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Reuven Ormroth

Reuven Ormroth is a player character played by Isaac Goldhammer.

Reuven Ormroth
Species: Random Alien
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Height: 8'10โ€œ (269cm)
Weight: 2923lb (1326kg)
Clan: Ormroth
Organization: Protectors of the Alliance
Occupation: Thunder-Bringer
Rank: RF-1
Current Placement:

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 8'10โ€ (269m)
  • Mass: 2923lb (1326kg)

Build: The muscles in his legs are noticeably more built than the rest of his body. This, however, does not mean he has neglected his upper body in any way.

Eyes and Facial Features: Silver eyes.

Ears: Holes on the side of his head.

Scale Color and Scale Pattern: Black with white borders on scales.

Distinguishing Features: Gray burn along entire right forearm, from shielding himself against explosion at extremely close proximity.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Hotheaded and comedic by nature. Frequently gets carried away with jokes to the point of extreme annoyance. Known to take risks if things aren't going his way. Though, usually, this will end in failure and he will become enraged.

  • Likes: Any sort of loud explosion, Bright lights, Alcohol.
  • Dislikes: Quiet explosions (I.E. Grenades, Small Mines), Pity, Mentions of his father.
  • Goals: To gain renown.


Family and Clan

Father: Turyk Ormroth Knowledge-Seeker - Ormroth Monk, 54

Mother: Lethis Ormroth Thunder-Bringer, 52

Brother: Rexyl Ormroth, deceased at age 9 (Would be 19)

Sister: Geneev Ormroth, 16


His father being a devoted monk, Reuven was thought to be both honorable and respectful at an early age. At the age of 5, He was instructed by his father to become an errand boy for the monastery, relaying messages and transporting supplies between the city and the monks. Reuven resented his father for this treatment. Although religion was a constant presence in his life, it did not influence his decisions.

As a result of his parents being away from home, Reuven had to look after both his brother and his sister. Effectively becoming their caretaker, he felt he was entirely responsible for their well being. Reuven was grief-stricken when his brother Rexyl, who was also instructed by his father to carry supplies to and fro, perished along the journey. His father blamed the death on Rexyl's arrogance. Reuven could no longer stand to look his father in the eye. To attempt to cope with his anger and grief, he began drinking alcohol.

Lethis returned home shortly after hearing of Rexyl's death. She told many stories of her accomplishments as a member of the military while she was around. Reuven envied the dangerous life that she lived. Lethis revealed to Reuven her knowledge of explosives while she remained at home. This knowledge, coupled with the fact that he was at peak physical strength, allowed him to pursue a career in the military. After completing basic training he participated in advanced demolitions training in order become better familiar with his hobby.

In order to prevent others from knowing his anger for his father, he attempts to come off as a 'funny guy'. He'd rather live with people laughing at or with him than for them to feel pity anyway.



Along with all other Raikens, he can speak Ris Vi Raiken. He also understands how to use all communication devices currently fielded by the military.


Is capable of surviving in a variety of environments, and is well rehearsed in basic survival techniques. Has knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the differing wildlife known to Raiken.


Sparred frequently during training exercises. Prefers to use his legs rather than fists in combat. He favors heavier weapons when he has the option, but is capable of using any weapon constructed by the alliance. In melee, prefers to use greathammers rather than their blade counterparts.


His strength has been developed over years of transporting supplies up and down the mountain. Accepted into basic training rather easily as a result, and trained vigorously to pass it.


Took an advanced demolitions training. Understands both the basics to explosives and can create IEDs out of less-than-optimal materials. Is able to defuse all explosive devices fielded by the Protectors of the Alliance with success.


Expanded his knowledge on buildings and their relative strengths. This knowledge is primarily used to determine the best places to place explosives in order to topple buildings or cripple ships.


Knows which elements and chemicals can be used to create explosive devices. Can generally tell what element something is made out of through quick observation.


Reuven Ormroth has the following items:

Personal Belongings

  • Hygiene Kit
    • Scale Cleaning Kit
    • Soap
    • Mouthwash
  • Periodic Table

Military Gear

  • 2 Uniforms
  • RACTAG (Raiconian Alliance Communications and Tactical Advantage Gauntlet)
  • Military Issued Greathammer
  • Military Issue Compound Bow
  • Cannon with holographic sight
  • Revolver

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