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Rev'tock Embel

Rev'tock Embel is a player character played by Bloodyscarlet.

Rev'tock Embel
Species: Random Alien
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Height: 5'2โ€
Weight: 78 Kg
Organization: Civilian
Occupation: Bodyguard
Current Placement:

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'2โ€
  • Mass: 78 Kg
  • Measurements: 36C-27-35

Build and Skin Color: Embel has a curvy body compared to her smaller than most other races but tall to other female Gartagens, she has an lavander skin colour.

Eyes and Facial Features: Embel has blood red cat like eyes, with a round face, button nose and thin lips.

Ears: Embel has small ears that are normally hidden by her hair.

Hair Color and Style: Embel has lavander soft hair for a Gartagen down to her shoulder blades normally left natural unless it needed to be in a different position.

Distinguishing Features: Embel has feet with two thick toes. Her hands each sport two prehensile digits, and a thick powerful thumb for grasping. The digits sport a set of matching hook like talons. Embel has there gold rings at different lengths on her tail and a necklace of bleach white claws and gold beads.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Embel can get overly attached to her friends and treats everyone she works with with a large amount of respect. Embel loves a joke not matter what it is about and will joke around with her friends, she seems to be carefree but when her friends are in danger she changes to become completely serious and lets her anger out on the danger.

Embel sees to have two personalties, her carefree and happy side which is seen a lot more than her other side, this is the one that enjoys the company of others and has fun with others. Her other personality is strict and determined, normally comes out when she is fighting, she says it is just her but it is a drastic change between the two different versions of her.

  • Likes: Embel likes friends, any type of food, guns and money.
  • Dislikes: Embel dislikes egotist, none stop talking and non spirit alcohols.
  • Goals: Embel's only goal is to have as much fun as she can in her life.


Family (or Creators)

Embel's family is Rev'tock, they are an unimportant family in the ghettos of a unimportant city.


Embel's childhood was adventerous, as she went to explore and search for things that have been thrown out, so she could sell it and get money for her family as she kept a bit of money for herself. As she grew up her idea of family changed as her parents died, she made her go into a depression for an year, she hardly ate, slept or drunk. Her friends got worried about her and tried to help her, succeeding after a long time of trying, after this her and her five closest friends decided to become their own family, Embel known as big sister to the others.

The family cared for each other more than their real families, Embel was like a mother to the others, and still talks to the other whenever she can. The family members all had jobs and made money, soon they had a house and all lived there, the others still live there as Embel left to get them more money.

Embel worked around the town doing various jobs for various money, she had learnt to do a lot of things from these jobs, she knows things from the lowest of the low, to the red-light district, to military fighting and finally to cooking.


Embel had found a flyer to join a ship, seeing that this was a really good option for her she decided to take it and went to place the flyer said they were meeting and found the captain and another, they started to chat and Embel knew she was going to love it on the ship with the others. When her cooking skill came up the captain seemed extremely happy with iT, this made Embel think that she she would be useful even if it was as the cook. When the crew assembled she was surprised that her and the captain where the only females but spoke nothing of it, when the pleasantries were done they made their way to the ship. The ship was old but amazing, she loved every part of the ship.



Embel can speak in low level code talk with ease, Gartagen, Nepleslian, Trade, is learning Yamataian and can concentrate on speaking when under-fire or in a combat situation.


Embel was trained to be a bodyguard with one of her jobs, so knows how to fight with and without weaponry, she likes using her claws or any ranged weapon if needed for ranged combat.

Starship Operation

Embel has learnt to pilot small spacecrafts and shuttles, using both on a couple of her jobs around town, she can't pilot anything big, and when driving is a bit jolty.


Embel knows a lot of things to help others feel at ease, she can gamble, dance, tell jokes and with help from the red-light district, she can do a lot of things that have to be done behind closed doors.


Embel knows know to cook, clean, do laundry and many other household chores being the one who done them all in the family, she does them all to her own high standard and takes enjoyment in the peace of doing it.

Maintenance and Repair

Embel doesn't mind getting down and dirty, keeping things running and making sure that they wont blow up is all that she can do, as one of her many jobs that she had throughout her life.


Rev'tock Embel has the following items:


  • Black T-Shirt x2
  • Red T-Shirt x3
  • White button up blouse x2
  • Light blue jeans x2
  • Black jeans x1
  • Black hip shorts x2
  • Green hip shorts x1
  • Leather zip up jacket x1
  • Black work boots x2
  • Red high heal shoes x1
  • Red open toe flat shoes x2
  • Black undergarments x3
  • Red undergarments x4


personal grooming

  • tooth brush
  • soap
  • hand towel x2
  • towel x2
  • tooth paste
  • female beauty products
  • perfume


Rev'tock Embel is currently searching for work.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
2780 KS 220 KS Suleo XRASER Pistol
2300 kS 480 KS Suleo XRASER Rifle

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