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Ravakee Kebrinkaiin

Ravakee Kebrinkaiin is a player character played by Iskuu.

  Ravakee Kebrinkaiin  
  Species:    Gartagen  
  Gender:    Male  
  Age:    30  
  Height:    5'7“ (170.18 cm)  
  Weight:    183lb (83.0074 kg)  
  Organization:    Freelancer  
  Occupation:    Hired Gun/Mechanic  
  Rank:    None  
  Current Placement:    N/A  

Preferred Plots


Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'5” (165.1 cm)
  • Mass: 183lb (83.0074 kg)

Build and Skin Color: Well toned and athletically built, maroon coloured skin with deep orange horizontal stripes across most of the body down to the tail, with a long stripe down the front of the forehead.

Eyes and Facial Features: Slightly slanted eyes that are a vibrant blue with a black slit pupil.

Hair Color and Style: Thick coating of deep maroon tendrils tipped with a slightly more vibrant orange colour.

Distinguishing Features: A mess of burn-scarred flesh across the left side of the face, covering the cheek and lower jaw, halfway down the neck.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Ravakee is a very forward and somewhat impatient individual, preferring to take action before planning. Often described as bull-headed in his ways. However if the need arises he will take his own feelings out of the equation and think more tactically, something he's more than capable of.

  • Likes: Strong-willed people, Savorin Rhonyt, Star-Ships and action
  • Dislikes: Waiting around, people who talk too much and people staring
  • Goals: To gain enough income to buy his own ship


Family (or Creators)

The Kebrinkaiin Household  


Ravakee grew up like most Gartagen's as you'd imagine, his family was close knit and he had a special bond with his two older brothers and younger sister. However at the age of seventeen his household came to blows with another and blood was shed, a death occurred and a blood-feud started between the two family's, one that Ravakee was dragged into. After a year of on and off fighting and skirmishes with the family, it resulted in the death of two members of the opposing family and one of Ravakee's own uncle's.

Ravakee had been working as a simple mechanic, fixing whatever needed fixing around the city and nearby stations, until he heard of his brother's becoming a bounty-hunting pair, after a few successful heads were collected, Ravakee saw a quick way to get himself some money, and with what he had saved up, became a freelance mercenary. Taking small, unseen jobs here and there for anyone who paid enough, known for taking some possibly sketchy and shadowy jobs over the norm.

Seven years on, a simple mission that should have gone to plan, caused his massive scarring of the face. A skirmish with another vessel caused the ship he was on to crash-land on a nearby planet, surviving the initial impact without too much damage, the resulting explosion almost killed him and gave him severe burning across the majority of his left side.

Eleven years on and Ravakee still works as a freelancer, earning his keep and travelling from world to station to ship, taking whatever jobs come his way.



Brought up with a fairly decent education, he understands the majority of all known tongues bar the really exotic kind, however his writing is somewhat lacking.


Taking a preference to long range combat rather than frontal, he's adept with a rifle and was trained by an ex-military mercenary he once worked with. Knowing good vantage points and how to stay out of the firing line so he can support. He's also fairly skilled in close quarters combat, choosing to fight dirty over any real fighting style; Notably extremely brutal and violent when forced into this position.


A basic knowledge of how to use basic medical apparatus, bandaging and basic life-saving techniques.

Demolitions Handling and Disposal

Having a good grasp on common demolitions and their workings, he's capable of setting and disarming explosive charges with varied outcomes depending on the model in question, any higher-grade beyond that of breaching charges or anti personnel mines/explosives is beyond his training.

Maintenance and Repair

A decent understanding of how to maintain and repair various ship core structures and areas, having been serving on various ships of all shapes and sizes and being a mechanic as a trade, this has become an almost necessary life skill, what he couldn't learn hand on, he'd read up on and taught himself. 

Also very capable at maintaining weaponry of varied types, due to a history of using them on and off.

Starship Operations/Star-Pilot

A fairly good grasp on most star-ship operations aboard a vessel, capable of manning most if not all of the positions available in a pinch, depending on the vessel in question and his time aboard. 


With very basic military training by an ex-marine, he's capable of knowing how and when to camouflage effectively and plan tactically for a mission ahead of time.



    • 8x Durandium plates (Four torso, two upper arms, two thighs)
  • Tan coloured heavy leather over-coat
  • Brown cowboy hat
  • Grey simple loincloth


Personal Hygiene

  • Basic Cleaning and Self Grooming Kit




  • Four silver tendril ringlets
  • Four gold tendril ringlets
  • A thick silver tail band
  • A gold tail-tip cover


Ravakee Kebrinkaiin is currently a None in the Freelancer.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
210 KS 2790 KS Equipment Bought


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