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Richard Hecklington

Richard Hecklington is a player character played by Legion Puppy.

Richard Hecklington
Species & Gender: Nepleslian Male
Date of Birth: YE 05
Occupation: Hobo
Current Placement:

Physical Description

Richard Hecklington is a short man, at 4'11. He has a scruffy, unkempt beard, and brown hair that likely hasn't been taken care of in forever. No tattoos are on his body. He is somewhat pudgy, at 155-ish LBs. His eye-color, like his hair color, is brown, as are most things on him besides his skin-tone, which is a somewhat-tanned white. His face- like his body- is soft and pudgy, with a round nose, along with multiple missing or yellowed teeth sitting in his mouth. His body hair is also unkempt. He smells of garlic, and his voice is rather nasally. His ears are rounded, and somewhat close to his head.


His personality is rather unpleasent. He swears quite often, and is overall rude to people. Obsessed with climbing the tallest towers and spaceships. He really has no motivations beyond “climb the tallest thing in sight.” His goal in life is to climb the tallest thing around. He is rather lazy, resulting in him being a hobo. He has a habit of swearing way too much. He is easily angered, and rather brave. He is not a social person, but is willing to tolerate the company of others to accomplish a goal. His past relationships have all been failures. He treats other people equally, That is to say- he is rude to most people equally. Calls himself “Suction Cup Man”.

Likes: Climbing. Food. Sitting down and not helping at all. Dislikes: Work other than thievery, non-humans/non-Nepleslians.


Richard Hecklington was born in YE 05.

A dropout of boot-camp, Richard was too lazy to get a job, so he wandered the streets as a hobo. Eventually he made a living through petty theft- and it is this way he discovered his love of climbing. As such, he stole four magnets to climb buildings to steal better loot. It is here he dubbed himself “Suction Cup Man.” Afterwards, he met up with another hobo named Joe Ingram. They hit it off, and eventually “lived” together in an alleyway. They shared everything- places to sleep and such. However, like all of his past relationships, they broke apart. He had hidden a stash of food without telling Joe, and when Joe found out, they got into a fight and split apart. Feeling the need to get offworld, Richard eventually stole a No-T1-1a - Mucoyi Civilian Shuttle civilian shuttle and fitted a magnet “tow cable” onto it to hitch a ride on other ships. Due to dropping out, he kept his EM-G7 Emrys Environ suit and EM-G8 Gravity Boot.

Social Connections

Richard Hecklington is connected to: Rick Hecklington (Father, Deceased) Mary Hecklington (Mother, Lost Contact) Joe Ingram (Best Friend, Lost Contact.)

Skills Learned


Because of his upbringing, Richard speaks Trade as his only language.


Due to his training in the academy, Richard is able to pilot ships, though typically cannot pilot more advanced ones.


Richard can use his magnets to climb nearly any magnetic surface. This also translates into him being able to climb any rough surface, provided there are enough handholds. Richard also has base knowledge in other areas of acrobatics.


As a thief, Richard picked up the art of stealth. He is not very good at it. He is also exceptional at playing innocent, however he is terrible on shifting the blame to others.


Richard generally can use basic firearms, due to being a military dropout, however, he is not very good at it. He is utterly terrible at other forms of combat.

Inventory & Finance

Richard Hecklington has the following items:

Four magnets, two for his hands and two for his feet. A civilian shuttle, fitted with a magnet “tow cable” An Environ suit Gravity boots Patchwork clothes

OOC Information

This is a very rough-around-the-edges character. Any help is appreciated.

OOC Notes

In the case Legion Puppy becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO

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