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Kessaku Sakai Yuuko

Yuuko is an ace Ke-M2 "Mindy" Series of Power Armor pilot and a former Taisa.

Yuuko has, over the years, been assigned to:

Old Bio

Recovered from the old forum archive:

Name: Kessaku Sakai Yuuko

Species: Nekovalkyrja NH-17 Type S (Pantheon-Supported) Gender: Self-Cloning (Female) Age: 3 Years Creator: Ketsurui Fleet Yards

Faction: Grand Star Army Occupation: Communications Officer Rank: Taisa (Star Army 3rd Expeditionary Fleet) Current Assignment: Commanding Officer, YSS Celia (YC-55) Commanding Officer, YSS Rave (YD-523)

Hair color and Style: Shoulder-length dark purple hair. Build and Skin Color: A short (4'9โ€œ) but well-proportioned build, that makes her very, very petite, with the exception of her full breasts. She weighs a mere 84 pounds. Her skin is a pale flesh tone with freckles that glow violet in the dark. Face and Eye Color: Japanese features. Dark, shiny black eyes. Distinguishing Features: Typical NH-17 Features.

Personality: Kind, cheerful, and attentive, Yuuko is an energetic young neko that doesn't let her unusually short stature or her lack of sexual experience get in the way of having fun. She tends to be somewhat emotional and bonds quickly to any kind person she happens to be around.

Likes: Dancing, vocal trance music, Shooting, Flying, Electronics. Dislikes: Getting Dirty, Political wars, Feeling left out of the action. Goals: To command a starship and explore new worlds.

Class: Ranger

Skills: Species Skills: Nekovalkyrja NH-17S Active Stealth: 7 Language: Japanese: 6 Hemosynthesis: Basic: 5 Intrinsic Skills: Star Army Nekovalkyrja Anti-Grav. Field: Basic: 7 Martial Arts: 5 Telepathy: Advanced 5 Class Skills: Ranger Camouflage: 4 Sniper: 8 Occupational Skills: Communications Officer Computer Operation: 9 Computer Programming: 4 Commo: Adv. Radio: 6 Commo: Laser Communications: 6 Cryptography: 5 Pilot Shuttle: 9 Learned Skills Pilot KFY Starships: 5 Pilot LAMIA Unit: 7 First Aid: 3 Neko-Holography: Advanced: 8 Instrument: Pipe Organ: 7 Instrument: Mixer: 7 Singing: 7 Dancing: 9

History: Born and raised in Central Uesureya by older nekos (Including Shinami and Shikoko of the original GSS Yui crew) as part of the Geshrin Strategic Self-Defense Force. Transferred to GSS Seigi in YE 24. After destruction of the GSS Seigi, Yuuko successfully requested to join the 3rd Expeditionary Fleet. Yuuko was adopted into the Kessaku family by Kessaku Anri.

Yuuko participated on the YSS Celia's failed away mission to Fenyar, where she piloted a LAMIA M2 as a test pilot.



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