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Ryoko Taiga

General Information
Species Yamatain (Previously Geshrin
Gender Female
Age 21
Mother Noriko Taiga
Father Kotaro Taiga
Occupation Test Pilot
Rank Class C
Assignment None

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'7”

Weight: 137 lb

Bra Size: D

Build and Skin Colour: Tall and sleek, largely due to her very long legs, Ryoko is a woman capable of turning heads. Unlike most Yamataian’s, Ryoko’s appearance is not Asian in appearance, a trait she shares with her father, which betrays itself in her build and how she carries herself. Her skin is a pale tan, the same color as human skin.

Facial Features and Eye Colour: As stated before, Ryoko’s face lacks most of the common Asian features that most Yamataians possess, and instead has facial features that betray a more European heritage. Her eyes have a piercing green color, and her right eye has a faint red targeting reticle pattern designed into it by request that can only really be made out when staring directly into her eye or when she has only one eye opened while aiming. The design is only for looks, and serves no functional purpose.

Hair Colour and Style: A fiery reddish blonde, usually bound into a high ponytail, although Ryoko occasionally prefers simply wearing her hair down.

Distinguishing Features: Non-Asian features, fiery reddish blonde hair, right eye pattern.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Ryoko is very playful and flirtatious by nature. A lover of jokes, she loves nothing more than teasing those around her, although never with ill intentions. Despite her playful nature, Ryoko is very intelligent, and is always thinking of a backup plan no matter the situation. In many situations she will use other’s misconceptions of her based on her appearance and mannerisms to her advantage, and she is quite skilled at extorting anything from information to physical goods from those around her. Unfortunately, her own mouth is her worst enemy, and usually gets her into all manner of trouble. Of course, she knows this, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Likes: Teasing others, Dancing, Singing, Music, Corny jokes, getting the jump on someone, mechanical devices, tinkering, sweet things.

Dislikes: Thieves, Pirates, people with no sense of humor, beautiful things with no useful purpose, strict adherence to protocol simply for protocol’s sake.

Goals: To stay alive, follow in her father’s footsteps, and have a good time doing it.


A solid middle class family, the Taiga’s have always had one clear calling: Working with machinery. For as long as anyone in the family can recall, Taiga after Taiga has spent day after day laboring elbow deep in heavy machinery. Both Ryoko’s father and mother served in the military as technicians before settling down on Yamatai and entering the private sector. An only child, Ryoko was the apple of her father’s eye, and much of her early life was spent tagging along behind the proud, robust man. It is primarily due to him that she grew up the way she did, as he took a very free hand to parenting, allowing her to roam free and do as she wished. And probably thanks to this freedom, she never went through the turbulent rebellious periods that mark the adolescence of most children. Instead, she spent much of her time fostering her growing hobby of tinkering with mechanical devices. When she did decide to go out, however, she was always a flurry of activity, and often the center of attention due to her non-standard looks.

But as she grew older, she set herself upon the almost ritual path of her family, intending to enlist and serve as a technician in the Star Army. With her father’s aid, Ryoko practiced relentlessly in the required fields, and upon her 20th birthday, right after she switched from her Geshrin body to her new Yamataian one, she enlisted. But Military Life and Ryoko did not mix very well. As she began her training, her aptitude test scores were high, but so was the amount of punishment inflicted upon her by her training officers. Unable to keep her mouth shut, Ryoko constantly dragged herself into more and more trouble, which in turn made her grow more and more stubborn. Much of her training passed in this manner, and Ryoko became extremely good friends with every toilet, floor, and window within a 5 mile radius. But finally, she went too far. Caught making a rude, and in Ryoko’s mind, perfectly justified comment about the nether regions of an officer inspecting the recruits, she was washed out and returned to civilian life. While initially considering returning home and working for her parents, she instead decided to attempt to make her own way in the world. After a farewell to her parents, Ryoko was off. Her travels eventually brought her to the planet Nassau, where she took a job with Higa Heavy Industries.


Vehicles: The daughter of a long line of mechanics and engineers, Ryoko is more than at home behind the controls of virtually any vehicle. A multitude of hours spent working alongside her father has given her an adaptive control method capable of taking on most situations with finesse.

Fighting: Before being washed out of her Star Army training, Ryoko qualified in the required Hand to Hand combat courses. She also completed the majority of the physical training program, and was trained in the use of firearms and close combat weaponry. Her primary aptitude was in the use of Rifles and other Long Range weaponry.

Engineering: Trained by her father, Ryoko is quite capable of working with, and understanding the workings of most common machinery. She is capable of upgrading and customizing most systems.

Maintenance and Repair: An aspiring mechanic following in her family’s tradition, Ryoko is familiar and capable of fixing and performing maintenance to most common machines. She is still young, however, and can’t compare in skill to someone like her Father, although she is still learning and spends quite a bit of time practicing.

Entertainment: While not as wild as many during her youth, Ryoko knew how to have a good time out on the town. She is a good dancer and this is shown in her graceful movements. Her voice is also quite pleasant when singing, although to really go anywhere with it she would require a fair amount of voice training.

Communication: During her time as a Star Army of Yamatai cadet, Ryoko completed her training in the use of standard communication devices. Ryoko is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, starships, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. Your character is fluent in English. She can speak and write both correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, etc.

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