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S6-WH1-T3 AKA 'Essex White' is a player character played by Reynolds.

Species: Gun/AI
Gender: Feminine
Date of Birth: 01/03/40
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Firearm & Security Specialist
Rank: #1 Gun
Current Placement: Section 6

Physical Description

  • Length: 25“ (63 cm)
  • Height: 6” (15 cm)
  • Width: 3“ (8 cm)
  • Weight: 15 lb. (6.8 kg)

Gun-shaped. More details will be added as pictures are completed.

Her digital avatar is a Nepleslian female, typically with pale skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. Her default appearance sports a short bob hairstyle with bright red lipstick, wearing the standard Section 6 Uniform in black with red trim, complete with skirt, boots and cap. She usually sticks to this while 'on duty' but has been known to change her appearance on a whim. While off duty Essie is frequently spotted in a typical 'schoolgirl' uniform in black and red, with multiple 'cute' hairstyles like pigtails to further emphasize the lack of formality.

Mechanical Specifications

  • Physical Ammo: Custom S6 .50 cal +P (overpressure) armor piercing rounds (6 shot capacity)
  • Projectile Damage: Tier 3
  • Power Cell: FMS Universal Battery Cells (30 shot capacity)
  • Energy Damage: Tier 4
  • Launcher Rounds: 40mm grenades (3 shot capacity)
  • Flamethrower Ammo: 1 minute supply, 30' (10m) range
  • Flamethrower Damage: Tier 2
  • Grenade Damage: DRV3 3 30'-60' (10-20m) radius
  • Grappling Cable Length: 50 ft. (15 m)
  • Hilt Knife Length: 8” (20 cm) Durandium Alloy mono-edge
  • Sword Length: 12“ (30 cm) Durandium Alloy mono-edge
  • Power Supply: HONEY PUNCH
  • Volumetric Projection: 9' (3m) radius
  • Personal Shield: Tier 4 Osmanium
  • Illumination Options: Flashlight, infrared, ultraviolet, 3D scanning, laser pointer, digital projector
  • Other Built-in Accessories: Multiple cameras, microphones and speakers; two 10” touchscreens; small storage space in pistol grip; concealed custom flask in body
  • Mode Selection/Safety Features: Essex shoots how she wants to, when she wants to, for who she wants to

Discharge Information

  • Muzzle Flash: Extreme, even compared to the constant fusion glow, accompanied by brief gout of flame.
  • Energy Weapon Discharge: An extremely bright, thick, roughly square yellow beam that 'blossoms' from the barrel.
  • Retort: Unmistakably loud. Hearing protection or artificial ears recommended.
  • Projectile Appearance: The extremely large ammunition typically gives off a brief bright orange tracer effect as a result of incendiary compounds present. A very faint smoke trail is also visible from a relatively close perspective in relation to where the bullet has passed.
  • Effective Range: 300' (92m)
  • Rate of Fire: 6 rounds as fast as you can fan the hammer; energy weapon roughly 120 shots per minute
  • Recoil: Firing without the aid of cybernetic limb enhancement or power armor is unadvised. Due to the unique design offering no stock or places for grip or support, attempting to fire this weapon like a pistol is likely to cause considerable damage and discomfort to the arm and wrist of your average humanoid.


  • Likes: Shooting things, action movies, slapstick comedy, bright lights, loud music, driving fast
  • Dislikes: Not shooting things, romance, flesh, sitting quietly, traffic, the concept of smell

Nicknamed 'Essex White' or 'Essie' for short, this talkative firearm is the type of friend that's great at a party but lousy at all the quiet, serious moments in between. She loves to play music, joke and laugh, and would probably be a great dancer if she had legs. The concept of an 'inside voice' is mostly lost on her. Essie tends to be rather rude and insulting to anyone she doesn't know, while her friends and colleagues are more lovingly insulted and rudely joked with. She is quick to pipe up with 'helpful' suggestions even if she has no experience with the problem. For some unexplained reason she speaks with a rough, coarse accent picked up during her initial data upload, complete with sometimes nearly impenetrable slang, that none of the scientists or engineers involved in her creation are familiar with in the slightest.

Social Connections


S6-WH1-T3 (Section 6 - Weapon (Handgun) #1 - Techorganism #3) was created on the third day of the first month in YE 40. Well, her 'body' had been assembled well before then, but the creation of a stable AI dedicated to managing the many features of the complicated firearm took some time. The first attempt uploaded into the gun itself was deemed 'completely insane' within hours, so that was a wash. Their second try lasted most of a day of testing, but in the end was described as 'a bit too trigger happy' after a live firing testing with no survivors. By the end of the third day all the latest AI had done was complain about its cramped confines, insult the technicians, make several rude comments about Jack Pine's sex life and break into a giggle fit while clearing a target course.

This was deemed 'good enough' and 'Essie' was officially moved past the initial prototype phase and into field testing. While her attitude has shown little sign of improvement, her combat capabilities have met or exceeded all expectations. Unfortunately, after seeing the final bill for the creation of one prototype, Uso was said to have remarked something along the lines of, “What, do you think I'm made of money!?” The S6-WH1 project was quietly halted, funding rolled into the testing of a hopefully more affordable S6-WH2.

However, since there's no use wasting a good gun, S6-WH1-T3 was officially enlisted in Section 6 under the title of 'Firearm & Security Specialist' to be paid in ammunition, fuel cells and guaranteed biweekly polishing.

Skills Learned


Essex is fluent in Trade (language), Yamataigo (邪馬台語), Seraphim and Freespacer Languages, written and verbal forms. She also speaks conversational I'ee Language and is familiar with the written form.


Essie has knowledge of standard demolitions practices, explosives handling protocols, textbook bomb squad disposal and disarmament procedures and extensive testing data for her explosive rounds and grenades.


Her database includes a wide but shallow knowledge of basic engineering, including mechanical, electrical and some more esoteric information. She obviously has specialized knowledge of firearms and similar weaponry.


The S6-WH1 hardware includes hardwired and wireless network connection capabilities, and Essie's expansive hard drive came with an immense amount of media installed even before she began curating her own interests. Her screens, projector, volumetrics, cameras and speakers can display a large variety of video, audio or interactive entertainment.


As a gun, Essex is obviously skilled at firing…herself? Ideally, she would be digitally linked to the person firing her, and have the ability to adjust the position of their hand, arm or even entire body. Adding the user's own visual data to that of her multiple cameras is also helpful. These abilities work best with a heavily cybernetically enhanced user, or one with a digital mind/body connection. Otherwise she is limited to verbally or visually indicating targets and ideal firing positions. While she can activate all her features and fire herself, most of her offensive abilities are limited without a user to point her in the right direction. Although Essex is equipped with several bladed weapons, she has no knowledge or skill in melee combat.


Essex is quite possibly the smartest gun in the universe. She basically has the contents of several encyclopedias dumped onto her hard drive, along with a theoretically flawless memory. Of course, with the addition of sentience and sapience, there are some subjects she just doesn't care about enough to devote mental/computational resources to. Besides, with the 'net a refresher course is just a few keystrokes away.

Maintenance and Repair

It was deemed prudent to make Essex smart enough to repair herself in case she suffered any damage in the field. Of course, she still needs a pair of hands to actually physically perform the procedure. If automated or robotic equipment or accessories are available, she can use her connections to manipulate these artificial limbs to attempt to enact her own repairs as well. Her knowledge obviously extends to other types of electronics and mechanisms, if you can convince her to care.


Essex can do your taxes or calculate starship trajectories, but she mostly uses this skill to assist in aiming and formulate needlessly complicated trick shot scenarios. Simple geometry.

Starship Operations

Essex theoretically has all the required knowledge and training protocols to navigate and pilot a spacecraft. So far noone has been desperate enough to let her try, though.

Technology Operation

As a mostly digital being, Essex is well versed in networks, security, hacking, jacking, cracking, etc. She's nowhere near as powerful as something like a MEGAMI, but she will outperform any flesh and blood hacker and keep up with most other digital consciousnesses. However, at her age she is still severely lacking in experience.


If you're gonna ride, ride in style. Essex prefers to drive any vehicle she's in, if direct connection and control is an option. It gives her a chance to 'stretch her legs,' she claims. While she is fully versed in all relevant rules and regulations, and a vehicle manual is typically one download away, she lacks hands-on experience, and any vehicle not designed for fully autonomous driving may not be able to operate at full capacity. She especially likes taking the Desert Rider for joyrides.

Inventory & Finance

S6-WH1-T3 has the following items:

  • Lots of ammunition.
  • Custom real leather back/hip holster.

OOC Notes

Boy this is a silly idea, huh?

In the case Reynolds becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO

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