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Sakura Taji

Served on the YSS Sakura. When Ketsurui Hanako was captured by Black Spiral and Pumpkin, it briefly left Sakura as the ranking officer aboard the gunship.

Sakura's Death

Tasaku's armor lay twitching nearby, the bright white glowing blade of his beam saber still active, partially cutting through his thigh-mounted missile launcher pod. There was an audible hissing noise coming from it.

Chui Taji noticed Tasuku's beam rifle acting up and her eyes went wide. β€œAbunai!” she screamed, running over to Bonichi hoping she could drag him away from Tasuku's armor in time.

There was a loud POP and a flash as three of the missiles on Tasuku's leg cooked off, shooting out into the bay. Two slammed into the ceiling and bounced off into space. The other one disappeared with a sickening crunch, right into Chui Taji's pelvis, shattering it, sending her stumbling forward and down towards the still-ignited beam saber.

Taji's death was a rather subdued thing. There was a brief flash of flesh and bones being consumed by the aether and not much else. Back at the airlock, Bonichi was ducking, protecting himself with his basket, the turkey sandwiches he had mentioned earlier all spilled on the black-tilled floor. He lowered his flimsy cover and looked at the scene, gaping like a beached carp.

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