graduate from the training. He still doesn't know what its good for, but he knows it now.


Raphael Kallias has the following items:


Raphael Kallias is currently a in the .

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

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