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Sada Teiji

Sada Teiji is a player character played by WolfsGhost.

Sada Teiji
Species & Gender: Human Male
Date of Birth: 20日 7月 YE 10
Organization: Star Army
Occupation: Starship Combat Ops
Rank: Santo Hei
Current Placement: Onboard the YSS Kaiyo II

Preferred Plots

  1. YSS Kaiyo II

Physical Description

Teiji stands at an average height for a human, five (5) feet and eleven (11) inches tall. He weighs about One hundred and forty-five pounds (145lbs), due to rigorous training he keeps a rather slim profile. He has soft facial features and jet black hair. Although he has Heterochromia iridium with his right eye being blue, and his left being green. It has zero negative implications on his vision. He speech is soft, almost monotone voice, and he tends to mumble when speaking, either on purpose, or without realizing it. He has tan-ish skin, only softening due to service aboard Starships.


Cold, calculated, and methodical. He puts the assignment first, himself second, and everyone else last. One would describe him as egotistical, yet if you were to ask one of his closest friends they would say that it’s all just a front for the outside world, a shell that protects him from the harshness of reality. Although he rarely opens up to his closest friends, though when in the company of such friends, he tends to be a caring and softer individual.

As noted by his instructors at the academy, he occasionally tabs his fingers in a rapid succession against his thumb, one at a time, back and forth. This “nervous twitch” as it’s been chalked up to be called only happens with his dominant hand, and has been observed to begin happening in situations where he’s annoyed at a particular situation or stressed out. He tends to keep his emotions bottled up until it becomes explosive.

His goal is to one day become a Captain aboard a Sharie Class Battleship, and his immediate motivations are driven by that desire to fulfill a dream. There are times where he has openly discussed - with himself - on how to achieve that dream by any means necessary but consistently assures himself that continued dedication to the cause and longevity of his career would be far more rewarding than taking “short cuts”. Though he does have doubts on how successful he will be at pursuing this dream.

If someone he didn’t know approached him, to ask him how his day was going, he would flat out ignore them, or give short and concise responses to their pestering. Of course he wouldn’t go out of his way to physically persuade the pest to leave him alone, thus making friends isn’t the easiest for him. Although it has been done, a few times.


Sada Isobe and Reina owned an insignificant trading company called SADA Shipping Incorporated. The company consisted of roughly ten cargo ships, and had two small, operational headquarters, one on Yamatai, and the other on Nepleslia. The Sada’s had three children altogether, the eldest, however, perished in the opening skirmishes on Yamatai during the Great Plague of YE 08. While Isobe and Reina were on Nepleslia during the events leading up to the death of billions, Takoma was enroute to Yamatai when he heard of the tragic news, and outraged by the death of so many - including close friends and co-workers - Takoma and his crew took part in the early fighting that had broken out between the Yamataians and the Elsyians, and the ship was eventually lost.

The Sada’s faced hardships during YE 09 after losing a majority of their assets and employees during the war, as well as the loss of their first born. It was around this time that Chihoko was born into the family on Neplesila. Isobe tried to keep the family business alive but eventually sold the company to a competitor and former business partner, using the money to move the family back to Yamatai, a move that Isobe and his wife consider to be paying tribute to Takoma.

YE 10 eventually brought good tidings to the family, as Teiji was born. As he grew older, his father told him (probably embellished) stories about a great hero named Takoma, and on his fifteenth birthday it was eventually revealed that this “hero” was Teiji’s and Chihoko’s eldest brother. Isobe eventually gave Teiji’ the final moments of Takoma so that he would never forget the bleakness of the world around him. It was this that drove his ambitions to make a name for himself, to do what his brother couldn’t, and allowing his brother’s spirit to live vicariously through him.

As his teen years went on, he held odd jobs at the capital’s spaceport, spending a lot of his free time studying the various makes and models of the ships that came and went, and would hold the fascination close to him. Until the faithful day he got out of bed, at the age of Twenty-Seven, got dressed, said his goodbyes to his parents and sister, and simply walked out the door, leaving behind his mediocre job and signed on with the Yamatai Star Army.

During his time at the academy, he excelled remarkably well for a plain old human whom, by all consideration, was inferior to a vast majority of the recruits being trained. His interiority gave rise to a cold personality, and fierce determination and persistence in both rigid training on and off-duty to keep himself on his “A” game. While he never graduated at the top of his class, he was fairly close behind them.

It was this personality that never made him well received by the other trainees, which meant he had more time to dedicate towards his personal goals and missions. More time to improve himself while others took their free time for granted, and in his opinion that made him better than everyone else.

Skills Learned

Sada Teiji has the following notable skills:

Social Connections

Sada Teiji name is connected to:

  • Sada Isobe (Father)
  • Sada Reina (Mother)
  • Sada Takoma (Brother - Deceased)
  • Sada Chihoko (Sister)

Inventory & Finance

Current Plots

OOC Information

In the case wolfsghost becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? No
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No

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