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Reed Sterling

Reed is a Player Character played by Cmd_Jackson.

Reed Sterling
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Height: 178cm / 5ft 10in
Weight: 68.9kg or 152lbs
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Pilot
Current Placement:

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 178cm / 5ft 10in
  • Mass: 68.9kg / 152lbs

Build and Skin Color: Reed has fair skin and is somewhat shorter than most Neplesians. Reed sees himself as a pilot and hasn't bothered himself with bodybuilding, but, he still exercises enough to keep in shape. While not appearing to be obviously well muscled, Reed is built lean and compact and is more than capable of holding his own against others.

Eyes and Facial Features: Reed's eyes are brown and he has a oval face.

Hair Color and Style: Reed has short messy raven black hair that frequently gives people the impression that he had just rolled out of bed. Rather than simply 'fix' his hair Reed simply hides it by wearing an old worn-out cap.

Distinguishing Features: At the end of his service with the old NSN, Reed's craft was hit and Reed was injured. Now, years later, the only indication obvious indication of this past incident is a scar that runs vertically down his right cheek narrowly missing his eye.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Reed is a confident, creative, loyal, and somewhat reckless pilot who loves his job and enjoys getting chances to demonstrate that he is good at this job. Whenever he is at the helm, Reed will constantly search for little things that he can do to demonstrate his abilities to those around him. He loves having this harmless fun and relishes getting the opportunity to challenge himself. That said, he tries not to get carried away and would never knowingly pull a stunt that would put others in danger. Furthermore, Reed hates it when people get hurt when he could have helped them. Combine this with his recklessness and you get Reed charging off headfirst into bad situations.

  • Likes: Flying Ships, Guns Collecting-Especially pistols, Being free to travel, Ships,
  • Dislikes: Being Grounded, NMX, Pirates, Slavers, Letting people get injured, Long Distance Hiking
  • Goals: To freely roam around the sector from the helm of his own ship1).



Jacob Sterling (Father)

Jin Sterling (Mother)

Born YE 6


Reed Sterling was born on Neplesia to the Jacob and Jin Sterling. From the moment he looked up at the sky, he set his heart on getting a job in space. At age 16, he got his wish when he joined the newly formed Nepleslian Star Navy (NSN). He served in minor battles during the Nepleslian Civil War as a Pilot. During a routine patrol, he received word that a distress signal was detected. His requests to investigate were denied, as his superiors believed that the signal was a trap. Undeterred, he set off alone in a small patrol craft to investigate and learned that the signal was a slaver trap. Outnumbered and outgunned with his communications jammed, Reed fled and was pursued all the way back to his patrol fleet. Reed's craft was disabled by the slaver's opening salvo and Reed was forced to watch his comrades scramble to defend themselves. The battle that followed resulted in severe damage to the NSN ships and the blame was directed at Reed Sterling. He was court marshaled and discharged from service and spent the next few years scraping by looking for work.

With the outbreak of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, certain business opportunities formed for those brave (or idiotic) enough to try. Trade routes were cut off and transportation was in high demand. With this in mind, Reed and a few others got together and purchased their first ship. It wasn’t particularly fancy but it became Reed Sterling’s home for the next 5 years.

After many years of successful smuggling operations, Reed Sterling was finally detained and lost his ship when their resident IT expert messed up during a routine operation. With his ship confiscated, the crew of smugglers broke up and Reed was left unemployed looking for a job…

The Wayward

Shortly after his attempt to purchase a ship at the Waypoint Trade Station failed, Reed received a digital recruitment flyer for the freighter Anbruch. One short conversation later, Reed was hired to pilot the Anbruch. After getting his cabin on the Anbruch set up, he flew the ship to Tami for his first mission.

Episode 01: First Steps

The trip to Tami was uneventful in the extreme. Once the crew landed, Reed accompanied the rest of the crew to investigate the abandoned Origin Facility. After scavenging the base and having a brief gun/sword-fight with a man and women armed with NMX weaponry, Reed returned with the crew to the Anbruch and flew the ship to the Dawn Station.

Shortly after docking, Reed set off alone to go buy some supplies. He returned later, after having accepted free food samples and taking ill. He spent the rest of the time at Dawn Station in his quarters.

Episode 02: Distant Memories

Reed was first notified of their arrival when a meteor storm damaged the ship, sending him flying out of his bed. Though he was mostly unharmed, he was rather annoyed with Hugar (who had been flying the ship) for damaging the Anbruch. After the entire crew's initial efforts to explore were halted by the native wildlife, Reed was able to successfully ferry the crew to ruins using a small shuttle.

After the Captain was injured, Reed flew the Anbruch back to Waypoint Trade Station…



Reed was born on Neplesia and has traveled through a large portion of the galaxy. He can speak fluent Trade and Yamataigo.

He has also picked up the basics of a few other languages such as Abwheran, Takavonai and Seraphim.

Starship Operation: Helm

As a former pilot from the old NSN, Reed was trained to pilot smaller ships2). In the time since his expulsion from the Navy, Reed frequently piloted freighter-type ships. He is practiced enough to enact quick evasive maneuvers on reflex and has a knack for pulling off quick takeoffs and landings under adverse conditions.


As a smuggler, he became familiar with the principles behind concealing cargo and, given time and the proper equipment, can trick most searchers. His past interactions with the black market were done through middlemen, he still knows how to get into contact the black-market, and can identify the some of the more notable groups associated with it.

In addition, he is semi-adept in silent movement and can evade casual observers with little difficulty.


Like all members in the old Neplesian Star Navy, Reed received basic hand-to-hand combat training and as a result, can take down most untrained fighters non-lethally with ease. Keyword being “Untrained fighters.” Against other trained and/or experienced fighters, Reed is more likely to find himself outmatched, as prefers most of his fights to occur at pistol range.

Reed received training with most kinds of guns but his past profession led him to develop a preference and knack for using pistols, in part for their compact and concealable nature. When Reed shoots something, he'd prefer for it to go down with minimal shots. His shooting style reflects this as, when given the option, he frequently goes for quick precision shots. That said, frequent usage of pistols has given Reed the practice needed to preform quick snapshots on the move with moderate success.

Reed picked up the Vial for the sole reason as he though it looked cool. The subsequent experimentation and occasional use has allowed Reed to become become semi-proficient in its usage, despite lacking formal training.

Maintenance and Repair

It pays to know what you are transporting and it pays double to know how to fix it when it gets broken. Reed has transported delicate equipment on more than one occasion and has more than a few accidents. Through some work and trial and error, he has managed to get a rudimentary understanding on how to recreate or repair some advanced equipment, but there is no telling how reliable said equipment is.


Reed has some basic knowledge on history. He picks up bits and pieces of history during past operations when he smuggled some kind of historical artifact. Occasionally, this allows him to know some random tidbits of information, although it isn't always useful. This knowledge also helps him determine the origin of items based on their basic design.

Reed possesses knowledge of the general stellar geography, specifically relating to trade routes, some of which are smuggler routes. Most of these smuggling routes are set up to bypass government patrols. Unfortunately, that means that a good portion of the danger from these smuggling routes comes from freely roaming pirates.


Reed has the following items:





Reed is currently a Pilot on the Anbruch.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
1195 KS 1805 Equipment Purchase
1620 KS 425 Ep. 01 Pay
2620 KS 1000 Ep. 02 Bonus
1160 KS 1460 Equipment Purchase
For now, he's content to share the Anbruch
shuttles, fighters, small patrol craft, ect.

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