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Ro'sario Erm'olai

Ro'sario Erm'olai is a player character played by Matthew.

Ro'sario Erm'olai
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Species: Shukaren Laibe (Sub-Species)
Gender: Male
Phenotypical Age: 20 years
Age: 40 years [Birth Year: 737 ER]
Height: 6' (~182 cm.)
Weight: 159 lbs (~72 kg.)
Organization: Shukara Volunteer Navy
Occupation: Software Engineer, Apprentice
Rank: C'Baruce
Current Placement: SNV Gam'trosha

Preferred Plots

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 6' (~182 cm.)
  • Mass: 159 lbs (~72 kg.)

Build and Skin Color: Due to his foite heritage, Erm'olai has a slender and predatory build like many Laibes.

Eyes and Facial Features: Like many Laibe, Erm'olai has a distinctive muzzle that is very foite-like, which elongates his face slightly as a result. His ice-blue eyes have slitted pupils.

Ears: His black-furred, foite-like ears sit on top on his head. Slender and long, they are swept-back slightly and have tufts of cream fur popping out from the inner ear.

Hair Color and Style: Erm'olai's body is covered with midnight black fur, except for the tip of his tail (which is crimson).

Distinguishing Features: Other than the rather uncommon black fur, Erm'olai has been noted to keep a pair of red-tinted, matte-black rimmed goggles strapped to his head and above his eyes just in case he needs them.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: There's a superiority complex and then there is a superiority complex. Erm'olai seemed to take the standard Laibe superiority complex and make it into an art (a rather annoying art). However, he isn't completely superior about the fact he's a Laibe. While he feels a certain pride about it, he knows quite well the limitations of his kin. No, his superiority comes from his technical expertise and his aspirations. One cannot be nobility without having some sense that they are superior above all and it is quite obvious, to Erm'olai, that he is destined for the lofty privledges the life of a noble brings.

Of course, with said superiority complex comes the belief of being better than others. This can make some individuals standoffish and intolerable. In Erm'olai's case, being aloof is the better part of the deal when socializing with him. If someone can get him started on the technical aspects of programming an AI, he will arrogantly explain every step of the process in glorious detail. If a fellow crew mate should ask him to fix an issue with their consoles or computers, he will do so while explaining in detail what they did wrong and why they should never do it again. About personal matters though, Erm'olai prefers to remain silent and aloof. After all, individuals who consider themselves to be his peers don't need to know such things.

With all the arrogance in Erm'olai, he does treat his superiors (of rank, since none can compare to him in any other way) with the respect they deserve.

  • Likes: Programming Artificial Intelligences, Grooming his fur until it looks luxurious, and having intelligent conversations.
  • Dislikes: Uppity Daur who are not his superiors (though they are usually only superior rank-wise)
  • Goals: To become a member of the Nobility (because that is the only station appropriate for him)


Family (or Creators)

Father: Amer'igo, 85, Maintenance Technician Mother: Na'talya, 89, Restaurant Owner Sister: Jeka'tyrina, 46, Hostess Brother: Gian'luca, 401), Cook (Prep) Brother: Dar'io, 402), Marine Sister: An'fysa, 2, Preparatory Student


Born on Nesha Prime in the year 737 ER to Ro'sario Amer'igo and Na'talya, Erm'olai was the middle kit of triplets. He was raised in the city of Sasa'ne, growing up in the shadow of the great Orbital Elevator with his elder brother Gian'luca and his younger brother Dar'io. While not the strongest of his brothers, Erm'olai turned out to be the smartest and the most cunning of them. When it came to playing with the other kits, Erm'olai was the one making the plans while his brothers did the physical work. Of course, they got fed up eventually. Then Erm'olai became the mule for a time, much to his chagrin.

Even with his humiliation, Erm'olai grew up to be a rather arrogant individual. This probably stemmed from the few times he went to work with his father after Primary School. However, both his parents wanted him to have a proper education. Instead of following his father's footsteps immediately, he went to Secondary School to further his education while working part-time. During this time, he got his first glimpse of nobles. He even talked with a few of them (those that seemed to tolerate him). The things he heard from these nobles intrigued him. It was if it was a position meant for him!

After Secondary Education, he went to work at the Sasa'ne Orbital Elevator as a Computer Technician. However, he knew it wasn't something he wanted to do forever. His aspirations were now known to him and nobility was his goal. Such things couldn't just happen while working at the Orbital Elevator, he needed to do something of worth and there was only a couple of ways to do that: go into the military or develop something groundbreaking. Well, why bother with just one method?

While he planned to research more into the field of Artificial Intelligence, Erm'olai enlisted in the military after being employed at the Elevator for a year or so. Going through the Basic Training and the Technical School, Erm'olai was assigned to the SNV Gam'trosha.

NSV Gam'trosha - Mission 1

Erm'olai's assignment to the SNV Gam'trosha was a short stent upon the ship followed by a season's time with the Naval High Command. This occurred due to his actions on board the vessel during the Vectes Naval Base Incident. Assigned to the vessel's Mainframe, Erm'olai was instrumental in not only getting the Exploration Vessel's weapons and sabotaged systems back online, but also collecting the vast amounts of data and evidence on the sabotage and its mastermind. Because of this, High Command temporarily pulled him from the SNV Gam'trosha for the investigation.

During his season away, Erm'olai testified before the courts and participated in countermeasure research in order to develop defenses against such sabotage again. Further more, he reported lax shipyard personnel as responsible for some of the troubles as well. After the intensive study and reports, Erm'olai was given leave to return to the SNV Gam'trosha once again.

NSV Gam'trosha - Mission 3

To be Role Played

Skill Areas


Erm'olai is fully fluent in his native tongue, Tinacen (Language), in order to sound high-class and intelligent (which he believes to be both). He is also capable of operating both civilian and military communication systems that can be carried by an individual or installed upon starships.


Most of Erm'olai's combat training has come from the military's Basic Training. While he experimented with several sword styles as a Kit, his primary style of choice is the Curan style due to his high class tastes. Never-the-less, he knows enough of the standard Krotaya style just to keep himself alive (and the sword instructors at Basic out of his fur). Erm'olai is also proficient with pistols and rifles due to this training.

Knowledges (Neshaten History and Cultures)

Like all kits, Erm'olai was taught the basics of the My'leke (Species) and Shukaren Daur (Sub-Species) cultures in order to expand his awareness and tolerance. He has also been lectured on the historical foundation of the Kingdom of Neshaten.

Maintenance and Repair

Being a former technician on Sasa'ne Orbital Elevator, Erm'olai is fully capable of performing basic maintenance upon computer systems as well as basic starship systems.

Starship Operation

Because of his occupation as a Software Engineer, Erm'olai is required to know the basic functions of each station on a starship in order to make sure programming has been done to acceptable standards (if he will even tolerate acceptable).

Technology Operation

This is Erm'olai's bread and butter, his expertise. Without his knowledge of computing systems, artificial intelligences, and electrical systems, the laibe would have no meaning at all! Everything he does programming and computing-wise must be to perfection (his perfection since the perfection everyone else follows is sub-standard).

Because of this, Erm'olai's skill in computer programming/operation as well as network management are top knotch. His specialty is in the realm of artificial intelligence development and maintenance.


Everyone in the Ro'sario family that was of age was taught to drive well. Because of this, Erm'olai is adept as driving non-combat vehicles.


Ro'sario Erm'olai has the following items:


Ro'sario Erm'olai is currently a C'Baruce in the Shukara Volunteer Navy.

Monthly Salary: 175 Rn
Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
5000 Rn Starting Funds
5525 Rn 525 Rn A Season's Pay
1) , 2)

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