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Richard Wolfe

Richard Wolfe is a NPC played by Gamerofthegame. He is the cigar chewing senator for Asura III and the rest of the Asura System.

Richard Wolfe
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Occupation: senator
Current Placement: Senate of Yamatai

Character description

Richard is quite the image of a man - And the popular image of a Nepleslian one, too. Fairly tall, broad and stocky. Pretty good shape, with a visible muscular structure; someone who strives to maintain his own body image. He has a somewhat tanned skin tone coming from the warm desert world of Asura, which only adds to his gruff appearance with his raven black, well cut hair and trimmed goatee-beard. He has a deep voice, tending to boom through the senate assembly when he speaks.

He is a businessman through and through, but he does put his heart into representing the Asuran and Empire's people.


While born in the confines of the empire of Yamatai, he holds a great deal of interest and affairs in Nepleslia as well and was a former citizen of the United Outer Colonies. He owned and rose a international business conglomerate based on home goods, such as furniture and appliances, which is was headquartered in Asura after its founding due to the β€œhands off” nature of the UOC. He officially abdicated his CEO title to his business partner, though it is assumed he still holds a presence, after he bou- was voted into the senator position.

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