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Reclaimer Nightlight 60-1830-8741

Reclaimer Nightlight is a Player Character played by Ethereal.

Reclaimer Nightlight
Species & Gender: Freespacer Type-3 Automata (Male)
Year of Birth: Unknown
Organization: Nepleslian Star Navy
Occupation: Captain
Rank: Commander
Current Placement: NSS Ichaival

Voice Sample + Theme

Physical Description

Nightlight stands well over six and a half feet tall when their limbs are fully extended, yet can retract his legs and arms to fit into smaller passages. Vaguely humanoid, he has a torso, arms, legs and head. These limbs are cuboids with many different coloured wires running across the surface. His torso bears several different coloured square lights flush with the surface, located around the upper-left corner. Giving Nightlight his name, his head bears a single circular glowing sensor with a few much smaller ones dotted about in the middle of his head. Several antennae of varying lengths protrude from the upper side of the head. The head itself is octagonal, with the vertical sides about three times as long as the other edges. The entire chassis is a incredibly dark brown colour. Their voice is modulated and synthetic, while Nightlight can show emotion in the voice, they tend to not do so. The eye is embedded slightly in the surface of the โ€œfaceโ€ with the rest of the face being slightly convex. Several fins extend from the back of his head. The chassis is battered and scratched to a certain extent, looking as if it had been thrown about a lot over the years.


Nightlight's origin has instilled in them a sense of parenthood over every unit under their control. Their overarching goal in life is to expand to and perpetuate a fleet, for what reason he doesn't know. Needling very little rest, Nightlight tends to be working almost constantly given their nature as Automata. Despite being a cold, logical machine in appearance and actions, Nightlight has a curiosity towards music and other normally disregarded things. While stoic when facing outsiders, Nightlight always seems to be able to empathise with those under his care. He enjoys interacting with others when he can, being alone on the Bridge can be boring even to an Automata. Nightlight likes people that are passionate about something, those who float through life with no goals annoy him to no end. The circular sensor light he is named for changes colour depending on his mood, or to emphasise emotion as he speaks.



Reclaimer Nightlight 60-1830-8741 was activated at some point in time inside the hull of a nearly-destroyed Freespacer corvette, apparently many years after the ship had been sundered. No sign of the crew or any other lifesigns, the Automata was apparently built by the only remaining and badly damaged arm in the fabrication area, running on the last dregs of power from the batteries. The order for construction appeared to be given years prior, possibly as the crew realised all was lost. With no companions and nowhere to go, the Automata set to work repairing the ship piece by piece from what they could salvage from passing asteroids and debris. After an indeterminate amount of time with very little stimuli from the outside, the long night was over and the ship could fly once more. For a while, Nightlight set out to various spaceports seeking rarer supplies for repairs and picking up some wandering crew along the way.

Now, to follow the one directive he had been given in his inception, Nightlight and his crew agreed to join Farthest Stride to salvage what they can from the battles to more easily get the supplies to do so than wandering the stars.

Skills Learned


Due to the order of the last crewmember of the Ichaival, Nightlight was fabricated with the directive to lead and propagate the Collective, he has been doing so his whole existence and has accumulated a portion of knowledge in this area.

Maintenance and Repair: Sundered Ships

Having rebuilt the Ichaival from a scrap of a hull and minimal equipment, Nightlight has a good deal of experience in this area however the definition of repair is different in Freespacer circles than other races.


Upon construction, Nightlight was given basic neural technology. Added - as with all Freespacers - to accelerate learning to speeds many times faster than other races. Having a digital mind, memories and such can be kept with minute data loss and shared with others that have the correct hardware. This allows manuals and learning aids to be downloaded and rapidly accessed, to give immediate knowledge on a given subject for a period of time without necessarily learning the subject - as long as the data is available.

Starship Operations

For a time, Nightlight piloted the Ichaival between spaceports to acquire more supplies for final repairs. From this, he gained a rudimentary skillset piloting smaller craft. Having lived in a starship his entire life, Nightlight learned a good amount regarding starship systems and design. If needed, he can fill most roles on a given ship to a basic extent.


Having been alone for a time long enough to drive most insane upon his creation, Nightlight spent a lot of time with his own thoughts and developed a deep interest and understanding of philosophy and other such subjects to pass the time.


Nightlight can speak in Trade and both Freefolk and 6-Cog Freespacer dialects through his voice modulator and also broadcast signals through the antennae on his head a relatively short range, acting as a radio and data transmitter. Since joining Farthest Stride, he has learned Nepleslian via mindware.


Being an Automata, Nightlight is incredibly survivable, as any parts that are sheared off or destroyed can be replaced with little lasting effect. Indeed, this also means that aging is only measurable by the growing amount of storage required to house their growing consciousness and even then that storage can be upgraded almost indefinitely.

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OOC Information

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  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES

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