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Samantha Wong

Samantha “Sam” Wong
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 5'
Weight: 112lbs
Bra Size: 32A
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Professional Freelance Bounty Hunter/Hit-woman
Rank: N/A

Samantha Wong in Roleplay

Samantha Wong is a player character played by Spacebox and is currently involved in no plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5' Mass: 112lbs Measurements: 32-25-33 Build and Skin Color: Small, slim and fit, Sam can come off as deceptively unthreatening, especially when compared with other Nepleslians who tend to tower over her. Her skin is clearly of an Asiatic tone that might, at first, suggest she is of Yamataian descent; however this is not the case.

Eyes and Facial Features: Her face sports high cheekbones, a softly pointed chin, a small nose and a rather wide mouth with full lips, while her small, hard almond-shaped dark brown eyes view the world with cold scrutiny and a wary gaze, always on the lookout for trouble.

Hair Color and Style: Sam’s thick, straight black hair is often parted in the center with the majority pulled back into a simple pony tail. Alternately, she tends to wears her hair up in a tight bun when working. When let down, it extends two or three inches past her shoulders.

Distinguishing Features: Her small size, build, rather unique ethnic heritage and generally heavily armed appearance when on the hunt.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: For the most part, Sam can come off as rather uninterested, guarded or even shy; not one to casually engage a stranger in conversation. She tends to keep to herself and out of the business of others unless it concerns her in some form or another - aiming to simply blend into the background and avoid attention. When she does seek attention it is an attempt to appear threatening and she will often act in a cruel and offensive manner to frighten others into compliance, however, this is usually something of an act to squeeze info out of someone. Though it may not be evident, Sam possesses something of a code by which she works. She prefers to take legally posted jobs and pursues these marks relentlessly, knowing they will face some form of justice. While she has taken jobs from criminal groups and others to capture or even eliminate a specific target in the past, she has a spotty track record, having dropped jobs that targeted individuals she perceived as innocent, often earning a place on the target list herself. She considers herself a professional, has never taken the life of an individual with young children or dependents and works carefully to ensure there are no bystanders injured while on the hunt (Property Damage is another matter, though). Sam is very confident and places great faith in her abilities and experience.

Despite her code, the life of a bounty hunter and, in the past, a paid killer, has taken a gradual toll on her psyche leaving her rather bitter and jaded. The violent and less than moral aspects of her work are in constant conflict with the honest feeling of putting a real crook away, cashing in, and the visceral thrill of the hunt. As she has few friendly encounters, Sam treasures the few pleasant interactions she experiences, such as a small child reaching over a row of seats to her on a public shuttle or a friendly local happily providing directions in an unfamiliar town. Beneath her cool, hardened exterior she has a softer, warmer “filling” which has slowly manifested, the existence of which has hindered her professionally on occasions, yet, may be amongst the forces still keeping her human after years of freelancing. After a painful loss, she finds forming bonds with others very difficult. If she permits herself to trust others again, Sam may gradually reveal her softer side and, in the right environments or at the proper times, show a more open, friendly and playful nature that has been buried for too long. As it is, only small children have reliably broken through her barriers - she is very easily affected by kindness and receptive to the plight of a young one. With her trust truly gained, she can be very loyal and dedicated, perhaps even somewhat empathetic, but how far this deeper, more personable side can be drawn out is anyone’s guess. All in all, forming relationships with others may prove more valuable to her than the money she hopes will help change her life.

Likes: Coffee, cigarettes, “Real Food”. Her younger siblings. The thrill of the hunt, paydays and capturing hardened crooks. She greatly enjoys riding power bikes of all types, the speed and freedom to go most anywhere she pleases tends to help relieve stress. She is fond of some board games, particularly checkers, and also enjoys a simple game of Tetris on her DJ now and then to wind down. She occasionally dabbles in games of chance, but she is too frugal to gamble regularly. Browsing the NEP for news or anything that might interest her on a whim. Those rare occasions when she can just lounge about.

Dislikes: “Instant” and other Microwave style meals. The struggle to find that perfect caffeine/nicotine balance. She detests Yamataians and the Nekovalkyrja and takes serious offense when mistaken for one of the former. Thus far, she is not particularly fond of the Kohanians. Though she has been employed by real criminals in the past, she regards them as scum and only a source of income, barely people at all. Shrill sounds and poor singing easily grate at her nerves. Sam is no fan of cold climates or environments with high humidity. Hit marks have always been a source of conflict and frustration for her and she is gravitating away from such jobs.

Goals: At present, Sam just wants to keep on living. She hopes to slowly save up her earnings and someday transition out of her violent and morally questionable field of work, though, to what, she isn’t certain yet, and, as she often spends her money on her work, exactly when she plans to make this change is also in question. She wishes to return home eventually and visit her family and friends in person. Though it might negatively impact her long term goals, Sam would very much like to purchase a brand new Airbike. She would also like to avoid being killed by some of her former employers.



Lin Wong (Mother) Charles Wong (Father) Charlie Wong, Jr.(Younger Brother) May Wong (Younger Sister) Louis Feng (Uncle) Bo Feng (Cousin)


Xu Yong (Bike Mechanic Friend) Archie Sumter (Uncle’s former employee, ex-boyfriend - Deceased) Sally Sumter (Friend since High School, Archie’s sister)


Born in YE 02 on Nepleslia in a dense urban community on Funky City’s east side, Sam was the first Wong child of three. For the most part, money was not an issue and the family lived comfortably enough. Sam’s mother’s brother, Uncle Louis, a law officer, was quite close to the family as well, and offered martial arts training to his niece. Sam trained alongside her gifted cousin, Bo, and took to the sessions well, blending practice into a daily routine.

School went well enough for Sam, though she never showed a great deal of interest in academics. In high school she made a life long friend in the rather bookish Sally Sumter and the two became close. Sally’s older brother, Archie, also became an important figure in Sam’s life, the two maintaining an on again off again relationship during their later years in high school and beyond. When Uncle Louis retired from police work and opened a bail bonds agency and “Fugitive Recovery Service,” Archie joined him and Sam’s cousin on the hunt. After spending most of her money (that her parents had hoped would go to a higher education) on an Airbike, Sam took an offer from her uncle to join his quite successful bounty hunting team in YE 24.

The next four years of working with her family and inconsistent lover went well and, eventually, Archie matured and the two finally settled into a stable magnanimous relationship with hopes for a bright future ahead. Unfortunately, in YE 28, Bo was badly burned and Archie killed when the bail bonds office was firebombed by vengeful gang members. While Uncle Louis closed up shop and retired for good, Sam took the skills she had learned and went after the gang members. She cut down one of their dealers in a rage but was run down and nearly captured by his comrades. With the help of her bike mechanic friend, Xu Yong, Sam quietly left her home and community behind to prevent the gang from tracking her to her family.

She set off freelance and took most any job she could get, even hits from criminal groups, but quickly found she couldn’t carry out the more violent jobs. On several occasions she actually warned indebted individuals that the groups were after them, earning a place on the target lists. After nearly being killed by a freelancer much like herself, sent by a former employer, she left Nepleslia behind.

Bumming rides on freighters and taking public flights, she roamed the newly reformed Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, taking work and making due wherever she found herself. After leaving her homeworld, Sam slowly began to recover from the ugly experiences of the past few years, reforming her methods and taking up a code by which she would conduct herself. Having left the darker elements of her past work behind, she is still on the hunt, unable to yet break from the trade she has plied for nearly eight and a half years. Sam now finds herself under the bright lights of another unfamiliar town; New Aio, New Kohana, still moving forward toward a future she hopes will be better.



Sam has a long history of martial arts training under her belt ranging from simple Tai Chi learned as a young child to more advanced grappling and striking forms as well as more hybrid types including decent exposure to several other styles. Her arsenal consists of various kicks, strikes, joint locks, throws and the occasional use of pressure points to immobilize and neutralize opponents, even those significantly larger and/or stronger than Sam herself. She is exceedingly skilled in unarmed hand-to-hand combat, can blend knifes, staves and spears into her forms decently and can perform reasonably well in zero-G, though; she often becomes nauseous without medication in such environments.

In addition to strong unarmed skills, Sam carries a pair of modernized Dao broadswords with which she truly shines in lethality. The swords have become her trademark weapon and she wields them with extreme precision and grace, a flurry of chops and slashes that can quickly disable, maim or kill. Though she is not exactly a master in their use, she occasionally carries small throwing knives with which she practices casually as well. She can toss them quickly and several at a time but her precision is lacking and, as such, she has come to only rely upon the small weapons to wound opponents in short range engagements or as a surprise opener. While she has a significant background in melee fighting, Sam knows firearms are an essential part of her arsenal as well. She is highly proficient with pistols, submachine guns and lighter assault rifles but larger and more powerful weapons such as sniper rifles and shotguns are often more than she can handle, the recoil often proving too great for her to reliably control. She takes good care of her weapons and knows how to clean, maintain and repair them.


A strict daily exercise routine keeps her in top physical form with an emphasis on flexibility, aerobic stamina and strength training. She is surprisingly strong for her size and build, but it is her speed, agility and decent acrobatic abilities that serve her best in her line of work. She is a quick runner, able to easily navigate and move through dense urban environments, and capable swimmer, as well.

Technology Operation

If she can read the language a system is operating with, or can run it through her DataJockey for a translation, Sam can usually figure out and utilize a computer or network quickly after being introduced to it. She can quickly and efficiently locate information on most public networks and possesses a very basic understanding of coding. She’s not exactly a hacker but can break most electronic locks using her Jockey or access information stored in weakly encrypted PDAs, vehicle computers and civilian personal computers.


Sam can effectively operate most civilian ground vehicles; she can make very basic repairs to most vehicles (changing a tire, etc.). She is particularly skilled in the operation of Air, Hover and Motorbikes - able to perform complex and difficult maneuvers under high stress (combat, etc) if the situation requires it. She is more capable when it comes to performing maintenance and/or repairs on bike type vehicles as well.


Sam is highly confident, intelligent and can formulate plans and avenues of attack for a wide variety of combat and noncombat situations. She has a trained eye for criminal activity and law enforcement protocols and can often spot a mark, form assumptions, draw conclusions based upon their behavior and relate the information to others for a coordinated effort. She is also capable of acting as a martial arts instructor, able to convey most of the more basic concepts she has learned.


Samantha is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, ships, ground vehicles and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. She is fluent in Nepleslian, can speak and write it correctly and efficiently. Sam can also understand and speak Yamataian decently but she can neither read nor write it well.


While she is no pickpocket or skilled criminal per se, she dose possess her fair share of nefarious skills including picking basic mechanical and electronic locks, the mechanical and electronic “hotwiring” of most civilian ground vehicles, the ability to craft convincing lies and a trained eye for “street activity”. Sam knows how to move stealthily, leave a clean “scene” and has some experience with body disposal.



Day-to-day Attire

  • 2 Black Halter Tops
  • 2 Pairs of Black Leather Gloves
  • 5 Pairs of Socks, 3 black/2 white
  • 5 Pairs of Panties, 3 black/2 white
  • 4 Sports Bras, 2 black/2 white
  • 3 White Blouses
  • 2 Dark Blue Silk Blouses
  • 2 Black Knee-length Skirts
  • 2 Pairs of Black baggy Cargo Pants
  • 1 Worn Dark Brown Fur Coat for cold climates
  • 1 Black Rain-Cloak
  • 2 Dark Brown Leather Belts, with various magazine pouches and notches for holsters/sheaths/etc.
  • 1 Pair of Black and Bare-Metal knee-high pointy-toed plated Combat Boots
  • 1 Pair Black Pumps


  • 2 White Tank tops
  • 1 Pair of Light Brown Zories

Workout Clothing and Swimwear

  • 2 White T-Shirts
  • 1 Pair of White Running Shoes
  • 2 Pairs of Light Blue Work-out shorts
  • 1 Black and Green two-piece Bathing Suit

Weapons and Accessories


  • Electronic Money Card (6000DA)


  • 1 BIG Duffle Bag
  • 1 Complete Toiletries Kit
  • 1 Multi-port plug-in Universal Recharger Unit
  • 2 Books of Matches
  • 2 Packages of Light Cigarettes
  • 1 Black Full-Face Airbike Helmet
  • 1 Well Maintained Zen Arms K1-33 Airbike, with a Black and Green Dazzle Camo style paint job


Samantha Wong is currently a Freelance Bounty Hunter/Hit-woman. Her income is entirely dependant upon the jobs she takes and completes.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 DA Starting Funds
Character Data
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Character Ownerspacebox

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