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Rebeka Renata

This character may not be adopted.
Species: Recovered Sourcian (Ident: 52:61:65:65:6b:62)
Gender: Flexible
Age: 287
Organizations Lorath Matriarchy
Rank Second Lieutenant
Current Status Under Treatment


Arguably not a member of any species at all, Rebeka is a Sourcian; a Lorath term coined to describe an amalgamation of three very different exotic organisms into a single hemogynous, intelligent, conscious and self-aware 'creature'; the maesus (an organic neural computer), the soft (a living tissue able to form highly durable complex organs, skin, muscle and hair) and structol (a tarry oily metal which behaves like a programmable fungus).

Until quite recently, much of Rebeka's behaviour came from her template; Sana Nakamura as a sort of ST-transfer that ran inside her own head. Soon, the two revealed their mutual incompatibilities and Rebeka chose to start over with no template at all.

While quite brash, stubborn and prone to violence (believing it to solve almost all problems), Rebeka is frighteningly stoic at the best of times; her voice of words often deeply emotive but her body-language and use of tone, detatched, anethnetized or lobotomized from their meaning often giving the impression she is bored of her surroundings or uninterested in what is happening around her. Often, the smallest and most subtle expressions can mean a great deal; a simple frown akin to screaming while a smile near ecstasy. The rare exception is mimicry of others, which Rebeka seems to be particularly good at.

Physical Characteristics


Rebeka's appearance is largely based on Xiaah Hayo'kurel “Lunacy” Tur'Lita - an ancient and very famous Lorath leader known for commanding her troops into battle - leading from the vanguard at the front of every major attack as well as her unhealthy interest in devouring the young of her enemies.


Height 8'6“ (259.08 cm) Weight 310lb (140.6136 kg) Measurements Fluctuates

Build & Skin color Rebeka has a wiry and slender disposition: Not all of her muscle groups following humanoid patterns and her proportions more “slenderman” than humanoid. She is unusually pale: her skin a milky gray and her appearance is inconsistent in both height and proportion as well as subtle facial features: Partially linked to what could be equated with emotion but also down to simple practical need to evade recognition by common biometric scanning techniques.

Facial Features and eye color Rebeka's facial features remain a near carbon copy of Sana Nakamura, her template of the humanoid form. Her chosen facial pigment borders on gaisha-like, with red-eyeshadow matching the colour of her eyes and from time to time black lipstick-like pigment as ordinarily she cannot recognise the movements of her own lips in a mirror without it.

Her eyes carry a bright red pigment with hints of lilac, cerise and midnight blue, described as being similar to laboratory albino rats. This differs from her original ruby pigment. Often, her eyes do not focus on what is immediately before her, giving the impression she is looking through a wall.

Hair color and Style Her hair is a classical hime-cut, the back often tied up into a braid bun for practicality by Seiren Isbala for her. Its pigment is a silvery white, darkening in the sun to alice gray with a pale tint of azure blue, almost unrecognisable from white in harsh light. Her hair has an unusual texture, being composed of a material similar to her chitinous muscle-fibre and is similarly prehensile.

Distinguishable features

About Rebeka's back, tummy and inner thighs, specific fractal markings in a light gray tone often take form between hours or sometimes even minutes which are capable of conveying constitution. This biological function is comparable to a cuttle-fish or octopus.

To identify herself as unique from other humanoid races, Rebeka has chosen to point the edges of her ears unnaturally, elongating them after Lorath images she'd seen. For this reason combined with her height, she is sometimes confused as Nekovalkyjra. To call her one is a sure way to start a fight.

Psychological Characteristics

Rebeka seems to shift between two extremes of humanoid behavior. On one side, she's essentially Sana Nakamura under a different name in a different body. This was mostly worn as a mask to better blend in with others. Post-Maras, Rebeka discovered her chance to make a fresh start with her own independence and largely abandoned this adoption despite its convenience due to the intense depersonalization and derealization involved with emulating an entire second personality to hide behind. As a direct consequence, she's had to start from scratch.

The real Rebeka seems to be largely detached, stoic though surprising care free, making observations from a difference as an outsider looking in. She has been described as unfeeling and machine-like in first impressions. This is largely since she very rarely makes use of facial expressions or vocal emphasis, believing both to be “too easily misunderstood”. To this end, she lacks notable body language outside of very deliberate behaviour. Even when utterly elated, the best she is capable of offering is a stern look or perhaps a very slight smile which seem clumsy at best and passive aggressive or unintentionally sarcastic at worst.

Her detachment gives her surprising objectivity which can often be a sore point, often being unaware of simple social boundaries. For this reason she can come off as unusually familiar with strangers – easily misconstrued as sexual contact – or she can demonstrate a flagrant and will full disregard for personal boundaries. This isn't something she chooses to do so much as from her standpoint, she is a “non-human thing pretending to be a human thing” – and in her own words is “not particularly good at it”.

While she is often ruthlessly professional in a way which could only be described as psychopathic in human terms, Rebeka lacks a number of very basic life skills: Her sensory organs do not see the spectrum of light associated with television and she often sees right through paper and as such is unable to read. She also has no understanding of hygiene or cleaning – with her personal space often being lined with elastic stringy fabric-like webbings of shed skins, pearls of compressed mineral (often dust), dead musculature, dead skin cultures and bodily fluids which thankfully lack any kind of offensive odor and have natural antibiotic qualities.

Often, Rebeka may come off as stubborn: not learning from her mistakes after being reigned in many times. She can however be trained through the use of rewards in the form of reassurance, recognitions of her success, sugar and close personal attention and greatly enjoys being told she's done a job well and will go out of her way to do something ridiculously inconvenient or troublesome just for a few words of thanks – having a deep instinctive drive to participate in a chain of command and to not only protect but be valued by those who part of her group, similar to the pack mentality of many animals - explaining why she joined the Phoenix II, to find a sense of purpose.

In spite of all this, Rebeka becomes lonely quite easy and enjoys the company of others – though generally the less the better since keeping track of the worries and feelings of many people is difficult. To this end, she relies on others to reign her in when she makes mistakes though she does have a slightly mischievous streak and though few know it, she takes great pride in creating a scene or intimidating others.

Due to her physical prowess and poor ability to communicate, her intellectual abilities (namely retention of almost all information she is exposed to though an inability to value which is useful or true and which is not, idiot-savant level mathematical skills specifically when dealing with quantum phenomena which her biology offers an innate understanding of, a lifetime of tactical experience) go unappreciated.


Likes: Processed sugars, minerals, steam-rooms, those she cares about, close personal attention, appreciation.

Dislikes: Extremes of temperature, dryness, civilian life, hysterical humanoids, being told off, not getting the joke or understanding what is happening, being left out.

Personal development: Rebeka was conflicted with whether or not she should integrate or reject Sana's memories and feelings which provided the root of most of her aggression, entitlement (to Miles) and her emotional drive. Her life was largely one of distraction and exploration, determined to find a way home.

The loss of the Maras was a big wake-up call, forcing her to re-evaluate her life. She decided independence would be best, dumping and compartmentalising what she took from Rebeka and beginning anew psychologically rather than trying to blend in and constantly being berated by Miles or Sana.

With nowhere to call home, she joined the Phoenix II and took a liking to Seiren Isbala who triggered what could only really be called an instinctive drive similar to motherhood, a protective drive originating in her escort/bodyguard-like role in terms of her breed and training.

Current development & goals: Rebeka now seems more interested in carving out a niche for herself: To serve the Phoenix II well and make it her home. Her happiness is largely Seiren's happiness and she has begun to wonder if she is overbearing. While she does long to go home, she's essentially given up on it which brings her great sadness.


Rebeka doesn't seem to be able to wrap her head around the concept of biological sex, the idea of males and females being different things and seems determined that these things are “invented problems of humanoids”. To this end, she has serious problems telling men and women apart - which gets even worse when her understanding of gender-roles is largely based on Lorath social expectations. This often to the embarrassment of Seiren who Rebeka is still convinced is “a little girl” that “never really stopped being little”.

  • “If its pretty, its probably a girl. If its strong its probably a woman. If there's hair on its face, its probably a man. I don't actually know what the real differences are. They all mostly look the same to me.”


Pre-Recovery: The Idiocrast

Originally, Rebeka was known by a large string of numbers and a title designated; the Idiocrast. As a sentience intelligence, the Idiocrast was issued to conflicts along domestic (the sourcian having no name for themselves) territories in various mirrors or replicated forms, each differing and learning from their conflicts before being re-merged to update their findings.

Their purpose was as battlefield support and then as an instructor of war; not a leader but instead one who instructs those beneath her based on the will of those above. She was paired with a soldier of her choosing to conduct deep infiltration and tactical warfare; originally from a personal scale as part of a team of two and then as time went on micro-managing macro-scale warfare and commanding armies for which she became incredibly proficient.

The highlights of the Idiocrast's legacy were the 6th and 7th great local conflicts; against the first alien life discovered; the resurfacers and irradiators respectively. Both conflicts began as the Idiocrast and her superiors observing that the atmospheres of both worlds were untennable and that there was still life - sentient life - hiding beneath the surface.

Terraforming began based on a best-guess of those beneath the surface. In both cases, it was viewed as a hostile action however; an attempted conquest of worlds which resulted in the use of 'weapons of the atom' such as fission and even fusion bombs in retaliation.

Rather than glass the world as orders above called for, the Idiocrast instead staged in both cases a loss of control of a vessel and resources. These resources would be repurposed by the local populations to fight against her forces and build on the surfaces of their worlds in protective cages.

The designated culmination of each conflict came when the Idiocrast would draw the curtain and reveal that their original intentions had not been hostile; that terraforming had been for their sake even though it was clumsy at first and that the purpose of the war was indeed a sociological terraforming of its own designed to unify the peoples of these nations, forcing them to converge into a coherent nation - at first resulting in smaller conflicts and mistrust but eventually becoming allies.

The Idiocrast's superiors finally hearing of the news did not support these actions and were highly xenophobic, not experiencing the struggles or personalisation or empathy that the front line forces had when encountering the resurfacers and the irradiators.

As a result, the reintegration of the particular shard instance of the Idiocrast responsible for these events was not allowed to merge and syncronize and was doomed to a fate of qualia, not being allowed to rejoin the mass consciousness of the great maesus; not assume their position as the maestro, lead commander of all Sourcian forces.

Instead, the stored records of her intelligence would later be rediscovered after sitting dormant for what may be centuries or even millennia.

Post-Recovery: Rebeka

Rebeka was first discovered as a shard of maesus: the neural or brain organism within a Sourcian. Importantly, some fringe races at the time were mining ruined maesus for the purpose of the production of memory crystals; Rebeka's own found within a neural implant shared, unbeknown, by Sana Nakamura - causing severe behavioural problems.

Eventually, the shard was recovered following surgery and studied in greater detail. Later, the shard was melded with other mined maesus and extrapolated into a complete being using materials taken from the damaged Maras, an unmanned organic gunship (referred to by Miles as “the space whale” which was a conscious mind of its own but also an extension of Rebeka herself): Specifically, 'the soft' (an amber liquid which reknits into fibres, muscle, nerves, veins and muscle) and structol (a tarry oily metal which behaves like a programmable fungus)

Rebeka's appearance is largely based on Xiaah Hayo'kurel “Lunacy” Tur'Lita - an ancient and very famous Lorath leader known for commanding her troops into battle - leading from the vanguard at the front of every major attack as well as her unhealthy interest in devouring the young of her enemies – and her name is drawn from a mispronunciation of Reb'uka Rek'ana meaning 'tall ghost'.

Once recognised as a species and even an individual, Rebeka was released into the custody of Sana Nakamura (her 'neural template' from which she learned how to be humanoid) and Miles Gunn, her fiance with the purpose of searching for additional remains and to study her own species further. The group moved through known space under the distant Lorath Matriarchy supervision of Juela 'Dico' Nessa Tur'lista who represented Matriarchy interests of the time.

It is known that in its journey, the Maras discovered an ancient weapon of Lorath origin, studied by Tai Shichou. Increasingly, the radience of the weapon posed a risk to the Maras and following the death of Elisa Metea, the weapon was forcibly removed from the vessel by Rebeka.

Shortly afterwards, SAINT investigator Helen Klein infiltrated the gunship. Classified information states that the vessel was wedged in the middle of an NMX battle-fleet headed for Yamatai controlled space; activating its aetheric denial to disable the battle-fleet at the cost of disabling its own FTL for a short time. While the vessel escaped badly damaged, it brought enough time for Yamatai to produce a more effective defensive blockade. Eventually the damaged Maras was crashed into a desert world of classified position by Helen Klein.

With increasing animosity forming between Rebeka and Sana (due to Sana's interest in Miles which Rebeka had inherited), this culminated in Rebeka choosing to leave their company – seeking purpose in the crew of the ISC Phoenix II.



Sourcian History, Sana's life & knowledge, memory

Rebeka retains almost everything she is exposed to. This includes Sourcian history, all events of the Maras, the complete psychology of Sana Nakamura and the Phoenix. Unfortunately, she has problems determining whether or not her sources are accurate with second-hand information, sometimes making her quite gullible.


Power Armor, hand to hand, weapons

Rebeka inherits Sana's more prevalent skills, including hand to hand combat, weapon and power-armour operation and tactical starship operation.

Weapons operation

Rebeka's perception of space is inherently three dimensional, often seeing through structures. As a result, she can usually either gauge a shot that would require ironsights from the hip or without looking down the barrel, relying in sensory organs in her hands. Unfortunately she regularly forgets projectile and energy weapons are fragile and will often bludgeon persons with her weapon, breaking it in the process. Worse, she assumes humanoids are less fragile than they actually are and over-estimating threats. The idea that humans die when they are killed is strange to her and as a result, she tends to be very very thorough.

Typically she prefers weapons with either high-powered decisive strikes (ideally penetrating or explosive) or very very deep magazine capacities of cheap ammunition and as such either carries a Lorath .75 hand-cannon with six shots in her left hand and a rifle with its stock removed which she treats as a sub-machine gun, belt-fed from a shielded internal store inside her right thigh.

Hand to hand

She widely exploits the physical limitations of musculature and bone, moving in ways humans can't: using a bastardized version of Ori'alas as well as grappling and striking arts from other nations, picking and choosing the parts she likes best, even including throws associated with power-armor operation. In combat, she uses not only her fists and feet but also knees, elbow and even her head when striking, preferring hits toward the legs and organs rather than the face (which is largely a psychological attack) - abusing her physical strength to target the liver, the largest gland-organ and a large centre of blood circulation to make her opponent weak and breathless, if not making them pass out entirely.

In the case a quick knockout is desired, chin-strikes are used, usually with heel-palm strikes for extra space to pick up speed in the strike or simple clinches. Only faking conventional ligaments herself

She is physically unaffected by clinches and submissions, with blunt force trauma of her maesus or mass depletion via limb removal being the best ways to disable her, usually via high calibre high velocity slug weapons and penetrating explosives or by carefully timed strikes from augmented or enhanced persons.

Power Armor Operation

Rebeka has a keen understanding of what the weapons are capable of, the ways in which they are used and the concerns of pilots, all things she can take advantage of to great effect, especially up close and personal.

While very very rarely she wears power-armor conventionally, she does make extensive use of augmentations if she's expecting conflict. This usually comes in the form of a modus endoskeleton (which she often wears normally to help hold her shape), a QNC generator inside her abdominal cavity, gravitic centrifuges in her extremities and a battle-hardened version of her environmental suit which connects and interfaces with the plugs of the endoskeleton. It includes nerimium chain, shock-absorbant structol laminate and a multi-part helmet which can unlock and fall back into a hood on the back of her neck, its faceplate hanging on the front.


Sourcian Quantum Theories, applied estimation, statistics, advanced mathematics quantity (Natural numbers, Integers, Rational numbers Real numbers, Complex numbers) structure (number theory, abstract algebra, group & swarm theory order theory), space (geometry, trigonometry, differential geometry, topology, fractal geometry) change (Calculus, Vector calculus, Differential equations, Dynamical systems, Chaos theory) discreet(Combinatorics, Theory of computation, Cryptography, Graph theory) applied & philosophical relevance (Mathematical logic, Set theory, Category theory) and programming constructs

Rebeka maesus-brain packs processing power rivalling military gunships. While many would simulate their way out of reality as an escape, Rebeka is inherently a pragmatist. As such, she instead takes comfort in performing complex mathematical rigor: quashing doubts and worry with constant reminders of the universes inherent beauty in patterns and order. She can often be seen counting or arranging objects in complex fragile patterns: her living space full of such constructions.

Unfortunately, lacking basic reading and writing skills or the language skills needed to learn the way math is shared in known space, almost none of this ever escapes her and nor does she see the motivation for it to do so, not desiring any sort of recognition.

She does however use statistics in many of her decisions, simulating events before acting them out, learning very quickly from her mistakes when the end outcome is highly constrained. She takes great pride in getting “inside her opponents head” so to speak and will often allow them to make the first move before issuing a response, vastly preferring counter-fighting to first-strike when playing any game or when in the field, particularly in marksmanship and tactical use of terrain, similar to tool-assisted intelligent weaponary.

Her biology and sensory organs give her an inherent understanding of the seemingly incomprehensibleness of quantum mechanics, giving her a 'sense' of the statistically most common emerging potentials as they happen. This may explain her lack of surprise a lot of the time, though she is very quickly learning that the universe of humans and human-like things is more complex than she'd dared imagine, with their rationalities in every decision being a massive headache for her.


Philosophy, basic psychology

Also following Sana, Rebeka has learned a great deal of philosophy but also psychology based on her experiences with Sana and can understand what drives humanoid life-forms which helps with her decision making. Her abilities are largely due to her objectiveness: while she can know about these things and how they work, she can never by definition inherently understand them. As such, the more irrational sides of human psychology can be somewhat dicey.


Sleight of hand, pickpocketing, stealth, interrogation Rebeka's sense of sight is three dimensional, allowing her to see not only what is infront of her but also what is around her and beneath her hands specifically. As a result, she can know whether someone is looking in her direction or not and estimate where their attention is. Combined with her grasp of psychology, non-orthodox movements and natural ability to use her own body as a locker or natural pocket and the result is excellent sleight of hand via misdirection, a solid background in pick-pocketing, operation of physical locks, to go unseen and to be unobserved.

Her potentially unnerving demeanour and unhinged behaviour and her understanding of psychology make her an excellent interrogator, though she usually doesn't know when she's being lied to, requiring either a partner or to use more physical means to get what she wants though unfortunately she tends to overdo things if left to her own devices.

Personal Space

Her personal space aboard the Phoenix II resembles a spider's nest or bee-hive: large fabric-like shedding dyed light pastel with the minerals she eats, resembling white tapestries but often lit (for her own amusement) with black-lights, revealing complex patterns, many resembling star-charts. These hang from the walls and ceiling trimmed into very precisely ordered patterns, often held taut by one another to form elasticated shelving that resembles a hammock or mermaid's purse, though more geometric in shape – all from above human head-height.

Her bed is a hardened glassy geometric hammock-like structure in the ceiling which resembles a semi-transparent bath, lined with anechoic tiles and connected to the water-piping. Another sits further into the room with a lower rim, growing plants she finds particularly appetising which mostly consist of exotic fruits, berries and seeds, though a number of glassy crystal-like structures grow in the form of Lorath micillium which grow hard faceted mineral shells.

Beneath the “wallpaper” like pasty-white coverings on the walls sit layers of chicken wire, tinfoil and anechoic tiles, forming a faraday cage to keep the “noise” of the outside world out. To this end, other than a single communicator and a quantum modem, there is no communications reception in her private space.

From the waist down for Rebeka (and around and below head height for most people), the chamber is very empty and sparse: panelling and cupboards have been removed. There is no bed. Folding chairs sit to one side in the corner, rarely used. A sink sits to one side. The compartment for the toilet is largely used as a storage space for crates and containers since Rebeka doesn't defecate or urinate. A portable refridgerator (resembling a large plastic tool-chest) sits to one side, filled mostly with sweets, sugars and bottles of concentrates for water and oils which aren't palatable for humans. A pile of fist-sized objects resembling pearls used decorate the ceiling sit in a pile, many un-used.

On a far wall sits a modified clock: its glass face has been removed. The numbering have also been stripped, visibly leaving indentations where they should be. Instead, florescent paint marks the hands. Points are marked in something resembling a tally, with numbers counted in clusters of dots and “five” being a hollow circle. A UV-blacklight sits inside the rim, always on.

A humidifier and a single large tractor-wheel sized gravitic centrifuge sit on the floor in the center of the room with a hardened plate along its lid, allowing it to be used as a table. Presumably the chamber operates in zero-gravity a lot of the time due to Rebeka's extensive use of compartments rather than surfaces.

Rebeka does not like introducing sources of dust, mess or particulates into the room and has a particular hatred of graphite pencils, woolly fabrics, food waste, mud, dirty water (particularly Nepleslian rain water) and cigarette ash.

When asked to move, she usually just conglomerates these onto a wheeled basket, resembling a wheeled suitcase, complete with handle then set them up again elsewhere and be established in less than an hour.


Rebeka originally kept very little in the way of possessions. Departing from the late Maras for the Phoenix II, she is slowly learning the value of keeping things and of sentimentality.


Assortment of Uniform menorabilia

Rebeka has a particular fondness for military uniforms and as such has been known to collect elements from various factions - either given as gifts, salvaged or taken.

  • A Star Army of Yamatai Officer's peaked cap's removed insignia patch (rank Shosa, never worn, kept near sleeping area)
  • A NSMC peaked officer's cap removed insignia (rank unknown, never worn, gift from Miles, kept near sleeping area)
  • A pair of Paragon boots taken from a duty uniform
  • A tattered Intelligence and Pacification Group arm-strap & name-plate (salvaged, kept near sleeping area)

Backup Maesus

Each about half the size of a fist, backup maesus are essentially a sort of biological external storage. Rebeka has slots in a spine-like organ of nerves and cartilage which can support up to sixteen of them. Spares are kept hanging from the ceiling on ribbons, resembling decoration.

What exactly she keeps on them is unknown.

Broken Maesus

Rebeka keeps a broken maesus next to her bed, salvaged from the wreckage of the Maras. It resembles a smooth skull-sized ball of amber which has been sheered with bismuth-like patterns along its interior.

She is especially protective of this.


Modified Lorath Hand-cannon

Altered from .50 to .75 with a new chamber and barrel by Miles Gunn, Rebeka uses a hand-cannon revolver with a number of custom rounds. It is usually used as a sort of high velocity grenade launcher relying on parabolic firing or as a short-range shotgun. It is always loaded with slug rounds and explosive rounds (for the sake of collateral damage) are usually carried for when she has to reload, rather than ready to go immediately.

Since ordinarily it is supposed to be held in two hands and in a supported stance and is particularly heavy - yet she uses it closer to the same way a revolver would classically be used, when the hand-cannon is out, Rebeka usually means business and is well aware of the psychological impact associated with it.

A firm favorite, she carries it whenever in Lorath territory. Unfortunately given the rarity of its ammunition outside of Lorath territories, she often leaves it onboard ship if away from home unless an explosive quality is needed on mission.

Modified Styrling Auto-Twelve

Finding the default model “small”, with help from Seiren and Luca, Rebeka has twin-linked a pair of Styrling Auto-twelve shotguns into a double-barreled assembly. Given her size, strength and the help of servo-assisted endoskeletal tremor correction, she usually uses the weapon in a single hand akin to pistol.

Ultimately the auto-twelve is a surrogate for her hand-cannon, since ammunition for the 12-gauge is much easier to come across, even if it lacks the explosive punch she loves: If the Lorath hand-cannon doesn't come with her, the Styrling twin auto-twelve does.

Modified Zen Arms Infantry Assault Weapon

The Zen Arms IAW is a simple no-nonsense assault rifle. Being much larger than most people and having greater physical tolerances for things like recoil, the weapon has been modified by Miles Gunn for use.

Simple changes include an enlarged grip and trigger-ring for her hands. While the mechanism is largely the same, the barrel has been lengthened and ruggedized with radiator plates which cool the barrel to prevent warping. The reciever has also been modified to accept 7.5 x 65mm rounds from the Zen Mag line.

While ordinarily these rounds are made for accuracy over range, Rebeka's interest stems from their round velocity, penetration capacity and variety of ammunition types. Common in law-enforcement circles, ammunition is also always going to be plentiful.

The weapon is drum-fed from the interior of her abdomin or her right thigh, depending on which type of body-suit she is wearing and is used in semi-automatic bursts or sustained fire up close, mowing down targets. Optionally, the belt can be disconnected and a magazine loaded in if a tactical round is required. Electronic components have been removed and swapped with simple ruggedized mechanical parts from other Zen Arms equipment for heightened reliability.

The weapon is carried in Rebeka's right hand and is only used when a fight is anticipated and usually sits on her shelf gathering dust.

Wasp LSSR 01a

The Wasp Light Scout Sniper Rifle is an attempt to create a versatile, easy-to-produce yet effective tool for snipers in their efforts to more accurately find and eliminate targets with a minimum of collateral damage or issues. It was intended to be cheap, yet effective, and easy to transport, making it good for lone snipers/sniper teams without infantry or armor support.

Given the inherent scale difference and endoskeletal stability correction, she often uses the weapon one handed. It is usually a reserve if her other weapons are in the shop or carried if she expects to run out of ammunition.

Zesuaium Kakatan

The Kakatan (Lorath: Kahk'tann) is an oversized Lorath knife with an inwardly curved edge, similar to a mechette which resembles a Nepleslian 'boomerang' knife or Gersherin Kukri knife, used both as a tool and as a weapon in the country of Dullaran and neighboring countries of the southern tropical hemesphere.

Traditionally, it was and in many cases still is, a basic utility knife used by the Fyunnen caste. It is a characteristic weapon of almost all LSDF regiments throughout Lorath space – so much so that many refer to it as the Amazon's Knife (Fyunnen literally meaning giantess or amazon). The kakatan often appears in Lorath heraldry through many castes, often given by a Fyunnen as a sign of loyalty between families of different castes or in thanks for a great favor and is used in many traditional rituals - even including L'manel aspectation and wedding ceremonies.

The Kakatan is effective at chopping, slashing, draw-cuts and even as a throwing weapon. Since the blade bends toward the opponent, the user does not need to angle it when executing a chop. Unusually for a knife due to its size, it can be used not unlike a sword: Its heavy blade allowing a user to inflict deep wounds, cut through muscle and bones and in practice even cleave a person's head and half way through the chest in the hands of the right Fyunnen.

While famed for its military use, the kakatan is usually used as a multipurpose tool and is a very common agricultural and household implement on Lor. Its uses are varied and include building, clearing, hammering, chopping firewood, carving, digging, cutting meat and vegitables, skinning animals and even opening tins or slicing into hull.

The version used by Rebeka is scaled appropriately to her size (technically making it a sword if used by any other person) and is fashioned from zesuaium using positron based carving techniques invented by Miles Gunn. The shard (about the length of a human arm and curved) is fashioned from remains of a Ketsuri Fleet-yards YE-22 era hull plate. The weapon usually sits on Rebeka's left hip and is the heaviest item in her arsenal.


Ordinary clothing

  • Two dark gray turtle-neck sweaters
  • Boxer shorts (stolen from Miles Gunn)
  • Various undergarments (stolen from Sana Nakamura)
  • Black vinyl bikini (gift from Sana, never worn)
  • Yamataian black school uniform in Seiren Isbala's size (gift from Aiesu)

"Borrowed" Lorath Officer's & Captain's uniform

Rebeka often (and quite proudly) wears a Lorath Officer's uniform, as the Maras served as a component of the LSDF navy. She also has a Lorath Captain's uniform (which a bodysuit is color-matched for) but hasn't worn it since the loss of the Maras.

The uniform is often worn over her bodysuit, either entirely or in parts and includes…

  • A Lorath commander's waistcoat (often worn indoors)
  • A Lorath commander's overjacket (black), with silver trim (often worn outdoors)
  • A Lorath captain's overjacket (white), with golden trim (rarely worn)
  • Lorath rank-pins (captain, usually pinned by her sleeping area)
  • Officer's leather-belt with attached holster (rarely worn)
  • Well polished shin-high all-environment boots (worn over her environmental suit but not her combat suit)
  • Leather officer's gloves (worn with the jacket)
  • A Lorath commander's peaked cap (black), (often worn)
  • A Lorath captain's peaked cap (white)


Environmental suit

Primarily to keep out particulates which cause irritation and also for her own comfort of preferred environmental conditions, Rebeka wears a bodysuit cobbled together from parts taken from pilot's suits and environmental equipment. The suit vacuum-seals against her body, covering her from the jaw-line down, revealing only her face and hair.

The suit contains electrical heating elements, refrigeration equipment and a water-bladder, keeping her both hydrated and very humid. The suit's construction can operate on a positive-pressure principle, switching from a vacuum to blowing to remove particulates before they can sink into her skin in select areas before then self-sealing.

The suit's 'collar' about her jawline and neck splits down the sides, moving over the front of her body: removing it involves unlocking the collar, peeling the front panel off which comes down to the waist. The back and arms of the suit which are connected are then unsleeved and then the suit is stepped out of. When not in use, the limbs can be folded into the body and then the front panel wrapped about the suit sealing it up into a neat envelope. The envelope is then vacuum sealed, making it very portable.

Rebeka owns three such suits: One dark gray, one light gray with white panelling and gold highlights and one matte non-gloss transparent, which sits most of the components beneath her skin.

It is not uncommon for her to wear clothes OVER the suit.

Personal endoskeleton

Modified from a “baked” (produced) Modus enedoskeleton, Rebeka's personal endoskeleton provides structural support similar to the way a powered-armor works, allowing her to focus far less on maintaining her shape and moving joints which follow humanoid convention. Importantly, it features a large number of “practical modifications” which in her words “are probably your next evolutionary steps”, appending the failures and short-comings of a conventional skeleton.

These changes include…

  • Three threaded spines for improved loading capacity
  • Extensible fore-arms and lower legs for height adjustment and shock absorbsion
  • Two-stage knees
  • Equal thickness of skull, removing temples and removing sharp internal extrusions
  • Gradiented mixtures of ligament-like and bone-like material rather than areas of strictly one or the other
  • Redesigned joints, removing a majority of functional clinches, allowing for easy dislocation and re-attachment
  • A second tier of teeth built into the cheekbones further up the jaw
    • Rebeka is known to use nerves inside her “teeth” to sense electromagnetism, like a compound eye
  • Larger symmetrical hands with two thumbs
  • Bird-like feet designed for grasping and manipulation, similar to hands. can lock together like a conventional foot.
  • “Idealised” facial and torso proportions, including a angled jaw and wider hips
  • Cavities for additional eyes (covered, unused at this time)
  • Extended Extended ala & extruded lilum (hollow, featuring room for a QNC in one and pressurized oxygen in the other)
  • Ruggedized pubis
  • Acetabulum plugs into secondary spines
  • Distendable pubic bone (taking a cue from Lorath anatomy)
  • Compacted torso space for better centre of mass
  • Legs extended 250% for greater stride-length
  • Adapted “mantis” style fore-arm on Z-mechanism, normally folded like a conventional arm
  • Ruggedized shoulders
  • Enlarged Modus motor systems for improved locking and strength
  • Stone-thread/structol combination artificial tendons
  • Mechanically adjustable shoulder width, torso and facial proportions (avoiding biometric recognition
  • Addition of conventionally serviceable elements using basic tools
  • Addition of locking ports (similar to screw-holes) all over body to connect to bodysuit or other hardware
  • Durandium outer laminate

It is worn inside her and is often removed when she wishes to sleep. Known to frighten other crewmates, she keeps it in the bathroom when not in use.

Hardened Battle Suit

A version of her environmental suit, this version incorporates nerimium chainmail in a scale-like pattern beneath structol laminate. It plugs into her Modus for power and motion assist, due to its weight which reduces her freedom of motion.

The unit features a lot of internal components which mount to Rebeka's personal endo-skeleton, including QNC-generator about the size of a human head in its abdominal cavity and mounts for an ammunition drum in the right thigh and internal holsters for both thighs. An assortment of ammunition types are kept in the fore-arms.

A retractile shrowd/mantle-cloak/inverness can hang from plating in the shoulders, covering her body. The shrowd can be retracted into its wide imposing shoulder-plates which can then he flipped to sit against her shoulder-blades.

A helmet is also included which can be broken down into a hood of hard components held together by flexible rubbery material and a hardened face-plate mask which sits over the face and ears which sits over the front of the chest when not in use. It is not uncommon for her to wear the faceplate but not the rest of the helmet in a firefight, seeing as her endoskeleton already offers armored protection for her maesus.

Optional Gravitic centrifuges sit in the lower legs allowing her to soften landings, make great leaps and change direction while airborne. A second-set sit in her hands, granting limited object manipulation and are used to ease climbing with the heavy weight of the suit. An extra set sit against her shoulders and shoulder-blades and used together, they can generate a conformal barrier or combined field, though the QNC generator has problems meeting these energy demands, limiting its use. She prefers not to use them as the centrifuge creates 'noise' that is both extremely uncomfortable when exerting force, also limiting some of her inherent visibility of electromagnetism.

Rebeka very rarely wears the hardened battle-suit unless the purpose for her departure is specifically to be combat, since it offers protection similar to a power-armor.


Mounted into the knuckles and pseudo-fingernails and toenails of her battle-suit (which are used when climbing), the stun-knuckle is a modified version of the EM-W4 Stun Baton.

Misc Supplies

OOC notes

This might seem odd but Rebeka cannot see visible light. As such, she can't read text, see her own reflection or the image on a screen or volumetric display. With our world being built around the visual spectrum, this creates a lot of problems for her. In spite of all she can accomplish, she is legally blind.

I might argue that the Sourcian's native understanding of quantum mechanics comes from the ability to experience it first hand - and that being their way to experience the universe rather than as we do.

It means culturally speaking, she's always going to be an outsider, unable to properly fully assimilate. She will never learn to appreciate art, film, literature, fashion or design and many cultural differences will remain alien to her simply because she has no point of entry. Conversely, Rebeka's own way of thinking, her own culture and view of the world has no point of entry for those who are unlike her.


Spongebob - Tomfoolery Stealing, capes and roomservice
Disc 3: Faith
Jesse - "Paw" They took him?
Imogen heap - "Useless" Wistless
Monoral - "Kiri" Walking
Grandaddy - Crystal Lake (mostly) high and mighty
Radiohead - "No Surprises" You did it, you stupid windup doll

OOC Notes

Character Data
Character NameRebeka Renata
Character OwnerOsaka/Osakanone
Character StatusPermanently Retired Character

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