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Rozalija Añuli Simonis

Rozalija Añuli Simonis is a player character played by Navian.

Rozalija Anuli Simonis
Species & Gender: Iromakuanhe Female
Year of Birth: BYE 116, AR 820
Organization: Astral Vanguard
Occupation: quartermaster
Rank: Senbalri
Height: 6'0“
Weight: 165 lbs

Physical Description

Rozalija Simonis is 6'0”, broad-shouldered and lithe, weighing about 165 lbs. She has rose pink skin, blue-green eyes, and white hair in a mullet. She somehow manages to look cold and hard, despite being candy-coloured and smiling most of the time. Arms akimbo is her favourite pose. Her face is somewhat pinched, and her horns are bowed out to the sides.


Roza is aggressive by habit, but not especially driven. She tends to go through life with a lot of inertia, but not much direction. She is slow to learn, adapt, and change, but conversely is quite steady and unflappable. Though she considers herself an intellectual, few others would ever describe her this way; she likes to know everything but doesn't like learning new things. Fortunately, she's had a lot of time and opportunities.

Roza doesn't require company, but enjoys giving instructions and attempting to mediate in disputes. She exults in the presence of efficient workers and patriots, though she can't understand what could motivate someone to be either. Most of her past relationships ended when she felt someone was taking advantage of her, even when this wasn't the case. Her poor ability to read into the motivations of others discourages her from forming close relationships.


Rozalija Añuli Simonis was born in AR 820 in Omhe, an Ivuori enclave in the Hashida peaks of Mazerin. Her early life was remarkable only in that she achieved nothing, despite making no effort to be delinquent and having no medical problems. Her daily schedule remained little different from that of a carefree early adolescent even well into her forties, when her parents, in their wisdom, gave her command of a merchant vessel. Roza stumbled through operations until after the company folded, thirty years later, as the ship was too damaged to be repaired without her parents' assistance. In the end, it was sold for scrap to help pay off their debts.

Roza had never been good at anything, but for most of her life, this had somehow gone largely unnoticed. When she found herself unemployed and without support, for once, it was a serious problem. She drifted between odd jobs and miscellaenous salvage work for many years before stumbling into the Astral Vanguard, amid the excitement of first contact with powerful aliens. In the years following, she enjoyed a steady and mediocre career in the general infantry, before finally attaining a position as quartermaster. Though there's some question of whether this was a case of her being 'kicked upstairs', there's no question that Roza considered receiving this position the ultimate vindication of her abilities.

Skills Learned

Rozalija Simonis has the Astral Vanguard Essential Skills, those required by General Infantry, and those needed to work as a Quartermaster, much of which came from her merchant background. This same background has also left her somewhat able to work as an Envoy. She has no other notable skills, but to stretch the definition a little, she used to play a lot of Zero-Gee Repulsion sports, half a lifetime ago, and also dabbled in the popular Ivuori open-hand martial arts style.

Social Connections

Rozalija Simonis has some connection to members of her extended family, former squadmates and crewmembers, and others previously employed by her parents, though the fiscal implosion of her parents' enterprises has left these contacts in disarray. She has a few more surprising contacts from her merchant career, although most people she met between then and her military career became enemies. She has no fewer than four of her own children, and many grandchildren, though she was never a good parent, and never took care of them personally for more than a year or two at a time.

Inventory & Finance

Rozalija Anuli Simonis has the Astral Vanguard Standard Issue.

Rozalija Anuli Simonis currently has 13000 KD.

OOC Information

In the case Navian becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES

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