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Relgemal is a player character played by Nazarii.

Species: Azorean
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Family (or Creators):
Father: Relgemalai/Mentor
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 6'
Weight: 200 IBS
Organization The Commonwealth/Forgotten
Rank Baeros
Occupation Engineer
Current Placement

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6' Mass: 200 IBS

Build and Skin Colour: Relgemals build is uncommon in the Azorean society, with his medium-large build gained from him lifting the parts he used to piece together his inventions. His bulk shows for a more scarier look. His skin is a Pale Blue, from him being raised underground for the first twenty years of his life.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Relgemals face is thin and almost child-like. Without any facial hair at all he has the appearance of a teenager. The major veins are located across his face. These veins begin in the aft lobe of their brain, extend to the frontal lobe, surface at the hairline of their forehead, and move down past the eyes, though the cheeks, and connecting to the primary veins in the neck. Including a scar that stretches across his left eye, it is a dilated pale blue. His right eye is a grayish black.

Hair Color and Style: His hair is purple, making him stand even further out the crowd than he already does. Relgemal makes sure that his hair doesn't grow beyond his lower jaw.

Distinguishing Features: A long scar across his right leg, given to him by his mentor for failing the test for Master Engineer (Once). Leaving him with a limp and use of walking stick, he uses it to make his relations to the Forgotten nonexistent to the eyes of the other Azoreans. Relgemal is almost color blind, form his father Relgemalai.

Usual Clothing: Him never enjoying the skin tight grayish clothing the common Azorean wears. He decided he would wear just the opposite of the population.

Bottoms: Loose black bottom dress with the Commonwealth symbol embroidered into it.

Top: Black cloak with a hood to cover his face and his upper body. He feels ashamed to not be looking even close to normal, so he tried to hide it with his clothing.

Distinguishing Features: A long scar across his right leg, given to him by his mentor for failing the test for Master Engineer (Once). Leaving him with a limp and use of walking stick, he uses it to make his relations to the Forgotten nonexistent to the eyes of the other Azoreans. Relgemal is almost color blind, form his father Relgemalai.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Assertive at times when it proves to be most important, he can easily be mistaken for an person with leader ship qualities. With the way he was raised he was taught to look at everything from a one sided view from the teachings of the Forgotten. Radical words and almost violent in the way he acts. Almost seeming to hint at some sort of unrest about him.

Likes: Violence, Weapons, Machines, Inventions, Physical exercise, Common sensed Individuals. Dislikes: The Commonwealth, optimistic individuals, sitting still. Goals: To escape his home world and find some to help change his people to the Heretic Ideals.



Being born in a spawning pool underground he wasn't necessarily sure of its name. His father raised him, against the ways of the Commonwealth. The community that he was growing up in all applauded him just for being him, he stood out against everyone. He never like the praise so he spent almost all his time with his father and mentor.

He trained up to the day to pass the Master Engineer test that the old ones gave to every Azorean at the age of 16. He failed, his father ran a spear through his leg for it. Teaching him a lesson about failure, never fail it only causes pain. He tried it again the next year and passed, he didn't even break a sweat.

At the age of twenty he decided he would leave his little community to try to blend into the normal world. He didn't with all the scars and the abnormal traits he has, he didn't have a chance. He joined the Commonwealth, as a Engineer hoping for the chance to join the crew of the space exploration at the age of twenty two.

Revoked for the first launch he is pushing for a part of the second launch, β€œAll I want is to help the commonwealth, it is all I desire.” He said, but in all honesty he just wanted off his home world. Which would fool any one for a desire to help to his people.

With the words spoken, β€œLeave here in EXILE!” His father barked, leaving the feeling of hate towards the forgotten. So he left trying to fit in with the other Azoreans in hopes he can at least exist there, and with an underlying idea to help the Forgotten gain power. So he can regain his fathers respect.

Service Record





With Relgemals intuitive style, he is capable of piecing together random parts to make something new. Mainly the designs represent his darkest fears, with dark and sharp designs he usually means to put fear into the hearts of those who use them.

Repair and Maintenance:

With a very skillful amount of patience and perfectionist approach. He is capable of fixing mechanical devices that look to be unrepairable, he fixes them with ease making alternative fixes to make sure the machine runs at least above 80%.


He is able to keep up a rapid pace with swimming or on foot, him needing the ability to protect himself from any possible aggressors. Relgemals unusual looks was the reasoning for this mast of his build, he needed the muscle to back up him self if he ever got in trouble.


Very adept in the slang of the Forgotten and the Azorean language. He is able to use communication systems, radios and all the Azorean equipment meant for distance communications.


He is able to think with ease in situations of high stress, and his caring way of speaking makes his words a valuable tool for being one to lead groups of Azoreans with ease.

Technology Operation:

Another part of him being an engineer is his ability to operate almost any OS system designed and produced by the Azorean Commonwealth. Including The Forgotten OS systems, that he himself helped develop.


Trained in arts not common to the Azorean Commonwealth, he learned most of his combat skills from the Forgotten. They are mainly blind so their techniques work with sound and split second reactions to touch. Including the training the Commonwealth offer to their military forces.



Commonwealth Gear

Weather Gear

Workout Clothing and Undergarments


Personal Hygiene



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