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Ro Zagan

Ro Zagan is a player character played by Ro Zagan.

Ro Zagan
Species & Gender: Nepleslian Male
Date of Birth: 1996
Organization: Himself
Occupation: Pirate
Rank: Captain
Current Placement: Lone wandering

Physical Description

Ro Zagan stands at 6ft3 3inch

Due to war damage and experience as a space pirate his figure is massively toned. Though he is lean due to his height.

He is rosy white and heavily scarred.

His eyes are bright yellow and may shine an orange hue in the light.

His ears are pierced with two long barbells.

His maroon red hair stands tall with presumably large amounts of gel and product. With several large strands hanging over his aviator shades. He has large sideburns and three hairs on his chin.

He has large eyebrows and always seems to look pissed. His nose is pointed but not quite defined. He is not immediately handsome but kids may see him as awesome looking, although his overall appearance is a bit childish.


He is pissed often and tends to shout a lot, but strikes people's hearts with incredible speeches. He cares for nothing but his crew, he would sacrifice his life for the safety of his crew, and would track someone through half the universe and kill them and everyone they knew if they cost a crew mates life. He is motivated by his father who he only saw briefly as a child, who was a legendary pirate, he strives not to find him, but to become like him and live up to his legacy.


Ro Zagan was born in 1996.

Born on the civil war ridden planet of Haak, Ro was born into gunfire and blood amongst oil. He cared for his mother who died shortly after he turned 10. Ro decided to reject his own planet and left it for dead by stealing an old oil tanker frigate at the age of 15. Where he sought out to find his own crew. All of his original crew mated died in a skirmish between an unknown enemy force, where he decided to drift in space for several years.

Social Connections

Ro Zagan is connected to: None currently

Skills Learned


English and most speech resembling it


He is an adept pilot capable of manoeuvring most large ships and interfacing with most known ship terminals.


Although rusty around the edges. He has a good understanding of ship mechanics and mechanical sciences.


He is able to send men flying with a punch, but could not aim a gun if his life depended on it. He preferred his fists or a knife for close combat, but relies on his ships weaponry.


He is extremely tolerant to pain and does not bleed much. He is able to act perfectly under immense amount of pain but is not invincible, he is still susceptible to desease and chemicals.

Inventory & Finance

Ro Zagan has the following items:

No money. A small pocket knife. Spare wiring.

OOC Information

OOC Notes

He has killed many men, but cannot handle losing someone dear to him.In the case Ro Zagan becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO

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