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Richard Wolfe

Richard Wolfe is a NPC played by Gamerofthegame. He is the cigar chewing senator for Asura III and the rest of the Asura System.

Richard Wolfe
Species: Geshrin
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Occupation: senator
Current Placement: Senate of Yamatai

Character description

Richard is quite the image of a man - And the popular image of a Neplesian one, too. Fairly tall, broad and stocky. Pretty good shape, with a visible muscular structure; someone who strives to maintain his own body image. He has a somewhat tanned skin tone coming from the warm desert world of Asura, which only adds to his gruff appearance with his raven black, well cut hair and trimmed goatee-beard. He has a deep voice, tending to boom through the senate assembly when he speaks.

He is a businessman through and through, but he does put his heart into representing the Asuran and Empire's people.


While born in the confines of the empire of Yamatai, he holds a great deal of interest and affairs in Nepleslia as well and was a former citizen of the United Outer Colonies. He owned and rose a international business conglomerate based on home goods, such as furniture and appliances, which is was headquartered in Asura after its founding due to the “hands off” nature of the UOC. He officially abdicated his CEO title to his business partner, though it is assumed he still holds a presence, after he bou- was voted into the senator position.

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