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Sa'kira Yuna'me

Sa'kira Yuna'me is a GM Player character played by Kyle. She is the Shipmaster to the SNV Gam'trosha.

Sa'kira Yuna'me
Species: Shukaren Daur
Gender: Female
Age: 31 (Born: 713 ER)
Height: 4'1โ€œ
Weight: 93
Organization: Shukara Volunteer Navy
Occupation: Swordmaster/Shipmaster
Rank: U'Cetrinal
Current Placement: SNV Gam'trosha

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 4'1''
  • Mass: 93 lbs
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Sa'kira is a lightly built young women with short golden fur, her tail is blue with a white tip on the end. She's also got a child-like appearence thanks to her species, but also, due to having taken good care of herself, however despite that she does have some muscularity to her thanks to her previous occupation as a Swordmaster.

Eyes and Facial Features: Her eyes are a blood red color.

Ears: She has fox-like ears due to her race, they are gold just like her fut coat, the fuzz inside of the ear is white, differing in color from her fur.

Hair Color and Style: Her hair is gold like the rest of her body, it's short in a military style cut.

Distinguishing Features: A large gash across the left to the right side of her chest.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Sa'kira is a calm and compassionate person who leads by example and not with the force of words. She tends to treat those around her with the same amount of respect and dignity she'd want others to treat her, though she has a slightly wild side thanks to her upbringing, she is also quite sharp with the tongue if the situation demands it although she prefers to settle things peacefully.

In combat, she is the type of person to stop and think about every situation that is presented in front of her and try to figure out a way around it, but she is also the type to ask for advice and questions from others. Though sometimes during tense situations, she'll often times try and dampen the intensity by saying something that some people may raise an eye-brow for, such as commenting on what an enemy is doing or why. Some would say that she is rather unorthodox soldier.

  • Likes: Fruits of any type whether it's juicy or sour, pursing the unknown or unraveling that which evades her, stormy weather, trying out new things, the thrill of a challenge, kits
  • Dislikes: Troublesome Laibe, her nations enemies, being attacked unprovoked
  • Goals: To reach the highest rank in her military and possibly command a fleet of her, but to also settle down at some point in her life and start a family and own her own business.


Family (or Creators)

Bel'cra Yuna'me - Mother Tro'kane Yuna'me - Father Alis'fandre Yuna'me - Younger Sister


Sa'kira history is vast, she was born in ER 713 in the Neshaten Capital of Netoshen, as is common amongst her species, she was born with a slight disability that makes it hard for her to pick up on various types of smells or odors.

During her early life, she gave her parents a great deal of problems in the form of always giving them headaches, having an adventerious spirit meant she always liked exploring the unknown - even if that meant getting her into deep trouble.

When she was a child of only ten years of age, she nearly got herself killed when she went exploring at a military airbase just a few blocks from where she went to school. The exploration had more to do with a dare set by her friends, but it was dare she gladly accepted and partaked in. While she was in the base she triggered a silent alarm and intended getting the entire base guards on her, not knowing that it was just a kit, an overzelous guard fired on her and nearly killed her until he realized who he had fired at.

The experience had a profound effect on her, and not the kind that some might expect. Instead of getting nervous of the military and wanting to keep a distance, she decided to join the military after she completed primary school. She had some support from her family, though her mother was against it, her father wasn't as he was a retired soldier himself.

During the two years that it took for her to graduate, she began to indulge in a new hobby thanks in part to her schools self-defense classes. She took a swordsmanship style and began to train it to the highest that she could for her age, this style was known as Kentro'las Style.

After she turned twelve and graduated, she joined the Youth Division as a marine. Her time spent in the division opened her eyes to many things, including just how big the world truly was, compared to her small cornor of the capital.

What she had done in the Youth Division was more than what her occupation demanded, despite being a soldier, she still attended classes as required by the division rules and by the time she was fifteen, knew more than a person her age typically would. When she turned seventeen, she made a career change and switched over to the occupation known as a Swordmaster. Her insane interest in swords is what compelled her to do this. Her new occupation meant she could now serve aboard a ships bridge, and thanks to her tenure in the Youth Division, she had been promoted to the R'Mueta, and served board a short-range patrol vessel that patrolled the homeworld area.

One thing that Sa'kira discovered very early on was that she was not a very good driver when it came to ground based vehicles, she could pilot ships just fine, but get her behind the wheel of a vehicle and more often than naught she'd find some way to crash it. Despite this, the military didn't seem to mind her somewhat - strange - problem, probably because she was stationed onboard a ship and would very rarely get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Her friends often make it their personal mission to avoid driving with her around.

As time passed, she rose through the ranks, quickly entering the officership ranks when she was twenty four. Being granted the first rank of officership meant she had more responsibilties and could now lead teams of her own, which is something she had been waiting to do. At the age of twenty seven, her leadership skills were put to the test when her patrol ship stumbled upon pirates raiding a group of merchant vessels.

During the space battle, Sa'kira lead a team of six soldiers to board the lead pirate vessel, moving through the vessels interiors to take over engineering and then heading straight for the bridge where a fight insued between her and the ships captain. Her skills with the sword were demonstrated where she dispatched the captain after a five minute fight, when the rest of the ships crew gave up, the battle was over and her mission had been accomplished though not without suffering two dead - which have sense haunted her with the questions of what she had done wrong.

Her heroism was rewarded, although she didn't care much for rewards, instead just wanting to do her job though it angered her why only 'she' was rewarded when she felt that everyone in her unit deserved it. However, this event was enough to convince someone in the command structure to give her a try at commanding her own vessel, there was much discussion but it wouldn't be until she was older did this chance present itself. When she was twenty nine, she mastered her Swordsmaster occupation and was granted a Masters Degree, allowing her to have a custom blade created for her.

Then, at age thirty one, she was promoted to the rank of U'Cetrinal by recommendation of her patrol ships Shipmaster.

Now she has a new command, a brand new ship freshly out of the shipyards, and ready to see what the great unknown has instore for her and what challenges await..

Prologue - The Gathering, and Launch?

With the Gam'trosha now finally ready for launch, having just completed construction. Sa'kira was chosen as it's first Shipmaster1), from the start she began to look through her crews logs while at Seu'vuria Garden, as she did this her crew began to gradually arrive and she greeted each and every one of them and learned a bit about their past.

However, the introduction and meet and greet was interrupted when a sign of the times appeared on the scene, a ship of the same class as the Gam'trosha flew overhead that was damaged and heading to the base for repairs. After this scene, Sa'kira was informed that the launching ceremony had been bumped closer and that she and her crew would need to launch shortly.

After a quick Ceremony, that was interrupted by a scramble warning, Sa'kira ordered her crew to the ship and soon it lifted off - but not before encountering problems, such as a Mainframe failure. Now, the reason for the scramble order has become quite obvious as an asteriod was inbound to Levia, Sa'kira was able to get her ship and crew up into space in time to help assist with taking on the asteriod but it wasn't enough to actually stop it.

However, Sa'kira found there to be more problems than she expected including two intruders onboard - one of which she had been told was captured while the other escaped. After the asteriod impact, Sa'kira ordered her ship to the ground to help assist with rescue operations.

Chapter 1 - Training and Discovery

After being briefed on her new orders, and with her commanding officer cancelling the rest of the crews leave, Sa'kira calls the crew together SAM's facility to inform them of what is going on. After telling them everything that is going on, that they are going on a trial run to help make sure that the ships repairs are completed, she boards the ship and resumes her position.

Now, upon arriving at the training zone, Sa'kira must figure out what to do next while waiting for their turn..

Skill Areas

Technology Operation

Sa'kira was exposed to a lot of different technology throughout her life, but thanks to her father being a military soldier, she often times was allowed to get her hands on devices that normally wouldn't be permitted outside of the military. Due to these experiences, she is well versed in operating different types of technology, including operating a ship's computer and configuring an operating system to her desire.


Due to requirements, Sa'kira already knew how the fight before she was even six years of age, her style of fighting means that she likes to get in and quickly wrap things up before it progresses to far. However, her tenure within the military also meant that she was exposed to various types of weaponry, she is proficent in all current forms of Neshaten Weaponry as of EE001. She was also a master of Kentro'las Swordsmanship Style


Sa'kira is fluent in her nations language and past history, knowing fully about the pace of the Great War and what eventually lead up to them evacuating and how she is only alive now because of the decisions of the leaders of that time. However, she is also well-versed in her nations current laws and procedures.


When Sa'kira was serving as the XO, she was often times called upon to lead investigative teams into the activities of pirates or raiders, and even, boarding of merchant vessels to search for contraband. It's due to these experiences that she was able to develop her leadership skills, and is why she takes great care out of making sure everyone who serves under her gets back alive and in one piece.


Thanks to only her active lifestyle of the past, but also due to her occupation, Sa\'kira has been able to stay in top physical shape. She is quick and agile, fast on her feet.


Sa'kira has had a variety of different experiences that often times resulted in her trying to solve a problem without resorting to violence, she has been able to negotiate with people to get them to stand down or to just give up or to get people to submit to inspections and scans when it involves cargo-inspections.

However, her ability to be diplomatic is just one thing she has had to develop over time nad is still developing to this day. She is also versed in psychology.

Survival and Military

Having to deal with pirates and raiders meant that Sa'kira sometimes found herself needing to be in areas without support or any items that would she would typically need, finding food and water is a skill she learned in basic training and further developed over the years. She is able to survive on her own with little problems.


Sa'kira Yuna'me has the following items:


Sa'kira Yuna'me is currently a U'Cetrinal in the Shukara Volunteer Navy. She currently makes 2400 Rn per season phase

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
63000 Rn Several years of military service
77400 Rn 14400 Six Season Phases of pay

OOC Discussion

Commissioned Artwork done by Haribon on DA


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