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General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: Cat Height: 9 inches (at the shoulder)
Gender: Male Weight: 12 lbs
Age: 3 years Eyes: Brown
fur: Ryuji has scruffy brown fur and whiskers with a white belly. He also has 'eyebrows'.

Ryuji is an NPC played by Luca

Physical Characteristics

Description: Ryuji is a large cat. In addition to the above description of his fur, he has lighter brown markings running along his back, and his tail ends with a white spot. Fur Color and Style: See above. Distinguishing Features: Looks a bit mottled time and time again. Occasionally smells a little.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Streetwise, but modest about it. He'll gladly tell you where the good places are to get attention, and where to eat and drink, and how to look after yourself. He seems to take glee in outrunning the Robo-Cat catcher, or the Jellyfish Likes: Fish, Jumping, Warm Beds, Swimming, Scritches behind the ear Dislikes: The Rain, The Dogs, Robo-Cat Catcher, The Jellyfish Goals: Keep looking out for other cats and helping them.


Ryuji is a character of the children's show Yami NekoNeko, which has recently become popular in Yamatai.

Ryuji was amongst the litter of a street cat, and proved to be the wiliest one in the bunch, topping his brothers and sisters with leaps and bounds in ingenuity, survival and a pleasant attitude towards life in general.

Being one of the oldest cats on this block, Ryuji looks out for Orie and her friends, and he's more than happy to help her out whenever they get into a pickle.

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