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Rave Gahlean

General Information

Species: Yamataian (formerly Geshrin) Gender: Male Age: 25

Family (or Creators): Brand Gahlean (father), and Sileas Gem (mother).

Employer: HIGA Industrial Corporation

Occupation: Test Pilot

Rank: Class C

Current Assignment:

Physical Characteristics

Height:6 feet 6 inches/1 meter 98 centimeters Weight:190 lbs/86 kgs

Build and Skin Color: Average build, slightly tan white skin. Facial Features and Eye Color: Massive verticle scar across right eye. Eyes are silver (a genetic abnormality from his father’s side. Before he became a Yamatai his right eye was cybernetic and red. He actually still has the cybernetic eye as a somewhat bizarre keepsake.)

Hair color and Style: Gray and slicked back. His mother’s side tends to go gray early.

Distinguishing Features: A large scar over his right eye given to him by a jealous ex, and gray hair on someone not normally considered old enough to have gray hair. He chose to keep the scar for his Yamataian body because, although it reminded him of unfortunate events, it also reminds him of home.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Generally pretty quiet, and VERY wary around people he doesn't know because of an incident earlier in his life. Even more so if the person in question is female. He prizes his freedom above all else, which makes it perhaps a little ironic that he feels most free encased in metal. He seems almost like a different person inside the cockpit of a robot. Once inside he becomes more extroverted and boisterous, (he feels that it will be harder for people to hurt him emotionally). He has a strong sense of justice which developed as a child watching anime, where the hero always triumphs over the forces of evil. His father kept telling him that the real world doesn't work that way, while his mother said 'You go on and believe whatever you want to believe!'. He doesn’t talk about his past much, especially the scar. Whenever he’s asked about it he’ll quiet down and try to change the subject.

Likes: Robots of all kinds. Piloting robots. Anime with a heroic theme. Writing.

Dislikes: People who abuse the system to get away with crimes. Crowds of people. New people who seem too aggressive.

Goals: His rather high minded goal is to see evil defeated in all it’s forms. But his more immediate goal is to wring as much performance out of the Zilant as possible. He would also like to get back in touch with his parents, but he's afraid of doing so because that might bring him back in contact with Kana.


Rave was born in YE-04 to a couple of very happy parents who made their living as mechanics. His father’s wish was for his son to carry on the family business but it was not to be. In YE-24 he met the love of his life, Kana. Kana had a few pre-existing issues that Rave was blissfully unaware of at the time, and she was becoming increasingly unstable. In YE-26 Kana began to suspect that Rave was cheating on her. In YE-27 Kana attacked him in a jealous rage and attempted to stab him through the eye. He was able to move just enough so that her slash was too shallow to kill him, but it cost him an eye. The rest of the events of that day are rather hazy to him, the next thing he remembers is getting on the first transport off planet. He wound up on Morant, where he was recruited by Higa Industrial as a test pilot.


Vehicles: All his life he wanted to pilot the giant robots he had seen his heroes using in his youth. Higa Industrial gave him the chance. It was something he had a natural talent for, quickly surpassing the expectations of his trainers in the simulators. Once he got into the real Zilant, it was like an extension of his natural body.

Fighting: His father taught him the basics of fighting, he taught himself everything else. However, because he got most of inspiration from anime, it’s a rather loud, flashy style of fighting. But through years of constant practice, and learning little bits from anyone who would teach him, it actually works. Eventually he started learning swordsmanship using the same undisciplined but effective method. It's a style that borrows from many many sources but is not quite a master of anything.

Mechanical: Growing up with a family of mechanics he was able to learn how to do basic repairs when he was very young. As he grew up his parents taught him how to tinker with more and more advanced things. He can modify and make repairs to just about anything he's been familiarized with, but personally considers it more of a hobby than a skill.

Physical: Nothing really special. He keeps himself in good shape, but doesn’t have any real physical specializations. He has an exercise routine he follows and that’s it.

Communication: Writing. He does a lot of it, on paper medium even! He keeps a journal of his thoughts and enjoys writing poetry, which he’s actually gotten pretty good at over the years. His hand writing is neat but nothing overly showy, and if he takes his time he can easily disguise it.

Technology Operation: He’s pretty good with computers. It’s just something he learned over time as a person growing up with them. He can use them with good proficiency, knows some of the advanced things, and can even troubleshoot some problems. He can’t program, and if he looks inside one he might as well be staring into the geshrin brain.

Knowledge: To be an ally of justice, you must know the law! Or so he decided. So occasionally in his spare time he read some light books on galactic law. He picked up some legal terminology and learned about some of the more obscure laws that no one really cares about, and no one really enforces (but they do occasionally make good party talk for sheer ridiculousness).

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