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Rob Robertson the Third

Rob is an NPC played by Kai

Rob Robertson the Third
General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: Nepleslian Height: 6'10โ€œ
Gender: Male Weight: 145lbs
Age: 42
Employer: Origin Industries
Occupation: Weapons Designer Eyes: Brown
Rank: CEO Hair: Brown
Current Assignment: Dawn Station

Physical Characteristics

Description: Rob Robertson the Third is a large, fairly musclebound Nepleslian man, with a hulking stature and the ability to stare down just about anything shorter than him with his piercing brown eyes. His entire body is covered in scars from various fights during his youth, as well as accidents while building things. Hair Color and Style: Rob has brown hair, that is styled in a buzz-cut. Distinguishing Features: Numerous scars

Psychological Characteristics

Personality:Rob is generally a very jovial person, but is often prone to quietness, especially when working. He is known to have a very easygoing temper, but not immune to the occasional outburst. Likes: Guns, Knives, more guns, explosives, and Stimburgers Dislikes: broken guns, people making junky products, and Mishhuvurthyar Goals: None. Rob has currently achieved all his personal goals and is quite content with his life as it is.


Family: Father: Rob Robertson, Junior. Deceased. Mother:Karen Joy Robertson. Deceased.

Rob Robertson grew up on Nepleslia, being as Nepleslian as a kid could be. He grew up around his father's gunsmith shop, and learned everything he knows about guns from his father. After Serving in the military a number of years, Rob struck out on his own and became a small-time pirate for a while, but, tiring of this, settled into a small gunshop, where he lived until an old contact from his Pirating days, Aerin Tatst offered to help him start a project that would allow him to make his own guns instead of just selling other people's products. The Nepleslian couldn't refuse and helped put his life savings into the Project, which became Origin Industries.

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