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Rubi Kalan

Rubi Kalan is a player character played by SirSPT.

Rubi Kalan
Species & Gender: Human Female
Date of Birth: ~YE 11 (~27)
Organization: N/A
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: ISS Shinpi

Physical Description

Rubi stands in at about 5'11โ€œ and weighs about 138lbs. Her body has a bronze skin tone and a well built figure with a couple defined abs. Her face to have a somewhat triangular shape with an angular jawline, straight nose, prominent cheekbones. Her eyes have an amber color to them.

Her hair is a midnight black and goes down to about a shoulder's length. It tends to be fairly messy or matted down, depending on if she was wearing her hat or not.

She usually wears a tattered brown vest over a sun bleached red button up. Her trousers were originally a denim blue but have faded over a mixture of brown and red from the dust and blood of the hostile wasteland and are held up with the assistance of a black leather belt with a holster hanging off the side.

She usually wears a black dust and her tattered brown cowboy hat when she's out and about.


Rubi, while somewhat mannered, tends to be fairly blunt. She won't hesitate to speak her mind around most company but knows when to keep her mouth shut. Her humor, if she has any, usually leans towards being dry and sardonic.

She isn't exactly a heroic person. She can easily be as cruel, vindictive, and self serving as those she hunts. When push comes to shove, Rubi sometimes can easily throw her morality out of the question to maintain her survival. She has no qualms over shooting innocents, stealing from the poor, or setting fire to half a city.

Rubi also isn't much of a romantic. She almost seems to be more afraid of being romantic with people than annoyed.

  • Likes: Hunting, guns, and quiet lakeside resting spots
  • Dislikes: Sandstorms, heights, romance
  • Goals: Explore the bigger galaxy and figure what to do with her life.


Rubi Kalan was born what could be assumed around YE 11 on the backwater planet of 188-604 to a Bart Maus, an underling thug to one of the many warlords of Tolmasch and the prostitute Jasmine Kalan from Tyben. Bart, not wanting to be known to have a child with a whore, intended to murder off Jasmine and a yet-to-be-born Rubi as soon as he received the news from one of Jasemine's co-workers. Jasemine managed to fend off and flee Bart, taking refuge in her former home secluded in the Tyben wilderness. Rubi was eventually born and taught to survive and fend for herself for about 14 years.

After 12 years of hunting, Bart finally found Jasemine while Rubi was out hunting. Bart killed her after several hours of torture to figure out where Rubi was before giving up and considering her as good as dead from the harsh Tyben environment or roaming packs of bandits. Rubi returned from her trip to see Bart leaving from her house and found her mother beaten and murdered. Vowing revenge, Rubi gave her mother the best burial she could before setting off to find her mother's murderer.

Rubi traveled across the deserts and wastes of planet, honing and fine tuning her hunting skills and switching her game from animals to men as a bounty hunter. She gained a reputation for her skills and her ruthlessness with certain bounties. After spending six years hunting down Bart, Rubi finally narrowed down his location to a small failed town in The Great Sands after torturing the same co-worker that ratted out her mother. Rubi eventually assaulted the town, picking off several gunman before moving in and engaging in a firefight with Bart and his men in the tavern. After eliminating and cornering Bart, Rubi fatally shot him and left him to bled out the in abandoned tavern.

Lacking much else for a purpose in her life, she continued bounty hunting for several years before being hired to join Aaron Grant's rebellion against the Osman Government. During the final assault on the Osman capital, Uso assaulted the planet and easily took it over. Rubi was originally tasked with assassinating one of the local generals collaborating with Uso, embedding herself with the collaborator's army before Aaron decided to forgo peace with the invaders.

With the lawless planet being quick brought control of its new alien occupation, Rubi now sees herself spending most of her time coping with the new technologies brought by the invaders and sees her self taking her hunt to the stars above.

Social Connections

Rubi Kalan is connected to:

Skills Learned


Rubi knows how to speak, read, and write in what's considered Trade (language) at most. She has limited experience with radio and electronic communications.


While using primitively designed weapons for most of her life, Rubi is adept with contemporary handguns and rifles. Having done many western duels in the past, she is extremely fast in drawing and firing on several targets in quick succession with almost deadeye accuracy. Years spent hunting both wildlife and man, Rubi is also skilled with single-shot, long range rifles. Lastly, Rubi is also competent and resourceful in hand-to-hand fighting, relying on underhanded tactics and the environment to disable opponents.


Life in the fringes of 188-604 are extremely harsh. Rubi knows this well and tries t remain in as peak fit condition as she can. Rubi can easily traverse hard terrain with speed without tiring and maintain a sprint for decent amount of time. Just don't ask her to swim.


Rubi isn't exactly a military leader, but she has experience in rallying bounty hunters and rebels together for excursions.


Having spent most of her life away from most civilization, Rubi can easily survive on her for months, if not years, on her own. She can easily hunt, navigate, evade, and build some structures to survive in the wilderness.


Sometimes catching a bounty requires more fineness than a shootout. Rubi knows how to move silently and infiltrate partially guarded areas. She also knows how to camouflage herself with the surrounding environment.


Rubi's not exactly an a in-house type person, but she knows how to make a home out in the wilderness and sew her own clothes.

Inventory & Finance

Rubi Kalan has the following items:

  • Crate of 50 NAM ESGs
  • 451 x Snowshoes
  • 22 x Baskets
  • Crate of exotic Phodian spices
  • 364 nice couches
  • Water pump and filtration system
  • Polished Marble Statuette
  • Ammunition Crate, 7.62 x 51 mm Ketsurui Zaibatsu (GP-1)
  • 28 x Box of 20 Arrowheads (5 sp, 1 lb)
  • Monoeyes
  • Carbine
  • 10โ€ Golden Replica of Rubi Kalan
  • 2 CQB Dedicated knives (20โ€ Durandium, vibro-knives)
  • Dual Submachine Pistols (white w/ red accents)
    • Belt
    • Holster
    • 640 5.8x30mm rounds
    • 2 45-round (long) magazines
    • 4 20-round magazines
  • Battle Rifle (white w/ grey accents)
    • Infrared/Visible rail mountable laser
    • fore grip
    • holo-sight
    • carrying strap
    • 400 6.56x40mm rounds
    • 3 batteries
    • 4 40-round magazines
  • 2 Pulse grenades
  • Hacker Tablet
  • Rope
  • NAM binoculars
  • Cattle Prod converter to Short Range Taser

OOC Notes

Current profile art commissioned by Legix.

In the case SirSPT becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO


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