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Sa'sha Aki'ra

Sa'sha Aki'ra is a player character played by Cmd_Jackson.

Character Profile
Name: Sa’sha Aki'ra
Species: My'leke (Species)
Age: 13
Gender: male
Homeworld: Nesha Prime (Planet)
Mother: Kit'sune Aki'ra
Father: Shi'ro Aki'ra
Brother: Pa'vel Aki'ra
Organization Kingdom of Neshaten
Occupation She'na Academy Student
Division Ui'ishen
Physical Profile
Shoulder Height: 3' 11“
Body Length: 5' 10”
Weight: 123 lbs
Fur Color: Red
Mane Color: Black
Tail Color: Orange with a gold tip
Facial Features, Eye Color: Right eye is ice-blue, Center eye is pale green and Left eye is tawny
Distinguishing Features: Left Ear is torn

Preferred Plots

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Sa’sha is an energetic My’leke kit who loves to succeed. Once he learns how to do something he enjoys, the next time he is given the task, he will put out 110% to succeed.

As a result of this drive to succeed, in competitions, he can become very competitive and will do his very best to win. Despite this, he will always do his best to maintain a chivalrous attitude during competitions and despises cheating.

Despite the history of the Laibe’s betrayal, Sa’sha prefers to leave prejudice in the past and will treat individual Laibe, Daur and My’leke based on his observations.

  • Likes: Daur, Success, Fun Challenges, History
  • Dislikes: Overly Arrogant Laibe, Terrorists, Fruits, Giving Up, Unreasonably Disrespectful People, Cheating, Prejudice, Economics
  • Goals: Join the Neshaten Navy, Do well in School,



Sa’sha grew up in a typical My’leke family that had specialized in trade and commerce. He attended school and despite only possessing an average aptitude for learning, his try-hard attitude made him stand out among his siblings. In time his work ethic placed him at the top of his class. Shortly after the beginning of another school year, a invitation arrived addressed to one Sa’sha Aki’ra.



Sa'sha speaks Tinecan.

Technology Operation

Required for My'leke.


In addition to basic training in swords and firearms, Sa’sha has taken it upon himself to dabble in more advanced techniques of swordplay.


Sa’sha is well versed in knowledge appropriate for his age.


Sa’sha is well versed in mathematics appropriate for his age.


Sa'sha Aki'ra has the following items:


Sa'sha Aki'ra is currently an Ui'ishen in the Kingdom of Neshaten.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
5000 RN Starting Funds

OOC Notes

1) I got the chart at the top from Cy’jiro Tela’kuro’s profile. Hope you don’t mind Syaoran!

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