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Salem G. (Greenlee) Fowler

Salem G. Fowler is a player character played by Mrmister.

Salem G. (Greenlee) Fowler
Species: Nepleslian (Human)
Gender: Male
Age: YE 13 (27 as of edit)
Height: 5'11โ€œ (1.8 m)
Weight: 175 lbs (79 kg)
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Hand-for-Hire (Currently Bounty Hunter)

Preferred Plots

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'11โ€ (1.8 m)
  • Mass: 175 lbs (79 kg)
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Salem enjoys a lean and athletic figure with visible muscles. He however is slightly slimmer than other men his size because of his hybrid ecto-mesomorph type body. His skin color is warm, tan-ish beige color.

Eyes and Facial Features: His facial features are squarish with his jaw line having hints of sharper edges than normal. His nose points itself upward at a slight angle. His eyes appear sharp and pointed at the ends though round themselves out into an oval, complete with a deep brown eye color. He has a 5'o clock shadow shave as well.

Ears: His ears are normal, human shaped ears with no apparent modifications.

Hair Color and Style: The color of his hair is a dark black. It is cut short on the sides though the top remains a bit longer, combed somewhat lazily to the side as it droops down and towards the right side of his head.

Distinguishing Features: His right arm was blown off from a prior experience and replaced with a black colored bionic limb which has the bright white words โ€œI miss you.โ€ painted on, spanning the entire length of the forearm.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Salem has a patient, professional, and serious demeanor about him most of the time. He prefers to keep his focus on the job at hand, shrugging off most distractions in order to complete it. His philosophy when it comes to his work usually can be described by the phrase 'finish or die.' He also has no problem committing the occasional devious act in order to finish a job, though he does have a few moral boundaries that keep him from committing blatant atrocities. He does however have a lighter side to him, enjoying a good sense of 'dark' humor as described by some. Salem is a avid thrill seeker and surprisingly a book enthusiast. He harbors a soft spot for animals and sometimes jokes about retiring as an animal keeper.

  • Likes: Animals (dogs especially), paychecks, thrills, critically acclaimed novels, humor
  • Dislikes: Complainers (that don't improve their situation), laziness, animal abusers, book burners, gangs, organized crime
  • Goals: Support his family, Drift



Jackson D. Greenlee - Father (Deceased)

Harley I. Fowler - Mother (Deceased)

Mariette G. Fowler - Younger Sister (Deceased)

Thomas G. Fowler - Younger Brother (Deceased)

Chris G. Fowler - Older Brother (Deceased)


Born in YE 13 as the second oldest child in Funky City, Salem had lived an arguably middle class life among the Workers (โ€œAntsโ€) class with his family. His early childhood was relatively normal complete with a family pet dog named โ€œBrownieโ€ who they adopted when Salem was 10. Salem was especially fond of Brownie, often choosing to play with Brownie over other kids. He was educated fairly well for his social class and was also gifted with a bit of โ€œstreetโ€ knowledge as well.

His teenage years however were a bit more rough. By the time he was 15, his older brother Chris was able to go to work alongside their father. Both however had died tragically in a mysterious factory explosion. His mother had to work longer in order to support him and his other siblings. Slowly, his mother succumbed to alcoholism to cope with the lost of her husband and eldest son. By the time Salem got his first job at 16, they were barely scraping by.

Brownie had died shortly after Salem received his first job, which added onto the grief Salem had already felt from the lost of his brother and father. His mother's alcoholism had also evolved into increasing verbal abuse for both him and his siblings. Salem sank into depression as he struggled to hold his job and perform well in school at the same time in order to keep his family afloat along with his future. Luckily, an intervention was orchestrated by an uncle in order to stop his mother's alcoholism before it became worse.

His mother was able to overcome her alcoholism and find a healthier way to cope with their losses. For Salem however, he still felt depressed and especially stressed between going to school and supporting his family. That depression however soon sprung into anger and hatred when he had learned the true nature of the accident that had taken both his brother and his father. The explosion had actually been orchestrated by a mob boss in order to teach the factory manager a lesson about paying his gambling debt in time. Unfortunately, his brother and father were collateral damage.

From that day Salem learned of the crime mob's involvement with the explosion, he promised himself to join the National Police Force of Nepleslia. He hoped to have a chance at taking revenge upon the gangs that had caused his family so much grief and possibly prevent others from experiencing the same thing. Salem forced himself through school all the while supporting his family. He graduated and quickly went to join the police force at 18.

He performed admirably through training and served as a field officer grade 1 for a year before becoming a field officer grade 2 the remainder of the two years he served. He had come to be known as one of the best upcoming rookie officers throughout his service. Though he was efficient at his job, he could be considered one of the more ruthless officers, outright shooting criminals he suspected of being guilty and acting like a rogue while in the field alone. During his time in the force however, he had managed to interfere with a back door operation dealing with known gangs and one of his superiors. Disrupting the back door deals and killing off the gang leaders associated with the deal, the corrupted superior who Salem had not managed to uncover the identity of was set on getting rid of Salem.

An opportunity came for the superior when one day Salem had his right arm blown off by a shotgun wielding thug after responding to a radio report of dangerous gang activity. His arm was blown off from the elbow down, allowing the superior to use this as an excuse to persuade the others into releasing Salem from duty. The verdict came through days later as Salem was released from duty because of severe injury as written on his release documents. Salem scrounged together what money he had set aside for himself from the police work and bought himself a high quality bionic arm.

Salem had tried numerous times to get his job back but to no avail. Angry and left without his job within the police force, he decided to turn his hand at being a hand-for-hire, private security contractor, and/or a light mercenary which he is currently doing in order to start the flow of cash towards his family again. He hopes to one day form his own private security and military force in order to lead another crusade against the collective criminal organizations who had taken his job and arm along with his father and brother.



For his first job, Salem partook in an offensive aimed at wiping out the gang known as the 'Burnouts'. Originally standing guard near a van used to transport mercenaries to the scene, Salem ended the night joining the main effort. He played a small hand in taking out the power armored gang leader, narrowly avoiding the fire and flames of the pyromaniac but instead taking harmless shrapnel from an unknown grenade explosion. Shortly after the job, Salem parted ways with the bounty hunter crew and continued on with his budding mercenary career. Bumping from job to job for the next few years earning pay, Salem refined his knowledge of tactics and war-fighting through military publications and other, more well-versed mercenaries.


Eventually, Salem would be contacted by Duncan Whitaker, a former colleague Salem had worked during his first and only fling as of yet with the bounty hunters. After being offered a spot on payroll plus the possibility of a more permanent outfit, Salem left to join the newly reformed crew under the leadership of Duncan. What transpired during the hit was a blur to Salem, unable to remember more than moments of intense gunfire and screaming. Salem collected his share of the cut and left the group shortly after for personal reasons.


After a few more jobs, Salem found himself thinking more about his unfair release from the NPF. He began to realize that his release from his job must have been orchestrated by whatever corrupt force is operating inside the NPF organization. Salem started digging into the shady underbelly of the NPF and slowly began to unravel details about under the table deals, bribes, and power struggles but most importantly, Salem began to uncover what forces were against him during his time in the force. Those same powerful forces noticed Salem digging for information and on one of his routine visits back home to his family, a hit was placed. In a surprise home invasion, he saw his mother and siblings killed in front of him before his mind went blank. Salem awoke hours later in an alley, bloodied and injured with only one thing on his mind, vengeance.



Salem knows his way around talking to people if they have a human tongue, having no trouble connecting and speaking to others. His time interrogating street grime only serves to help him deal with people. He enjoys speaking to people on his off time and is proficient in writing, reading, and speaking Trade. He is also adept in literature and is able to detect deeper meanings within the contexts of almost any subject given to him, un-afraid of Shakespearean style writing.


His experience within the police force makes him proficient in close quarters battle and combat, able to operate methodically and under pressure. He can quickly dispatch multiple hostiles in a small room and continue on to the next to repeat, thriving in urban environments. Salem can also operate most small arms weapons efficiently and can switch to quick hand to hand combat if needed. Salem's knowledge of war-fighting was further increased through multiple jobs with more experienced mercenaries and reading military publications.


Salem is in great physical shape as he continuously keeps himself fit. He is able to run long distances and lift heavy objects to a certain degree. He continues to maintain and improve himself through consistent and regular exercise. His bionic arm also serves to improve his strength even further.


Police work involves solving complex domestic disputes and other vocal problems for both parties afflicted. He can negotiate with people and resolve problems with his words as a diplomat, cooling down intense situations with calming words and reassurance. He also understands how the minds of certain people think and work after spending time questioning and analyzing convicts and victims. His analytical skills of people can prove beneficial when spotting liars and motives.


As a former officer, Salem has a deep understanding of how the law works and the multiple loop holes that criminals can use to get through the system. He can recite laws and the violations of the said law on a whim. Salem also holds some street knowledge within him as he has learned a bit during his younger days and a lot more during his time in the police force after dealing with hardened criminals. Close quarters tactics are also something Salem understands as well. He is able to deploy conventional tactics such as room clearing in combat situations.

Medical and Science

Though not exactly a paramedic, Salem knows how to apply first aid and life saving techniques in short time. He understands how to relocate dislocated joints, give CPR, and generally more than the basics revolving around combat scenarios. He has also encountered drugs throughout his time as a police officer and knows how to spot specific drugs and overdose symptoms.


Salem G. Fowler has the following items:


  • 1 Pair of Combat Boots, black, leather/ballistic mesh
  • 1 Pair of running shoes
  • 2 Long sleeve shirts, navy blue/black
  • 4 Undershirts, black/white
  • 4 Operator bottoms, navy blue/black/grey
  • 2 Jeans, Blue
  • 6 Pair boot Socks, white
  • 2 Pair ankle Socks, white/grey
  • 8 Boxers, black/grey
  • 1 Tactical gloves, black, leather/ballistic mesh
  • 1 Frog suit, navy blue, ballistic mesh/SynAras/cloth
  • 1 Balaclava, black, ballistic mesh/silk
  • 1 Field cap, black
  • 1 Knit cap, grey
  • 1 Ballistic eyepro


  • 1 Ballistic vest, improved plating (plate carrier)
  • 1 Helmet, black, SynAras/composite/ceramics and industrial plastics
  • 1 Pair of kneepads, black, ballistic mesh
  • 1 Pair of elbowpads, black, ballistic mesh
  • 1 Tactical harness w/ pouches
  • 1 Ballistic goggles, black

Weapons and Weapon Accessories

  • 1 Pistol, Paragon Infantry Pistol w/ two free 20 round capacity magazines
    • 320-round 5.8x30mm ammunition cannister
    • 2 Extra 20 round capacity magazines (4 total)
    • Rail mounted laser sight
    • Sound Suppressor/silencer
    • Holster belt
  • 1 Sub-machine gun, Ze-ZSMG-02b,
    • 360-round box of .357 Zen FMJ (9x22mm) ammo
    • 4 Extra 30 round capacity magazines (5 total)
    • Threaded barrel
    • Suppressor
    • Black Nylon Sling, 2 point



Salem G. Fowler is currently a private security contractor/light mercenary/hand-for-hire.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS (6000 DA) Starting Funds
450 KS (900 DA) -2550 KS (5100 DA) Equipment

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