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Roshan Javaid

Roshan Javaid
Species: Iromakuanhe
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Ethnicity: Eyr Ranr
Height: 6' 1
Weight: 165 lbs.
Organization: none
Occupation: “Planetologist”
Current Placement:

Roshan Javaid in Roleplay

Roshan is a player character played by Anfortas and is not currently involved in a plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6' 1 Mass: 165 lbs.

Build and Skin Color: Lean is perhaps the best word to describe Roshan. With wiry muscles and an athletic frame wrapped in light brown skin. He has spent a great deal of time in the sun, using his body for work and it shows.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Roshan's eyes are a glacial blue, bright and constantly twinkling and not simply from the natural luminescence of Iromakuanhe eys. His face is open, completely guileless, with a smile forever gracing it.

Hair Color and Style: It might have been that his hair was a dark shade of brown, or perhaps even black. However, his extensive time in the outdoors has left his hair bleached to gray. It is cut to about ear-length in a haphazard lack of any styling whatsoever.

Distinguishing Features: Roshan's horns have a simplistic laquer design on them, a small sunrise coming up from the rear, a mark to recognize any family he might have in the world. Beyond this, his left horn is slightly shorter, having a small chip off of the tip of it.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Roshan is one of THOSE people. You know the type. The ones that seem to always have a smile on their face no matter what has happened to them. He is one of those people who will find a silver lining to every storm cloud, be hit by lighting and exclaim to the world with a completely straight face how they are having the time of their lives.. He is filled with a constant child-like wonder at the world around him, insatiably curious and having little to no sense of embarrassment. His constant questions may grate at times. Or most of the time. And it is difficult to get him to take events of any source seriously. His life is one giant game to him, one big puzzle-box to be unlocked and marveled at piece by wondrous piece. He also pays the Vigil almost no mind at all, paying little heed to dreams as there is just so much *stuff* out in the waking world to be found. Were he to actually meet a Makouri he would likely greet it with the same sunny friendliness, boundless questions, and insatiable appetite for new experiences to which he greets everything else in life.

Likes: Sunrises, New foods, Getting hopelessly lost, Laughing, HUGS!

Dislikes: Serious people, Being still, Conflict

Goals: To visit every star, see every vista, find the answer to every question, and maybe establish the field of Planetology as a legitimate scientific discipline along the way…



Sher Rashne (Father) Parvana Javaid (Mother Various younger and older siblings


Roshan was born the third child of his parents aboard their airship, “Hvare Khshaeta”. Their ship did rounds above the Sea of Dreams, performing a one year circuit that took them to various ports throughout the archipelagos. His parents were divers and speculators, using their ship to find resources, archeological sites, schools of fish, and then bringing the information to various corporations and private individuals in return for a commission. The money provided for all they needed, which wasn't much. Aside from more extensive repairs to the ship's GE Lifter, most of what they needed they could get from the Sea of Dreams itself. Their job also gave them much time to simply wander the open ocean, as is the way of the Eyr Ranr. And this was Roshan's childhood. Every day was a new adventure with his brothers and sisters, whether up in the air, on the surface of the sea, or in the various ports of call.

Even then his curiosity was boundless, and his bright disposition caused him to always ask questions of everyone he met. It was a joke of his mother's that set him on his current path, saying that for all the questions he asked it was like he wanted to become a “planetologist”, a nonsense word for a nonsensical field. And an idea onto which the young boy latched, to his parent's amusement.

Eventually, he found his parent's ship growing too small. His older siblings had gotten ships of their own, and his younger ones were growing daily. So with his parent's blessing, he was let off at port and given over to wander where he would, and satisfy his curiosity. The gave him enough money for him to survive for a while, and assurances that he could always use the Khshaeta as a port of call. Immediately the young man used his money to buy himself a small Lifter, to better travel, and began his own wanderings.

A couple of years later he now finds himself hopelessly lost in the wide deserts. He has been walking for days in the hot sun, his Lifter having been downed in a sandstorm. He is also swiftly running out of food and water. In other words, he is having the time of his life!


Communication (Linguistics)

Roshan's fondness for learning new words and dialects is only matched by his enthusiasm towards everything else in life. Through his encounters with different cultures all throughout his life, as well as his own unquenchable thirst for learning, he is quite adept at a variety of eclectic regional dialects on Maekardan ,and able to make himself understood in many others, the linguistic roots of many interesting words and sayings, and how they influence and are influenced by the cultures they arise from.

Biology (Zoology, Botany)

Roshan's curiosity is not only reserved for the knowledge of people. Through field observations, encounters, and a small smattering of books, he has knowledge of the attributes, customs, and habits of various flora and fauna inhabiting the Maekardan ecology. This knowledge is not comprehensive, being a more general view of how the ecology interacts with itself and sentient culture rather than specific knowledge on animal habits and what plants may be safe for consumption.


Among one of Roshan's dearest loves is food. He loves trying new styles of cooking, new spices, and new things for consumption. He is in no way a picky eater. Thus, he has endeavored to collect a variety of different recipes using a staggering variety of ingredients. If you give him some organic matter and a little time, he will invariably find a use for it in one of his recipes.

Humanities (Anthropology, Sociology)

Roshan, always eager to learn any new thing he encounters, is entirely without shame when asking about cultural details. Finding people endlessly fascinating ,much as he finds most other things, he therefor has knowledge of a wide array of societal customs, cultural habits, and the history behind both.

Knowledge (History)

Being insatiably curious even as a child, Roshan has never stopped asking questions about history, folklore, and mythology. If he hears about an interesting story, he will invariably ask for the fully detailed version. As a result, he has an eclectic collection of old stories, histories, and facts stored in his head.

Vehicles (GE Lifter air-ships)

Having grown up on an airship using a GE Lifter for propulsion, Roshan is more than capable of piloting similar airships.


Always an active child who could never sit still, it is no surprise that Roshan has grown up to be a rather athletic young man. As a youth he would be constantly active aboard his family's airship, climbing all over everything and taking regular dips in the ocean. He has great endurance and flexibility, as well as a good degree of strength behind it.


Planetology: A holistic discipline reflecting an eclectic collection of planetary ecologies, zoology, botany, climatology, anthropology, linguistics and myriad other hard and soft sciences to give a complete look at how they all interrelate to each other on a planetary scale. Mostly though it is simply a vehicle for the feeding of Roshan's limitless curiosity.

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