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Sagara, Kai

Sagara, Kai is a player character played by Jack Pine.

Sagara, Kai
Species & Gender: Minkan Male
Date of Birth: 9/14/YE 18
Organization: Yamatai
Occupation: Helmsman
Rank: Jรดtรด Hei
Rank Marking
Current Placement: YSS Kanagawa

Physical Description

Kai is well built at 6'2โ€œ inches in height. He's broad shouldered, and decently muscled. He has a dark tanned skin, black hair, and silver eyes. Kai also has usually at least a five o'clock shadow's amount of facial hair. His facial features are pretty lean, with dark eyebrows a set jawline, a medium sized nose, and medium sized ears.


Kai is respectful to most, especially his superiors, but he still tends to be a major smart ass. He is cool under pressure, and remains composed when in the face of death, his and that of others. He prefers to have fun when possible, and is most at home behind the controls of a starship. He's tends be a playboy trying to flirt with girls, but tries to keep it to a minimum when on duty. Kai will be completely serious when he needs to be, or when the situation demands it. When on duty, or focused on a task Kai tends to be very quiet to the point where the more important the task, the harder it is to get him to talk.


Sagara, Kai was born in YE 18.

Kai was born in Kyoto to Jin and Kyoko Sagara. He grew up living happily with his parents, despite his father's absence due to military service, while his mother stayed at home pursuing the study of art. During his childhood, Kai grew fond of the design and operation of starships. Later Kai would be devastated by the loss of his father from a an accident while away on duty. Having a growing need to honor the memory of his father, he began studying Yamatain military doctrine. Kai joined the Star Army of Yamatai when he turned twenty, and has been serving for the past year. Most of his previous service has been as a shuttle pilot.

Kai served for three months aboard the YSS Sakishima as its helmsman. During which he got his first taste of combat, and his first injury. After the next crew rotation, he was transferred to Yamatai's flagship under Hanako, the YSS Eucharis. He was at the helm during the first large engagement against the invading Kuvexian forces in mid-YE40.

In YE 41, Kai was moved to Shiroyama station, a defensive star fortress in orbit of a major agricultural world of the empire. There he manned the helm of a Chiaki Class Destroyer under the registry of Buccaneer, where he saw light action, but met his current girlfriend, Kaito Hinata. Following this, the man was chosen for the maiden voyage of the YSS Kanagawa in YE 42, where he transferred alongside his lover Hinata. He now serves aboard this ship in it's long and perilous trip.

Accommodations, Awards, and Medals

Social Connections

Sagara, Kai is connected to:

Skills Learned


Kai is both fluent in Yamataigo, and Trade language.

Starship Operation

Kai is an expert in ways of piloting a starship and other space craft from his years of personal studies, and training. In conjunction with this, he is also very experienced in various methods of navigation for spacecraft.


Kai has become a decent artist from his time spent with his mother in her passion for art.


Kai is well experienced in how to do laundry, cooking, and cleaning.

Repair and Maintenance

Kai in his in depth studies on the operation of spacecraft, has become very knowledgeable in the repair and maintenance of such spacecraft.


Kai has become a decent marksman with small arms through his training with SAoY, and is a novice in methods of hand to hand, but has become experienced in the use of power armor.


Kai is a fun loving guy to his very core, good at mixing drinks, always looking for an excuse with the opposite sex, and saves the desire for sexual encounters to the later stages of a relationship. Now if only he could get himself a date.

Inventory & Finance

Sagara, Kai has the following items:

  • Three bridge crew uniforms
  • Three pairs of boots black
  • Three jackets, black, grey, and white with red stripe down the arms
  • Three long sleeve shirts, black, grey, and red
  • Three pairs of cargo pants, black, grey, and white
  • Six pairs of briefs, grey
  • Six pairs of boot Socks, three white and three grey
  • One pair of swim shorts, white with red stripes down the sides
  • One pair of white beach sandles -Three pairs of exercise shorts, black, grey, and white with red stripe down the sides
  • Three muscle shirts, black, grey, and red
  • One art sculpture small
  • One old family holo(father, mother, young Kai)
  • One new family holo(Kai, mother)
  • Three pairs of sleep pants, black, grey, and white with red stripe down both sides
  • One pair black flexi shoes

OOC Information

In the case Jack Pine becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO

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